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  1. I worked alongside this man for 20 years. A more decent and good natured person you couldn't hope to meet. How he coped with the dignity and stoicism he did throughout this is beyond me. Despite the inevitable`& understandable seed of doubt that something of this nature throws up, he was still respected & supported by his colleagues & employer. I doubt anyone truly gets over such an awful experience. It is my sincerest hope he can try to put this behind him and pick up the pieces.
  2. Empire Garage closed it's doors for the last time today after 76 years trading under the same family. Owner retiring.
  3. There is one of these appeared in my avenue. Sounds like an old Ford D series lorry with no silencer. Awful. I had a plan of hammering as many potatoes from my excellent crop of Maris Peers up his tailpipe as will fit with a mallet. On reflection, I thought it a waste of good food so may content myself with flinging dog shit at it when I walk the dog. The curious thing is, he is a remarkably ugly specimen of a young man. A bit like a juvenile Halibut. Why he would want to draw attention to himself is beyond me.
  4. For sure, a wake up call for me, Roger. Although I felt a bit ropey after all of my jabs, it was no comparison to how I feel now. As an aside, my son in law was admitted to Nobles for 12 days not so long ago. In his late 30's and triple jabbed. Had the family very worried at the time.
  5. As a former naysayer that believed it was all over bar the shouting and if one is jabbed up then nothing to worry about, I have had my arse well and truly kicked. Just had 2 days in bed after testing positve, up today but still feeling pretty dreadful. I'm 61 , triple jabbed and in reasonable nick for my age. I work part time in hospitality on zero hours contract so that's a weeks wage gone as well. It is still out there & can still make you quite ill. Just saying.
  6. Had it casseroled once with cherries. Not bad. Quite dense like Hare.
  7. Please Sir, can I have another one?
  8. Yes it is, isn't it. Fortunately our 3 bed apartment near Estepona is is fine. Thanks for your concern.
  9. My missus owns a couple of rental properties. A town house & dormer bungalow. The town house was recently vacated by a family with a couple of dogs. They had obviously had free run of the house as all the walls had greasy rub marks at dog height, doors scratched, carpets covered in hair, stained and the whole house absolutely stunk. The bill so far for new carpets & redecoration throughout is £4500. With the new landlords bill this is the final straw. as they have both paid for themselves many times over it's going on the market followed by the bungalow next year when the lease expires.
  10. Being referred to the specialist for knee replacement. In the current climate, I suspect it will be a couple of years wait, minimum. Quick internet search tells me average private cost in the UK is £12,500 per knee. However, in Poland it is half that price . Has anyone experienced surgery abroad or can offer an informed opinion? Many thanks.
  11. Ah, take no notice of Quilp. He has issues. My mother always thought there was something odd about him anyway.
  12. As you say, the entire situation is a complete goat fuck. I am due to travel to Bilbao mid September. 2 of us are Manx, 2 English. I don't trust Manx Care to provide a PCR result on time before the ferry leaves. Too risky. Tricky anyway as we leave IOM Sunday for the Monday evening sailing to Spain.
  13. Polite question. Why will non QR vaccine documentation no longer be acceptable come September?
  14. Was he not "in the huts" at Ballakermeen?
  15. To give a little perspective on this, when I was a postman it was expected and a given that every scrap of mail was delivered by xmas eve. A "clear office " as it was known. To achieve this required a lot of overtime & mutual goodwill, not to mention frayed tempers and being absolutely knackered. I am told that not one person has put their name down for overtime this year. Not one. A clear indication of industrial relations there ?
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