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  1. Howie's ok. He's got himself and his family all sorted for his Val doonican Christmas. He doesn't really have to worry much about all the folks that are separated from their families this year. Me and the wife. The kids have all gone to the UK. They can't come to visit. So just us 2 this year. I'm not saying that there's an easy answer and I'm not saying things could be any different, but I hope he remembers as he cuts into his Turkey the harm this is doing and how a better plan going forward is needed other that keep everyone out.
  2. It's a good salary, but exceptional is a bit of an exaggeration
  3. True. But it's unlikely to be a big issue if the vaccine stops the virus establishing itself in the body and then reproducing. You could still carry it temporarily if you had had an intensive exposure recently but then that applies to all contagious diseases. The main benefit will be significant reduction in R which will cause the spread of the disease to reduce rather than increase.
  4. But the good thing is also that, if the anti vaxxers don't, the majority will and this will inhibit the spread despite them. So long as the anti brigade don't become a significant proportion of course.
  5. Absolutely. By having the vaccine you protect yourself, but you also become and inhibitor to its spread.
  6. Yes that's correct. But it's even more than that. Spread of infection follows a mathematically predictable rate that is the same (mathematically) as a chemical reaction. The rate of a chemical reaction is proportional to the no of interactions and the concentration of reactants. For interaction and reactant substitute mobility of human movement and for reactants substitute infected people. For everyone that gets vaccinated, read one reactant removed slowing the reaction. Getting even more technical, infection is like a nuclear reaction in its exponential spread. The reaction between
  7. It's so the builders and painters Van's can park on the footpath without damaging their track rod ends
  8. HaHa. The white van brigade will ignore those disability signs just like they do with the pointless double yellow lines all over Douglas. Shoukd get about 6 on there as there is the pavement to park on as well which will be a bonus
  9. I think the roads here are good. Sure no one likes a pothole, but to have non is just too expensive an aspiration. If I report one they usually get fixed. Some don't last long (Somerset rd) but I think that's because the road needs more serious attention.
  10. HaHa. I thought that was the idea......but that's just my opinion
  11. Maybe the 'letter' has been buried here!
  12. I think it's the " I'm on the roundel" change of surface bump.
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