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  1. Obviously daring to respond to trolls in kind on this forum leads to a lot of paranoia and rubbish. Even from the moderators. Are the moderators actually the ones doing most of the trolling? It’s hard to see why such a paranoid, strange and incorrect outburst would be made by a moderator otherwise.
  2. Chris Thomas issues the final statement on the matter.
  3. Yet another poor trolling attempt. No gold star,. Not even a bronze. Neil need to try harder as he’s still not very good despite years of practice.
  4. What a poor attempt at trolling. No surprises there though from the forums saddest and most persistent troll. I’m sure you might get some points for effort though for someone who seems to be firmly in the troll remedial class.
  5. I have to say I think the idea is nuts and that very few people will take it up. It’s to gain likes on social media from idiots who will probably never come here anyway and nothing else. I’m amazed we’ve not come up with ‘the Isle of Vegan’ campaign yet to appeal to another popular emerging group of gullible idiots.
  6. Yes I’d say that’s right so why do we need 2 sets of people employed by government plus a bunch of volunteers to all to do the exact same thing within 20 feet of each other?
  7. The study also showed that work-cations have become the new norm with 52 per cent of people from the UK regularly checking work emails while abroad and 54 per cent continuing to work through fear of falling behind on workloads or underachieving. If that is a known fact why are they encouraging people to come to the IOM and potentially get sacked by throwing their phones away? I’d agree with you and Charlie Brown it’s a cover for crap phone coverage existing outside of town.
  8. There is a Manx equivalent to the CSA you want to shop them to it. There’s definitely people in the DHSC who do this.
  9. Why would anyone want to have any ire for an economic safety net which ensures that innocent children don't become the victims of poverty and abandonment like the Victorian work house system? It’s the benchmark of a decent progressive society. Throughout history men have very often fucked off leaving their former partners and their abandoned children destitute without any form of financial support. At least we don’t let that happen now through taxpayer funded benefits. It’s very rarely the fault of the mother or the child that they have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves.
  10. I think you’ll find it wasn’t.
  11. I’m not sure it is though other than for a very small minority. A lot of social security is in my mind picking up the tab for the behaviour of a lot of feckless men who get to piss off and dump what should be their costs onto the taxpayer.
  12. That’s a bit unfair blaming an insecure woman for falling for the lies of a load of chancers like the exact same thing hasn't happened for the last 2,000 years or so. Very few women deliberately get pregnant. I’d say most largely get talked into it by manipulative men. Those condoms can be hellishly itchy for the wrong bloke. And if she loved him really it shouldn’t matter if she ends up pregnant or not. Than there’s religions that prohibit a man from wearing a jonnie. Etc, etc, etc.
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