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  1. But its still happening so is someone in trouble every day
  2. Which Civil servant is responsible for the discharge of pollution into Peel Bay. Are you referring to the Raggert PCBs or the sewage
  3. I did read your second sentence. I know what you are trying to say but in the context of the contract it is still not correct. The Employer (DOI) cant negotiate end dates. The project manager, and only the project manager can change the date. The date is based on completion of tasks on the programme and the estimation of time required to complete the tasks that are outstanding. The estimation of time to complete the outstanding tasks is submitted by the contractor (mostly in their bid) and changes are either accepted or rejected by the project manager based upon his engineering judgement. Certainly not because a minister says something.
  4. They are written in stone metaphorically. The project manager decides when the completion date is. You cannot not have one. Seems you are as ill informed as Timmy. This would change if the contract was completed or terminated. This would be when Auldyns role of principal contractor ended. If that was the case then Timmy would be able to choose any date he likes....or in this case have no date. I am not aware that the contract has been terminated (and the works clearly are not completed) so seems that you, as well as Timmy are just kidding yourselves but not the GMP.
  5. Extract from the contract for interest. Clause 11 - Identified and defined terms 11.2 (1) The Accepted Programme is the programme identified in the Contract Data or is the latest programme accepted by the Project Manager. The latest programme accepted by the Project Manager supersedes previous Accepted Programmes. Clause 31 – The Programme 31.1 If a programme is not identified in the Contract Data, the Contractor submits a first programme to the Project Manager for acceptance within the period stated in the Contract Data. 31.2 The Contractor shows on each programme which he submits for acceptance · the starting date, access dates, Key Dates and Completion Date, · planned Completion, · the order and timing of the operations which the Contractor plans to do in order to Provide the Works, · the order and timing of the work of the Employer and Others as last agreed with them by the Contractor or, if not so agreed, as stated in the Works Information, · the dates when the Contractor plans to meet each Condition stated for the Key Dates and to complete other work needed to allow the Employer and Others to do their work,
  6. Didnt the swan have a guest cask ale on 5 years or so ago when Trevor was there. The brewery are keen to sell them but people have to buy them. Look at the prospect and woody as examples. If someone could persuade the manageress that the locals want a cask ale I'm sure they would. My observation of the locals though is that they are more Carling than Timothy Taylor's.
  7. Well whatever new strategy crookhall has come up with he may be disappointed to find that the project will have an original end date and a new updated planned end date. The nature of the contract make this obligatory in contract law.
  8. If only Harmer hadn't had the foresight to have no planned end date. We might have seen him as CM now. Lauding him for his great achievement of successfully meeting the target of not failing to meet an end date, as there was no end date.
  9. I appreciate you are a fan of his. Having no end though...its pretty inauspicious start you have to admit.
  10. Viruses don't have brains and do not make tactical decisions about their futures. They don't have wants and needs. They don't find equilibrium. They don't decide not to kill their hosts. Their success is purely random based upon genetic mutation and rapid evolution. The effect is the same though. You are correct there. Survival of the fittest. Those variants that succeed, prosper and ongoing variants get better adapted. So it goes on.
  11. I believe the organisers of the Cologne market are looking over their shoulders at us. Highly worried that we'll knock them off the podium of Europe's great Christmas markets.
  12. I don't think anyone would expect an 'exact date'. But at least a target date would give some assurance that they might know what they are doing. No date gives the clear assurance that they don't know what they are doing!
  13. This could be the first ever construction project that has a programme with no planned end date
  14. Well I am certainly not guilty of that and it was me that posted the menus. I was merely correcting something that was clearly incorrect and posted by @finlo
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