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  1. Despite my early scepticism we are managing with the fortnightly. There are just 2 of us though. We dont recycle any more than we did before. We just squash everything down. I reckon we wouldn't have managed when we were a family of 4 though. It will be easy to see if DBC are saving anything and relying more by looking at the total gate fees at the EFW plant. I reckon there will be no change at all. But I am sure @Amadeuswill let us know. The only saving will be the reduction in collection, but if the staff are all employed anyway that won't be much.
  2. The Crosby has a motorbike in the foyer
  3. Quite. To be honest though I was referring to the manx man, but applies to them all. Batteries have to be charged and if a ship runs on gas or oil it has to be done using non renewable power. Not sure what the manxmans green credentials are.
  4. Incontinence products. He'll be wanting DBC to be taking the piss next.
  5. Surely that was made for recycling.
  6. Despite the TT running for 115 years and all the biker attraction, there is only one proper TT themed cafe in Ramsey.
  7. What sort of society do you live in? Can you let us have your reference?
  8. And dont forget experience improves with age. Awareness of risk, reduction in tendency to be reckless. I'd rather be a passenger with stu on a drive over the mountain than a 20yr old lad, even if the 20yr old has better reflexes and eyesight.
  9. I have got a sack load of cotton wool and some wrapping tape. You are welcome to it. The reality is that what you are seeking to happen will never happen. Life has risks. If it didn't it wouldn't be worth living. IMO of course.
  10. Maybe picking up all the new litter we are getting
  11. Me too. I cant see what all the fuss is about. There were loads of people there, old and young.
  12. It started pouring down at 07:40 and then again at 09:00 I was doing my active travel. I got piss wet through both times. Didn't kill me though. They say in the Lake district. There is no such thing as unsuitable weather, only unsuitable clothing Yeah right!
  13. No one expects the Doolish inquisition!
  14. That would work for those with big enough gardens. The issue we have is that the sorting is done at the point of collection. Many councils use a single bin but then sort it back at base. Like you say, the only way around is to have seperate bins then they could use the crusher type vehicles with the wheelie lifters. Or start over.
  15. But then they would need new wagons and the recycling trucks would be scrap.
  16. Therein lies the problem. Ride a proper one. You have to pedal. Your heart rate goes up. It's exercise. No doubt whatsoever.
  17. e bikes? The answer. Where have you been?
  18. It would be a good way to stay warm for free
  19. I'm not sure I understand your thinking. He is only quoting the laws. An e bike goes from being a bicycle to being a motorcycle when it can go over 18mph using the motor. Seems sensible to me Also, no car is road legal above 70mph. Do you mean capable of....?
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