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  1. At this point, "civilisation" has already passed the point of no return in its path towards self-destruction. We should just rain down nukes from outer space on all the main population areas of the earth (especially Douglas and Onchan) and perhaps someday, give it a few thousand years, the survivors will emerge and build a more humane civilisation. My only request is that we try to collate knowledge, culture, literature, art, and store it in some way so that perhaps, if that new civilisation reaches a certain level of technological progress, they will be able to access it and perhaps they will be able to learn from our mistakes and take humanity forward to a brighter future. Man, this 11.5% "Brut" from the Co-Op sure makes me optimistic about humanity; normally, I'd just say we're all f-cked.
  2. Up yours, you disinfo tw@. "Flat earth theory" was invented by US and British intelligence agencies to ridicule exposure of real and legitimate conspiracies by the ruling elite. You'd have to either be a paid shill or a low IQ idiot to suggest otherwise.
  3. Thank you but I won't be around much longer.
  4. The former poster on here "Lxx" (or was it Lxxx?) would have been a good candidate. Slightly mental but still had all the right anti-authoritarian instincts I'd like to see in Tynwald.
  5. Thank you for confirming that you exercise editorial control over this website. I will be sure to send a copy of this to every law firm on the island. xx (Edited to add: that was a joke, I wasn't being serious.)
  6. No surprise. The police deliberately target sociopaths, psychopaths and sycophants. The whole reason they exist is not to enforce legitimate rule of law but to criminalise and control the population on behalf of the ruling elite. In a genuine free society, there would be no need for a police FORCE; and we'd be much safer and more law-abiding without them too.
  7. Cregeen is a prick and should be instructed to resign, not just be re-shuffled.
  8. That isn't the bottom line. The bottom line is he has been found innocent. The RULE OF LAW is what matters, not your uneducated and ill-informed opinion.
  9. Indeed. There do seem to be a lot of jealous people who hate the rich. I find it ironic because most of these bitter and jealous people are themselves very comfortable in life but are too self-absorbed and greedy to realise it. The upper middle class are often envious of those above them and hate those below them on the economic ladder. I thoroughly despise the upper middle class -- biggest demographic of tossers ever.
  10. Maybe YOU do as instructed, being a sycophantic delinquent. Some of us have brains and do not do as "directed" by wankers dressed in florescent yellow with delusions of importance and authority.
  11. I read all the available information. I believe the right decision was made in this case.
  12. Indeed. Thank you for bringing us back to the actual subject of this thread. Those of us with an understanding of how the IOM works might be forgiven for thinking there was a deliberate effort by bootlickers such as "Donald Trumps" and other such sycophants and fantasists to try to bury any coverage of Rob Callister's failures.
  13. Rushen Spy

    Isle of Pride

    I think the point is that when you factor in "identity politics" you find that there are some people who will be disproportionately represented in terms of political engagement and therefore with answering surveys from Big Brother....uh...the IOM Government.
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