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  1. You should do a degree in fine art. You seem to have mastered the bull shit already. Halfway to a degree. 😄
  2. Much like ordinary tar then, only they use much less than plane and lay....so good news for a change?
  3. You are so far out of touch I am staggered. There were not clubs but teams. Wealthy teams with wealthy fans and follows. The actual riders themselves are a minority and they are just normal blokes. Some of them can eat and drink for their countries anyway. If you were saying this in 1980 I would have agreed with you. But its not and its nothing like that now. Cycling is a massive sport with a massive following. Towns compete to host the start and finishes of stages. The British Champs on the Isle of Man was a massive success. We should be looking to host a stage of the Tour of Britain not whinging about roads beings closed for 3 hours on a Sunday morning.
  4. You should try it on a pushbike. I have lost fillings. It is the final finish I am sure. Its the same as the Poortown to Laurel Bank dressing that was done 3 years ago. To be fair, apart from the odd chuck that came out early doors, its still in decent nick
  5. Miles more. The Manx International and the British Champs brought hundred in. Spectators, riders and teams. I reckon much much more that the festival of motoring.
  6. Yes. And boy what a good day they got for it too. Stunning
  7. Jesus. Good business for the hotels if nothing else. Mannin was rammed with Howard and Hildas.
  8. You have made some reasonable points. However the decision has been made about ICEs in 2030. Yes some people will buy one 31 dec 2029, but they find that restriction on town access/high duty might make that a poor decision. Currently most of the worlds hydrogen is generated by burning fossil fuels. There are other methods but currently low production output and inefficient. Like others say, EVs will be the stopgap whether we like it or not. A stopgap that could endure for 20 years. Charge points are needed.
  9. He must have divided by zero and lost all the data
  10. You'll have to get used to it as the numbers will keep increasing. Unless of course government build some cycle paths and then everyone will be happy.....well until you find something else to moan about.
  11. Yes. On purpose. That's because you evaded my question on purpose. So I'll ask again. You say there will be hydrogen powered cars within 20 years so need for charge points. However what is your plan between now - 2030 and 2041. No ICE and in your world no EVs either.
  12. But hydrogen is not a fossil fuel.
  13. By research do you mean wondering who best to believe?
  14. Where is this? What a silly statement. You are in the wrong millennium.
  15. 20 years is too far off. There are insufficient charging points for EVs now never mind in 9 years time. You may be right about hydrogen but I think it will be used to generate electricity rather than carried around in cars. So EVs may be around for longer than you estimate.
  16. How can you be so thick. EVs are coming. Are you a denier. Where are they going to be charged if no charge points are fitted. Its 9 years until ICE cars are no more. There is going to have to be a massive ramp up in the number of charge points installed. Not the other way around.
  17. The batteries are not lasting as long as they expected. They are part solar powered and the great Manx weather hasn't given as much charge. They are looking at wind power for the next batch. But don't tell the anti vaxxers/conspiracy theorists. They might thinks its serious
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