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  1. Wow. It is strange. I submitted mine in June and had my assessment and overpayment returned 2 weeks later I wonder if they work in reverse order🤣
  2. You dont run a business then. Sometimes it takes months to get all your receipts and proof together. I admit there is plenty of time though if you get organised.
  3. Yes. That's a good point. They seem to think that reducing the collections is directly related to the amount of waste. It isn't. Its I'll thought out and very badly communicated. I cant believe that at my time of life I find myself how I am going to manage with no bin for the next 6 days. What a fiasco
  4. It seems strange that they didn't proactively let anyone know about the actual date. Yes it was on their website but surely they are not so stupid that they think anyone looks at their website. Maybe I missed the notification and I am in common with all the thousands of other residents who have put their bins out as normal this week. They are all still out. I think peeps think they are just late this week. Its not going to be a success this, I can tell you.
  5. This would suggest it has started, although no one seems aware
  6. Taxi driver is not a type, they are people and its an occupation. Some are nice, some are not. 🤣
  7. I was going to say "don't bite" you are being wound up. You have bitten but what the hell, you have a valid point.
  8. We can only dream. We struggle to fit a week's worth in the sodding bin never mind 2 weeks worth. That's with recycling of glass bottles, cans and plastic included. Goodness knows how we will manage 2 weeks. Maybe buy a second wheelie bin off ebay.
  9. No offence, but we absolutely no information to support this view.....although you could be right
  10. The person who owns the site will be bothered in the long run. He has a lease with the business who have the 2 franchises. If they fail what will he (or she) do then?
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