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  1. My final post since John Wright is such a twat. I'll leave you with this great tune......
  2. I just had a glance through it and yes I do find that very concerning given that most of these sites have nothing to do with my Facebook account and I do not log into them using it. I'd be interested to see the same for Google and whether we can switch that off too. I may just stop using Google. Very ironic and amusing that Infowars.com has supplied Facebook with data of me visiting their site, thus proving they are full of sh1t. I only visited it after Austin, Texas, made public wearing of face masks mandatory and was curious if Alex Jones, who lives there, would do some comedy video about it.
  3. Thank goodness! South Korea say Kim Jong Un is alive and well.
  4. Are they not doing church services at the moment?
  5. Let's all get quarantine drunk (responsibly) and post music videos. I'll start first:
  6. The point here is that he's a known variable. Also, his tenure as leader of North Korea has, if you look at the reality instead of the rhetoric, led to normalisation of relations and generally led to more stability in the region, especially with his relatively good relations with the current POTUS. Stinking Enigma is right: he inherited a situation and was never going to be able to just flick a switch and suddenly turn North Korea into a more open democracy. But he has begun the process and that's about the best we could expect given the constraints and always the possibility of him being ousted in a coup if he went against the apparatus around him.
  7. Some rumours say he is dead. Other rumours are that he is unresponsive and in a vegetative state, with Chinese medical experts sent in urgently to try to assist. I never thought I'd say this but I hope he makes it. He could be replaced by someone a lot worse and he has -- or had -- one positive trait: a genuine desire to be liked . I'd like to see Ri Sol-ju assume power.
  8. I think Trump actually has a point about sunlight. Could we open up care homes so that they get more direct sunlight as just one of the elements in overall coronavirus mitigation planning?
  9. Never mind. I'm incorrect.
  10. Rushen Spy


    I think the people who have been claiming a dry spell have not been going outside at the time of day when it's been raining. It has rained a few times over the past few weeks, usually very early morning, before most people are out and about, then it's become sunny, so people just missed the rain.
  11. I was just jesting about the "if you meant me" bit. That being said, I genuinely did have the virus twice. Fact. But let's agree to disagree as I don't care if you believe me or not. I am now fully recovered so there is nothing to be gained from dwelling on it. I just hope it means an immunity has been built-up.
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