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  1. Yesterday was another day, another totally wrong weather forecast. It said it was going to be cloudy all day, but it was SUNNY all day.
  2. Yes, Daphne Caine is good. I would certainly vote for her.
  3. I'm sure I've met them both as well. I've definitely met Rhumsaa.
  4. 5G is a conspiracy by the world's ruling elite to prevent humanity's natural evolution to the 5th dimension. The 5G signals will stop our evolution at the genetic level. This is Arthur C Clarke's Childhood's End meets George Orwell's 1984 meets The Matrix. Unfortunately, it's all going to be pushed through anyway no matter what because this is the agenda and our governments and corporations are just minor actors in this: it's not some big conspiracy with loads of people involved. It's just a small minority at the top, with the rest of the 5G apologists being sheep going along with it all because they're mindless idiots. If anybody on here is an example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, it's know-it-all condescending tw@s like Richard who are actually really dumb and just appeal to authority at every turn.
  5. I've never understood why they have to stand during these specific committees. Surely it is against the Equality Act?
  6. I checked all the websites for the weather and they ALL got it WRONG this morning. They said it would be cloudy but didn't mention it would rain.
  7. Thanks for the information, Julie. None of it surprises anybody, except the part about a cancer operation: I hope you are well and making a recovery.
  8. They were offered extremely beneficial terms of retirement whereby they were still in receipt of an actual salary (just a reduced one) up until the formal retirement age when they'd get the proper pension. During the early retirement they would also be able to keep paying into their superannuations.
  9. Oops, I'm sorry, sir, I thought that said "any". My mistake. It says "many". CV on its way.....
  10. Okay, send me a PM when there are vacancies. Until then, f off.
  11. Not that unusual for civil servants and public servants at about that time. There were a hell of a lot of them who mysteriously had early retirement at just about the same time. If the IOM Government was the stock market, most of them would be in jail for insider trading.
  12. Beecroft will never win another election. Her political career is OVER. Buh-bye, bitch.
  13. Woah, dude. Can I send you my CV? I'm interested in working for you.
  14. James had been harassing Julie Edge MHK long before he harassed (stalked) her in the Shoprite in Onchan. He was obsessed over rent price increases which were going to affect him. I imagine she probably did reply but he didn't agree with the response and decided to hone in on her while she was shopping for groceries to attack her. Is he retarded or something? He may be retarded but should know full well that political members don't determine the policy of a department. He's lucky she didn't report him to the Police for harassment. To then "de-person" her from his group (which, let's be honest here, has below 50 people active on it, not the 8,000 + that it says and who never see its content because they've never interacted with it) is pretty orwellian. People really shouldn't 'look at "total members" on here or on Facebook. What matters is who engages and who reads. I assure everyone, 8,000+ people are not reading that site.
  15. Really? What percentage of gross annual turnover is in contracts or sub-contracts with the IOM Government?
  16. Robin Hood is about the rich robbing the poor. And Robin Hood takes back from the rich, what they stole from the poor. For f--- sake, have we gone so far down into a 1984 style dystopia that people actually think Robin Hood stories were about the poor stealing from the rich? It was literally the other way around!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Yawn. Could have summed up the above borefest with "I'm a civil servant and I'm here to stand up for my fellow officers whose job is to literally fleece money off the general public to pay for my salary and pension."
  18. I doubt Piers Morgan even knows of my existence. And I feel no loss in that.
  19. There is no doubt James is poor as shit and all his retarded threats of suing people is a massive bluff. I mean, I really feel sorry for anybody who is naive enough to take him at his word and fall for it. I hope they have people in their lives who can give them proper guidance, as a person who is mentally vulnerable and naive and with no social support might actually believe him and be intimidated.
  20. I think there really is something to this though. It was about the same time Julie Edge MHK for Onchan had liaised with or attended a lecture or meeting regarding social media trolls that she was was mysteriously permanently banned from James Corrin's group, when he then cowardly proceeded to post slanderous garbage about her, which her colleague Rob Callister did not comment on and still refuses to comment on; just as he refuses to defend or comment on the bans against his own constituents who voted for him, which kind of raises questions as to who exactly is pulling the strings on that FB group. I think these two men -- James Corrin and Rob Callister -- constitute the gravest threat to democracy and freedom of speech this island has seen in decades.
  21. I'm worried that a sociopath blog poster in government might pre-emptively position themselves (as a cry baby "victim" of "fake news", meaning the recipient of legitimate criticism) to become the decider of "fact" and set their blog up as a fact-checking outlet. This may be why he's made references to this forum and to so-called "trolls" (the new bogie man).
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