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  1. Wagons up at the cat as well today
  2. Easy Bess! I won't be tugging my forelock to this. It's a mare
  3. What rubbish pongo. Have you not noticed that these are different times. Leave browsing until this is over, think of others and stay away until you know what you want.
  4. Yes. Some people are stupid and selfish. I got stuck behind a chap who spent 10mins looking at the same box of screws. B&q need to give customers more advice about keeping moving or ( as previous commenters have said) it's not a safe place to visit. We have to support retailers who are trying and be constructive with views and observations
  5. Back to the topic. Went today. It was ok. The staff looked a bit fed up but were very friendly. Got me bag of plaster at last. Yippee
  6. Happier diner


    Yes. I think you'll need to check that. There was an hour of drizzle early one morning. There as been only 2mm all month which is unheard of and unless it rains next week it will be the driest April on record by miles
  7. Reduce your waste. How patronising and obvious
  8. No under 18s as far as I know
  9. Happier diner


    Tried it twice (flavours). Absolutely delicious. Not cheap. But definitely delicious- spicy AND tasty. Licensed too
  10. Fair points. But you are in the wrong forum. This is about CO2 production. Not pollution.
  11. All power stations produce the same amount of co2 per volume of gas burnt. There's no such thing as one being more polluting than another In terms of CO2. Check your chemistry
  12. Happier diner


    Need to give this a try
  13. Just make permit zones 24hr 365 and police it. Problem solved.
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