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  1. I agree with your last paragraph. Old Park road would be perfect. £200 a year. Has to be taxed, insured and road worthy at all times Be a win win for everyone
  2. Kneejerk. I have been jerking about this for years😆 I'm all for giving them places to park. That's not the point though BTW - Go and take a walk down St Ninians Road and see for yourself. One van there has not moved since about November last year. The sills are absolutely rotten. Its a death trap. Shouldn't even be on the road. I know an elderly man who lives in there. He has to look at that eyesore every day. It makes him very unhappy. Last year there was a old 7m Iveco truck (it was a part converted camper) with no tax on. I reported it and was told that it was taxed but since the owners were off Island for a year they couldn't get the tax disc onto it. No. Not aliens I agree. Pisstakers.
  3. It's the usual arguement. I agree that we shouldn't be ruining peoples businesses. But it seems some folks just take the piss. The guy near me with his 3 * 6m+ vans on a residential street, in addition to his car is doing just that. I'm all for give and take but its going to far and some just want to take and not give a bit. Have a walk on St Ninians Rd and see all the clapped out rusty vans that are dumped there. They never move. Tell me how that is contributing to our economy. They are not. They are just making life miserable for the poor residents and they need to be shifted. They are an eyesore and an embarrassment to our island.
  4. No. Nothing. But the two transits are only there after 4pm and weekends. The hoist seems to have a cloak of invisibility.its just stored there. No permit. No disc.
  5. I think of that happened it would be great. However at the moment if you make such a report no one does anything about it. It is ignored by the DOI and the police .
  6. That's the trouble though. People won't walk 5mins. They won't walk 5metres. If they can't park their vehicles within a metre of so of their front gate They park illegally.
  7. I don't think anyone begrudges the one man business with a car size van. However on brunswick Rd there is a painter and decorator with 2× 6m transits and a 6m hoist lift parked there taking up pretty much 5 or 6spaces. Oppostite him is a guy with a 7m sprinter. IMV that's antisocial.
  8. Can you provide a reference? I know that vehicles over 3.5t are not allowed anymore. Not that it stops anyone.
  9. No I dont. But I think fining people for flagrant breaking of the law and cluttering up the street with rusty piles of crap, taking up numerous spaces with large vehicles and causing hazards by obscuring vision at junctions is absolutely valid and appropriate. I dont think fining someone for going 5 mins over in a disc zone is appropriate or helpful though.
  10. No. Its lazy inconsiderate twats that are the problem.
  11. Is that parking illegally or being punished for parking illegally? Why cant people just observe the law. Then they'll never get fined. It kinda the way the world works. Then there is no resentment, trust is built, respect is gained and everyone can be positive.
  12. That is a bit tight and unnecessary. I would have appealed. I appealed one on the prom when I had just plain forgot to put the disc on. It was a genuine error and they cancelled it. It's the ones that dont give dam that do my head in. Not saying minor mistakes should be punished. Like @thommo2010says that is OTT.
  13. How about a large commercial vehicle. Parked on a double yellow line in a disc zone. 965 hours over the 2 hours. No disc even shown. Been reported. Still there. Where do you draw the line @wrighty
  14. Where does the law say this? Genuine question. I didnt think it did.
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