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  1. You're likely mistaking what I imagine is a full service communications function with that of a press office. As for 'justifiable' updates on Prom work, Google and/or a set of eyeballs on location are your friend. I go through most days - lots changing frequently.
  2. A Treasury worker - the DHSC has never been responsible for social security.
  3. The last Snaefell only left service about 10 years ago.
  4. Whilst it is on record that one of the drivers for adopting the title of minister was to ensure appropriate recognition for our political leaders in off-Island dealings, that should not be confused as the driver for a ministerial system of government, which was an altogether different set of issues. The ministerial system is far from perfect but, in my opinion, as a system of government it is eminently superior to the old, creaking and woeful board system. Highly unlikely, but then, detailed knowledge on the various and diverse functions of government - whether replacing hips or filling potholes - is not a requisite of being an elected representative, a minister, chair or member etc. And nor should it be. That is the role of the civil and wider public service. Ministers are there to set policy - in the best interests of the people they represent - doing so having reviewed advice from officials, who are then charged with implementing the policy decision, whatever that may be and regardless of whether it matches the advice given or their personal views.
  5. But it is an Isle of Man Post Office issue in that the sole means of transportation of mail to the Island appears to be by plane. That is a decision taken here. Thanks squelch Thanks WTF.
  6. I think it's six of one and half a dozen of the other. Seems to be enforced by Isle of Man Post Office... https://www.iompost.com/our-news/press-releases/changes-to-items-which-can-be-sent-through-the-post/ https://www.iompost.com/for-business/sending-mail/preparing-your-mail/prohibited-restricted-items/ https://www.iompost.com/uploads/iompom-safe-to-fly-a4-booklet_lo.pdf Royal Mail's guidance seems to imply they can't even be sent by Royal Mail within Great Britain - although clearly that's not the case. https://personal.help.royalmail.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/96
  7. This really is a frustrating issue - along with it seems a whole load of other items. My other half says some online retailers won't even ship nail varnish to the Isle of Man because of flight restrictions? I'm after a replacement battery and no one will ship one here. Couldn't the Isle of Man Post Office bring items not suitable for air transport over by ferry once a week or something. Certainly doesn't help with e-waste, as there seems to be little alternative but to buy new, which hurts the pocket as well as the environment.
  8. I hold my hands up from the outset that this is a proper MF 'heard it down the pub' scenario. But word has it that Shoprite is ending its relationships with Waitrose and Iceland and switching to Sainsbury's. Anyone else heard similar?
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