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  1. Why is Clare Bettison now calling herself Clare Barber? Did she take up a course in hairdressing or something?
  2. Yes, Ellen Callister works in Tynwald Library. Marrying her is probably the best decision Rob ever made.
  3. What do you think is the underlying psychology behind a man choosing the name Rob or Bob?
  4. I just googled him as I've never heard of him and based on photos I can't say I recognise him or have ever seen him in Onchan.
  5. I literally have no idea who you're talking about, unless you mean Rob Callister? He's the only dick I'm aware of, aside from Cherry, in Onchan politics.
  6. Wrong. I am right. The Torah being the "precise word of G-d" does not contradict the statement that part of it is semi-mythological. Your comment is based on a presupposition rooted in a dichotomy that does not exist. Also, I am as Jewish as the Manx hills.
  7. I can't take anybody seriously with a name like Cherry. How do you think the Isle of Man would look on the world stage if our Chief Minister was called Cherry?
  8. On your point about Halloween / Hop tu Naa, the disparity in the dates is due to it pre-dating the Gregorian calendar. The historical Samhain festival is aligned with the new moon, which differs year on year. I believe the new moon was 28th October this year. The whole period from the shortening of the days from the previous moon to this new moon was part of a broader festival in which people felt a "thinning of the veil" in which the living and the dead realm come closer together. I think that's great and that we should return to our ancient roots and fully embrace them.
  9. It still is. The Bible, taken as a document of history, and not literally as the word of God, is a very useful body of literature which has stood the test of time. It has forever altered the course of civilisation, art, culture, literature. Yes, it has led to witch trials and inquisitions, but it has also led to things like the end of slavery in the Roman Empire, the abolition movement of the 18th and 19th century, civil rights, its residual impact has ensured social welfare still exists as a counterweight to unbridled capitalism/corporatism, not to mention all the art, literature, and architecture. Taken for what it is, a document from history, it's such an important document. There is nothing from that time which comes close to it in scope or range or influence. It has also been an important part of spreading literacy levels all over the world. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "fan" of the Bible or any religion; but people who dismiss it as just fairy tales are not seeing the big picture. It's a collection of stories, philosophy, poetry, politics, morality, ethics, mythology. Everything. The whole "human story" can be found in it, warts and all.
  10. In Judaism, the sections of Genesis prior to Abraham have historically always been considered semi-mythological and not a literal account of history. This is proper Orthodox Judaism as well, not just the fancy new reform movements. Usher's entire premise is wrong.
  11. This is good. I had heard she had gone AWOL and was a risk to herself. I am glad that she is back in form.
  12. I can't see him being elected MHK but then the people of Onchan ain't right.
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