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  1. Come to this thread a bit late, but this paragraph of the judgement is a bit worrying - does this mean that if information on websites can’t be relied on as evidence in the Isle of Man courts that websites can basically say anything about (lie?)who they are and cannot therefore be held to account? If so, how do you actually know, or prove, who you are dealing with?? 125. I understand that legislation is being contemplated in respect of the admission of hearsay evidence and computer generated documents, given my comments in this case I would urge that steps are taken to bring the law in respect of the admission of documentary evidence in criminal proceedings, particularly that generated by computer, into the twenty-first century.
  2. Oops, no, changed our minds - he was murdered, but it was by some rogue agents, who just happened to be passing at the precise time he was due to the embassy and had access to the embassy, vehicles and planes without any authority. Nothing to see here.
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