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  1. Whats @piebaps going to do with his one and only joke if this happens There's a tunnel......err available 24hrs a day
  2. You took the words out of my mouth. It won't be slipped targets, just realigned to the new thinking I blame covid for the delay in getting vaccines out. It scuppered the programme......oh no just remembered that was something else
  3. That's very true. By his calculation the whole programme will only slip by 2 weeks, but on my selfish agenda, and considering full protection (both jabs) , it will slip by 7 weeks won't it? (if I get summoned to Ronaldsway and not Chester St) - Given that I am just a smidgeon over 55.
  4. Thank goodness for that. I hadnt bought her a pressie
  5. Oh I just hope they have got me and the missus down for the fifeser one.
  6. Good observation. A few weeks it was to be all O50s done before end may. Now it's just to have first jab.
  7. I didn't say I condoned it. It would annoy me too. Just saying it's difficult to stop with our current legislation. I have a nice driveway so no problem for me and no it's not my campervan outside your house. I dont have one
  8. Rightly or wrongly, so long as they are taxed and parked legally, they are not doing anything wrong.
  9. Especially with all the cruise ships as well.
  10. Ha Ha Nice one. To be fair I am only criticising the things that are bad and we all know they are. I should have said the rest of the island was beautiful and I love it. The four things i list are show stoppers at the moment. We aren't going to get a decent boat for a few years but we can have a proper borders policy and we can finish the prom😇
  11. I just seen a van on the York road side street with a ticket on it. First I have seen for weeks. Maybe they are back, maybe they migrated for the winter and have returned to the isle to breed.
  12. The police dont seem to think it's their job. They just ignore illegal parking.
  13. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/marketing-campaign-underway-to-welcome-back-visitors/ What'ss not to like Endure a 4hrs bumpy trip on a scruffy old boat wit horrible food and over priced cabins Isolate for 2 weeks (or 3weeks if you don't get tested) Go for a walk along the prom Endure a 4hrs bumpy trip on a scruffy old boat wit horrible food and over priced cabins They are going to be a flocking here!
  14. Good lord. Go for it. I think they must have kept our share for themselves.
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