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  1. To give a little perspective on this, when I was a postman it was expected and a given that every scrap of mail was delivered by xmas eve. A "clear office " as it was known. To achieve this required a lot of overtime & mutual goodwill, not to mention frayed tempers and being absolutely knackered. I am told that not one person has put their name down for overtime this year. Not one. A clear indication of industrial relations there ?
  2. Be aware though, that IOMPO employ lots of people on zero hours or very short term contracts that attract only minimum wage. This will only increase as they struggle to return to profitability. Then it will be a race to the bottom with the likes of Hermes. Sad really.
  3. If people would fill out a "safe place" and/or "authority to sign for" form it would make for a much more efficient service. Drivers frequently return with 50% of their delivery because no one is in. This all has to be unloaded & scanned back in. Ludicrous waste of every ones time. Much better to have opt out system unless you enjoy standing in a line stretching outside in the rain to collect your stuff. Or charge £5 for each attempted delivery. Just saying.
  4. Spring Valley S. O. only really got super busy last Monday. Usually see the Xmas pressure couple of weeks before that. Now inundated with delayed mail from the UK. Walk men & women taking out massive deliveries. Parcel drivers doing relays back to the office and loading up to the back doors then out again.
  5. @ manxman34. There is an "educational support unit" off Greenfield Road for the most incorrigible ones. They are brought in by Bus Vannin minibus, door to door. Apart from the ones who lie in bed and don't answer the door because they know there is fuck all anyone can do to make them attend.
  6. Mrs. S retires imminently after 40 years in the profession. She lays the vast majority of blame for poor behavior squarely at the feet of shit parenting. Couple this with modern kids sense of "entitlement" and head teachers very narrow options as regards to sanctions, it's not difficult to see why the profession has a recruitment and retention problem.
  7. As far as I'm aware, the two commercially run shoots over here sell "let days" to roving syndicates from off-island. It's a wealthy man/womans game but small beer as to a contribution to tourism. Also the paperwork involved in bringing over firearms is a nightmare.
  8. Partridge were more numerous in the island in former years. I understand that loss of habitat due to more intensive farming methods coupled with an increase in raptors are the main culprits in their decline. Non native Red Leg or French partridge have been imported here by the bucket full for decades by sporting syndicates, being a lot cheaper & easier to rear than the Grey.
  9. I beg to differ, Uhtred. A cursory search of my surname revealed in the 50's: My grandfather receiving 6 months hard labour for fraud and also the fact he was a notorious piss head. My father has two court appearances for firearms offences. My mother fined £3 for allowing her dog to worry sheep. There may be more I fear.
  10. One of my offspring destroyed the family car some years ago, 4 days after passing her driving test. She was traveling over 60mph in a 40 zone, probably showing off to the 3 passengers. The traffic cop investigating was convinced when he arrived at the crash that he would be dealing with multiple fatalities, such was the damage to the car. Amazingly there were only minor injuries. Thankfully the courts banned her, imposed a hefty fine and made her re-sit her test. So yes, having been though such an awful experience I would gladly support some form of automatic speed restriction to new dri
  11. Ah, I didn't realise the tax implications. That explains a lot. I sailed on the Pont Aven.
  12. I'm sure you would agree though , that the whole experience with Brittany Ferries is infinitely more pleasurable than the Racket, especially the food & beverage side. Cup of decent coffee under 2 quid. Pint of wifebeater about £3. Coq au vin about £7 in the upper deck bistro. I never felt I was having my pants pulled down. Unlike the inedible slop of the IOMSPC.
  13. To add some perspective, Motorcycle + rider Hull to Zeebrugge £310. That's a 13 hour trip including inside cabin. Portsmouth to Bilbao is over £400 . 24 hours, also including basic cabin. These prices are for July. Considering the distances involved, it makes the Racket seem bloody expensive to me.
  14. Another puzzling anomaly is Manx motorist attitude to motorcycles. I've been riding 45 years & took a 2500 mile road trip through Spain & Portugal recently. Not once did I have a near miss or serious conflict with a car. Yet I feel in fear of my life these days on Manx roads, which is bizarre considering motorcycles, you would expect, should be hard wired in the DNA of Manx motoring. But no, I experience the usual myopia, lack of anticipation & general poor roadcraft. That is why I always install offensively loud race exhausts to all my bikes in the belief that motorists, alt
  15. Probably not. But a very conscientious, dedicated & committed one.
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