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  1. Rushen Spy


    I would scrap both the boring "folk scene" and any idea of replacing it with a boring TT display. There are far more interesting aspects of Manx history which could be put on display and which frankly could function via their own museum sites. But I'm not going to give any of these clowns any ideas. They don't deserve my advice.
  2. They're just as dim as the politicians they manipulate.
  3. That's why I was specific: " under the control of the elected political executive " Sadly, it is not. It's the other way around.
  4. A stronger Cabinet Office under the control of the elected political executive would be good if it could counter-balance the accumulated powers of the unelected civil service.
  5. Correct. No surprise you and dilligaf are once again on an alcohol-infused Friday night posting frenzy.
  6. Won't do me. I'll be over 100 by then and still alive and healthy thanks to a no-meat diet.
  7. And I ask you to review the thread from start to finish. The "us and them" isn't between Manx people and "comeovers"; it is between ALL people on the Isle of Man and persons and legal entities looking to exploit the population here.
  8. Not sure why (other than their typical Friday evening alcohol-influenced angry posting) some are mocking this comment. I think you're correct.
  9. That information is classified "need to know" and you don't need to know.
  10. Context: 1) The term "comeover" is a disparaging and derogatory term for a person who comes to live here. I may have used the term in the past but did so to refer simply to a person who has moved here. I now reject the term because I now realise that the term is being used in a way that is not in alignment with my understanding of the term, or with my general outlook on people who come to live here. I am very happy for people to come and live here to fill shortages or contribute in other ways. 2) When speaking of the island being open prey to vultures from the outside, I was referring to the island's population and island's local economy being vulnerable to outside economic encroachment due to lack of regulatory and legislative protections. I refer to people or legal entities who come here to exploit the island.
  11. I'd be interested in listening to news of Manx Radio being privatized.
  12. They do not roam free. Hence the word "ESCAPED".
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