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  1. The Whitestone has a good Sunday lunch these days. H&b seemed to have upped their game at some places. It's the standard fare but well presented and decent value.
  2. Your boring 'jokes' are getting a bit repetitive. Have you any new material or even a sensible thing to say?.....probably not I imagine
  3. I'm a when I. I don't mind it at all. Puts me back in my place.
  4. Horses on pavements. Where do you live?
  5. What a load of shortsighted xxxxxxxks some people talk. Why not ban pedestrians and horses too as they can get in the way. Roads are here to share.
  6. I checked this again at the weekend. There is no footpath on the lhs where you have to cross over. Therefore pulling over to the footpath and then crossing is not an option.There is a wall to be crushed against but that's all. Further to that it's not 50mph but actually unrestricted so the wife and kids could be well and truly mincemeat.
  7. So waiting in the middle of the road with two kids and the wife whilst vehicles pass either side, in both directions, at 50mph is a good bit of design? As I said, risk assessment needed. I was stuck in the middle of the road for a good few minutes until a kind lady stopped and let me cross. Have you a totally cycled on this pathway?
  8. What and you get tell 6 years olds this but of wisdom? .
  9. I cycled it this morning. It was ok for me but would be too dangerous for families. Heading into 50mph traffic and no barrier......me thinks a risk assessment is required. Maybe there are improvements to come which would make it a good facility.
  10. As a keen cyclist and cycling commuter I am keen to encourage efforts to improve safety. I'll give this a try but looking at it il worried about what would happen if something was coming the other way. It just looks too narrow to be safe. Also, how do you safely get onto it when travelling towards castletown. Its not quite the heritage trail 'someones going to die' aboration that is the entrance opposite the quarter bridge but it's not great to have no safe crossing/entrances to cycle paths.
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