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  1. Is this multiple choice? - The complete absence of "fresh" air; - Pollution; - Human beings; - In a group, you'd have to speak to the other people; - Dogs; - Dog poo; - Human poo if you're in Castletown; - Bad weather; - Paranoid of looking like a twat if jogging in front of other people; - Limited by time of day, I don't like to be outdoors after sunset; - Diminishing number of places you can go for peace and quiet due to overpopulation; - Poorly maintained pavements and walkways; - Noise and inability to hear your music.
  2. Okay, so the Isle of Man considers a person or legal entity who is not the UBO to be the UBO? What a strange world we live in.
  3. In some cases. What about the example of the 3 yr old orphan?
  4. I'd actually rather they be sent to South Korea and learn the virtues of free market economics.
  5. I see what is being said. It seems that the UK calling it a "beneficial ownership registry" (or similar wording) was a bit stupid and is why there is some confusion.
  6. You could have a trust set-up for a 3 yr old child (eg an inheritance fund) who is living in an orphanage and the trust is 100% shareholder in a company. The terms of the trust could be that they will begin to receive benefit from it at the age of 21 (accrued return on investment, and potentially selling all the shares). Who does the beneficial ownership register publish as the beneficial owner of the company? The child has not received any benefit from the fund, so they're not a "beneficial owner", but they are the ultimate intended beneficial owner. I can't imagine this beneficial owner registry including that child's name and the address of the orphanage they live in? It would surely end with the name of the trust and the CSP(s) who operate it at most?
  7. They should be identified and sent to re-education centres.
  8. With greater complexity, there is greater risk of possession of the AI by other dimensional entities. Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics are nice but impractical wishful thinking.
  9. Who are these weirdos that sit in the gallery anyway? I mean, I can understand if they're family or friends and about to meet up with one of the MHKs for dinner afterwards but I can't for the life of me imagine being sad enough to want to sit and watch a session of the Keys. I'd sooner sit and talk to pigeons at Lord Street.
  10. The only person on here who isn't an anti-Callister troll is that nice Teddy Smith bloke.
  11. Okay, but what if the beneficial owner is behind a trust? As noted above, this only applies to beneficial owners of companies, not to trusts. Maybe we'll see an increase in the number of trusts. You can also own a trust without being a beneficiary. You're only a beneficiary once you've already benefited from it.
  12. The "information" from other jurisdictions has to be evidenced with documentation. The CSPs here don't just take their word for information; it has to be verified.
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