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  1. Why? Maybe they should take notes from Matthew Hopkins on how to run a quick and efficient trial.
  2. Wikipedia is literal garbage. Only useful for scrolling down to the references at the bottom.
  3. Has anybody an idea of how much taxpayer money is put into them or any idea of how many staff are kept in their jobs as a direct or indirect consequence of social reports being so prolific? I am all for them for genuine cases but nearly every case these days involves the defence asking for one, and it incurs further costs to the taxpayer (and more money to lawyers) by delaying sentencing just to tell us what most reasonable people could have guessed or been told as part of the defence's case to begin with. I'm all for due process but lawyers and repeat offender criminals are obviously taking the p--- either for money or to seek mitigation of sentences. You can't blame them for taking advantage of the system, but you do have to question why the system allows them to get away with it.
  4. I look forward to forward-looking candidate Mr Chris Thomas MHK including it in his 2021 manifesto.
  5. Well, you certainly know your sh/t. The rest of us need to get our sh/t together.
  6. That maximum capacity does sound to me like an explanation for so many lenient judgements (many of which are never even reported by the media).
  7. I just knew it would be about Onchan. And Ashley Park of all places is practically the village's Ground Zero for dog sh!te.
  8. Don't involve me. I am just a spectator of the general stupidity.
  9. Why do some of you always have to engage in petty personal bickering with other posters? smh
  10. They will need to invent a time machine to do that to me.
  11. Is it possible they are not giving proper sentences because we can't afford to pay for the upkeep of the prison or there are not enough cells?
  12. You do have to wonder what will happen to people of my generation who can't afford their own homes, who are paying massive private sector rents, when we become old and have to rely on a pension. Like, where the f-ck are they supposed to live? They won't be able to afford the private sector rent. And any boomer who comes up with a load of b0llocks about Sky TV subscriptions or mobile phones and simply working harder.........sorry, grandpa, but this isn't the 1960s when you could buy a 3 bedroom house for £3,000 and pay for university by working a few summer jobs like Ronald Reagan claims he did. People paying massive private sector rent are not able to save, because most of their salary is going to rent, and the majority of employers have fixed hours and don't like people working overtime, so the whole "just work more hours" line is not really helpful. The whole system is defective because such a great part of it is classic parasitism of one form or another, the rich feeding off the poor, and the poor getting poorer.
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