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  1. Translation: Rob, this is James, please let me lick your boots.
  2. Also very "suspicious" how Rob's No 1 fan in Onchan just happens to hate her, and just "happens" to have banned her from his news group on FB for no reason. I still await Rob Callister condemning this unfair treatment of his colleague.
  3. I don't think it's a waste of time to understand religion, even if it is fantastical bullshit. It's necessary to understand humanity and, perhaps, engage with it and improve it somehow. I wish they'd sent me to a different planet though as this one is pretty up there on the Kardashev stupidity scale.
  4. I assume you factored out current capital investments from these "expenses".
  5. I don't like the homeless or children. They share one thing in common, they smell funny.
  6. If your "proficiency" in English is anything to go by, that doesn't mean much.
  7. If they do, taxpayers should organise together to file a class action suit for misappropriation of taxpayer money.
  8. Oh dear. Of course the Torah prohibits graven images. Do you think you're telling anybody anything we don't already know? It (along with the very clear wording of the Shema which precludes any trinity) is yet another piece of evidence showing Christianity did not develop as an offshoot of Judaism but is a Roman invention which simply co-opted some Judaic themes that happened to be well known all over the Roman Empire. There was no sudden "direct access" to God starting with the so-called "new covenant". Direct access is all throughout the Tanakh, especially in the Nevi'im. Look up "divine pathos". Please try to attain at least a rudimentary grasp of Judaism before trying to lecture me on it.
  9. It is. They invented the Christian cult. You don't actually believe the New Testament was written by Jews indigeneous to the Province of Judea do you? The texts are extraordinarily ignorant of Jewish religion, culture, the Hebrew language, and the general history and geography of the region.
  10. "Jeremy Corbyn declined to speak to any of the protesters when he left his home " Wow, what a man of the people. Tw@.
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