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  1. As a public spectacle, a Joe Pesci style severe kicking is not without merit. I would imagine there is a fair section of society would pay good money to witness a few burly blokes getting medieval on a local scumbag.
  2. Empire Garage being a prime example. Peel commissioners & a handful of Gobbags crying foul over some rather scruffy 1960's industrial buildings.
  3. Some halfwit brought a few young foxes over & released them some 20 odd years ago. They were all fairly quickly shot or killed on the roads.
  4. Received a call this morning, computer generated womans voice, telling me my internet will be cut off in 24 to 48 hours. I need press one to speak to my internet provider. I simply hung up. The worry is it was my landline number which has been ex directory for more than 30 years. Only immediate family & my bank have it. A lucky shot by some kind of number generator of some thing more sinister?
  5. I believe it's only the letter delivery that's going. SD & parcels unaffected. There was talk of a Sunday parcel service.
  6. Because they are inept. They tendered for 36 contracts in the last couple of years and all failed along with several doomed business ventures. This chap must have realised from the start with what he was dealing with and so, being considerably sharper than IOMPO execs, gave them a right royal shafting.
  7. I am told that after 2 days of talks, IOMPO made an offer to the CWU that was unanimously rejected at a mass meeting last night. Further talks are to be held next week. The union seem very confident they can reach a settlement ahead of the strike next week.
  8. Looks like they are out again for 3 days next month.
  9. I've been following a travel journal on youtube about 2 motorcyclists going through Europe. In Switzerland one was caught by an average speed trap at slightly under twice the limit of 80kph for that stretch mountain road. The on the spot fine was £3000 . That's right , 3 grand. On top of that, an immediate 3 month ban so he had to get the bike transported out of the country. If he had been twice the limit it would have been a prison sentence as well. I think that might get everyone's attention if we went down that route.
  10. I object because it's unimaginative slash & burn. As for expertise & remedy, I have none. I merely delivered the stuff.
  11. My argument is, it should never have got to this position if the senior management, board et al had done what they are extremely well paid to do. They have demonstrably failed.
  12. If you read IOMPO 5 year strategy, it's not a business plan at all. It is simply a long shopping list of cuts to manpower, services & pensions. There is some vague waffle regarding finding new revenue streams etc. which frankly, they should have been doing for the last 10 years. Instead they seemed to pretend this slow motion train crash of falling mail volumes would somehow go away. It hasn't & now they are in the shit.
  13. Julie Edge & CEO Simon Kneen have a 2 part interview on MTTV with Paul Moulton. Not a very good one either.
  14. Surprised at these U.K. posties bragging about xmas tips. The guys I worked with were pretty tight lipped about it though we all knew which walks & rural duties were the most lucrative. Quite possible that a local rural postie who has been on that duty for years might hit that figure. Most I ever did was £200 or so. I would say it is gradually declining over the years.
  15. A disproportionate number of the culprits are "rescue" dogs, nearly always having behavioural problems usually caused by previous owners being clueless or had the shit kicked out of them. These in turn are passed onto equally clueless new owners who delude themselves that they have a small person in a dog suit. Seen it time & time again.
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