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  1. Tarmacced? Where have you been looking. You mean the 50m behind the fire station?
  2. Absolutely. If it comes back positive you are surely at least 99.9% sure to be positive. I think the reason for the PCR is to make it a legal obligation.
  3. I don't mind wrighty at all. OK he's not laugh a minutes but hey.....everything is relative.
  4. Yeah they'll be disappointed, especially with all the great suggestions they have come up with like, we should wear masks on public transport. Game changing.....I think not.
  5. I do agree with you that masks (especially the ones I see) are unlikely to be much deterrent to the airflow of your average- joe airborne particle, they do make people take notice. I note that in the supermarket people tend to give mask clad shoppers a wider berth and that alone is a benefit.
  6. There are whooshes a plenty this morning
  7. Gotta be the dumbest words I have seen on here for years. What century are you living in. So the 3 lanes of traffic can't stop for 2 minutes while the family and kids have a safe crossing over a busy road. What would be the point in having a cycle track that just ended at a busy road (like before). It was a deathtrap. Bringing everything to a standstill.....for 2 mins......a few times a day Why not set off a minute earlier just in case you get so terribly inconvenienced
  8. He made a good decision. Total waste of time, money, and energy to tell us nothing.
  9. And they are up against some pretty tough competition!
  10. I always thought that the false negative was because the person taking the swab had not proddled deep or hard enough to actually collect the nasty viruses from said persons orifices. The test itself (with a correct and representative sample) is shirley near to 100% reliable
  11. Although Manx Radio seem to be giving mixed messages today!
  12. Infections seem to be levelling if you consider the raw data (Not the 14 day cumulation) but could be just a blip
  13. Therefore it can be concluded that weather prevents covid spread
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