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  1. Resisting the urge to troll must be so hard for you. A bit like Luke Skywalker trying to fight off the dark side I imagine.
  2. Perhaps they’re just fed up of your shit?
  3. It isn’t going to happen. The estate agent handling the sale has a copy of the plans they’ve got outline approval for online but any new junction out in to the TT course (especially there) is going to be a pain in the ass to get through the DOI. Plus all the “This is a local shop for local people” in Sulby will come out in force stopping you from doing anything you’d really want to do when the planning notice goes up. It will be a tricky plot to redevelop properly or cheaply. Shop http://manxmove.im/property/iconic-caleys-general-stores-in-sulby-including-shop-and-2-bed-accommodation-over-two-floors-great-potential-indeed/ Plot http://manxmove.im/property/building-plot-behind-caleys-stores-with-planning-permission-for-a-detached-dwelling-with-parking/
  4. So people stealing money off family is sort of more acceptable then?
  5. Even if they did pull it it’s not making it a viable business as it is. If the price was good they’d have sold it by now. You can only assume it isn’t worth the investment if nobody has bought it. I think an Asian newsagent in Sulby would be great. I’d give it three days before they wake up to a Wicker Man out front!
  6. Don’t know haven’t been in for years.
  7. I bet Raymond probably made no money out if it for years but it sort of gave him a reason to get up and chat with people etc. I know someone who has looked at it as superficially it looks cheap but the best thing you could probably do there is knock the bugger down and build a mini TT grandstand on the combined plot right on the edge of the road to give full views over the fastest stretch of the course with a linked shop, cafe and tea rooms etc and rake it in for a month a year for as long as the TT keeps going. But you’d never get planning.
  8. He was given the business for free by Caley anyway wasn’t he? The shop is in the wrong spot. Nobody is going to walk down Sulby Straight when there’s a Spar Shop right next to the main conurbation of housing in Ballaugh and the parking on or anywhere near that junction is crap for passing trade. The new plans for the plot look to try to create off road parking but it will be difficult to develop and the DOI are always arsey about new exits onto the TT Course. The best post office option there is in the Spar shop not Caleys. They want £110k for the plot and £200k for the shop. You’d be chucking another £100k it on top as well probably. It’s likely just not viable as a business internet or not.
  9. I don’t get all the fuss over Caleys. I used to go in there a lot as a kid donkeys years ago but the place has been for sale for ages and clearly nobody wants to buy it as a business as presumably it’s not worth what they’re asking for it for the income it generates. I see they’ve now unbundled the plot at the back to try to flog it separately as they were trying to sell the lot together and they've dropped the price of the shop building. Even developing that plot that there will be a pain in the ass with the poor access. It’s a bit like the post office counter debate to me. If you can’t make money providing a service then 1.There are going to be no takers for that business to take it off your hands and 2. There is clearly limited social value attached by other people to the service you provide otherwise they’d use your shop more. As for Baker sadly the internet will never be in-invented so he’s just talking rubbish unless we’re going to get a Taliban style government in which is going to ban all access to modern technology.
  10. Do you think Mr Thomas ever intends to come back and answer things in this thread he created?
  11. This one? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/17/security-breach-fears-26-million-nhs-patients/
  12. Maybe from an evidence point of view it was lucky that he is perhaps an idiot who failed to set his phone to record properly when he set out to do a bit of electronic perving?
  13. Yes that’s what I meant. People can even send you money card to card. The PO would just need to have virtual account details linked to a card that they could pay funds to.
  14. Even allowing for that it’s simply incredible that someone might think that they can do that. Is the contracting system so corrupt and lacking in oversight that something like that could even be possible?
  15. Did you hear about the credit crunch? It was a thing that happened in the banking and financial industry in 2008. That’s why things aren’t the same as they were in 2007 in an economy that is strongly driven by the banking and finance industries. As I’ve said it’s an easy enough concept to grasp. There’s more houses for sale than there are buyers. If that wasn’t the case then more high value houses would be shifting.
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