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  1. Just a footnote. All buses are the same width. The maximum allowed width.
  2. They won't win because you'll never get a proper mobility scooter on a bus will you?
  3. Joking apart. Maybe the answer is in some sort of compromise. However it seems Cornwall is no further to an answer than we are. You can take a wheelchair on their buses and also a scooter as long as its the size of a wheelchair. I have been on plenty of buses down there, the only differences I see is that they have a ramo and a wheelchair sized area and the other difference is that their buses are old crocks belching out fumes. I am happier with our mercs to be honest. Let's fit some ramps, limit the size and see what Eric makes of the folding scooter idea. I bet he can't wait to buy one.
  4. Yes. But you could use Google too and work out that there are not many scooters less than 50" long. So Cornwall attempt is to say you can use a mobile scooter so long as its not as big as a mobility scooter.
  5. Ha Ha. Not the people. The buses. Further research tells me The bus ramps cannot accommodate wheelchairs/scooters larger than 76 cm (30 inches) and longer than 127 cm (50 inches). that's a micro scooter!
  6. I have never seen a mobility scooter on a bus in Cornwall. Have you any photos. I was there last month. The buses were shit.
  7. That's not a big help as we haven't got any. Never seen on anywhere either. Never seen a bus in the UK or abroad that could take a mobility scooter. I am not against them they would be great. And what about all the bus stops that need to be modified. I just heard old Eric on the moaning line. I agree that bus stops should be modified and maybe altered buses should be ordered. But it isn't going to happen overnight is it?
  8. I wondered why the DOI road staff were in Gateshead last week
  9. Better fill up quick. Yes all the EVFs went up yesterday. MP not followed suit.....yet We need to make sure we patronise MP stations and avoid EVF
  10. Yes seems so Just my view, but I can't see mobility scooters being allowed on buses. Its crazy. What a massive hazard to all the other users. Its a difficult one I know, but sometimes things are just not possible.
  11. Who mentioned branches. If you burn waste that was from the garden you are in that's ok. If you import waste from out with the curteledge then that becomes an offence. Not that anyone would actually enforce for a trivial bit of wood. It's the idiots who burn chipboard or MDF that will get done as that stuff is lethal.
  12. She should get the installer back. They don't make any noise at all. You don't get instant heat, they have to be combined with a mega flow device or similar. £25k seems about right for a retro fit in a large house.
  13. Sorry. I couldn't see the point of his comment. Not enough infrastructure for everyone to have 33kw boilers. True. But no one is even considering that
  14. Funny that then https://www.gov.im/media/1361511/bonfire-information-v3.pdf
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