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    Need to give this a try
  2. Just make permit zones 24hr 365 and police it. Problem solved.
  3. What about the Van's on the lhs as you go into port Erin. Just after the crossing and before the school. Its 40mph but they don't show a light (which is unlawful) and 00's of passing cars have to slow down and wait to pass them.
  4. Sorry for the confusion. It was meant to be sarcastic. I attached a photo of a big white van on double yellows and the pavement. The mods didn't allow it so the post was meaningless. You don't need evidence, they are everywhere.
  5. Yes they are lazy. Loads of spaces. Idle sods cant be bothered to walk 20m. Rather park on the footpath or the double yellow lines.....or usually both. Police cars just drive past and ignore them.
  6. Get the parking officers to do a few evenings overtime. Make an absolute killing. Pay off the PSP deficits and MEA debt in a couple of nights!
  7. I walked 1 mile yesterday and counted 20 vehicles parked on double yellows in 10 mins
  8. I see there is a review of parking. I always wonder what the purpose of double yellow lines is. Once the sun goes down and the parking officers have gone home they are totally ignored. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/future-of-car-parking-in-douglas-up-for-debate-says-council-leader/
  9. The Whitestone has a good Sunday lunch these days. H&b seemed to have upped their game at some places. It's the standard fare but well presented and decent value.
  10. Your boring 'jokes' are getting a bit repetitive. Have you any new material or even a sensible thing to say?.....probably not I imagine
  11. I'm a when I. I don't mind it at all. Puts me back in my place.
  12. What a load of shortsighted xxxxxxxks some people talk. Why not ban pedestrians and horses too as they can get in the way. Roads are here to share.
  13. I checked this again at the weekend. There is no footpath on the lhs where you have to cross over. Therefore pulling over to the footpath and then crossing is not an option.There is a wall to be crushed against but that's all. Further to that it's not 50mph but actually unrestricted so the wife and kids could be well and truly mincemeat.
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