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  1. The problem can’t be the text system. It will be whatever chaotic shitty slackly run system it’s pulling its data from.
  2. It would solve the problem as they’re crap at their job. Having seen around 20 totally incorrect, rubbish, and confusing texts sent to someone to the point that they’re now questioning their own mental capacity in old age and having to keep written notes of appointments to continually check against then I’d say the ‘service’ is not fit for purpose and neither are the staff running it. And actually I couldn’t give a rats ass if they read my comments as they seem to be completely useless at what they are paid do.
  3. It isn’t being managed at all I can assure you of that. If an elderly person ends up questioning their own sanity and memory retention as they are texted so much absolute incorrect bullshit by the people who are supposed to be making things simpler for end users then the people running the ‘service’ need to be sacked. It’s disgraceful.
  4. It’s the start of the next big dramatic decline. Like tourism, like farming, like smuggling, like everything else the IOM does. We’re really good at not seeing what is clearly happening as plain as day and not doing anything about it before it’s too late.
  5. It’s worse than that. I have an elderly relative who has got confused by all the rubbish being texted to them. Wrong times, wrong dates etc and it left them questioning their marbles and the appointment times agreed had to be written down for reference as almost every text received was complete rubbish that did not relate to the appointments that had actually been booked. Whoever manages it needs to be sacked.
  6. Aah right so there will be another year of chaos while some numpties take the grass out and replace it with a poor quality tarmac strip.
  7. That pedestrian looks like a Neanderthal. Who the hell painted that as well. They honestly can’t get anything right. Also why is the grass still there? Clearly there is no room for cyclists and pedestrians to share that stretch of pathway as it’s far too narrow. Another doomed DOI project. They really are a joke.
  8. MrPB

    Change of name

    She put an ad in the paper so realistically what does she expect? People aren’t wishing her ill will they’re asking what’s going on as she does seem to be rather fixated on exposing other people’s secrets usually. As JW said there’s only one reason why you’d put an ad in the paper as legally it has no status at all.
  9. They were and it still casts a shadow. Perhaps the CM was acknowledging the 100 plus past pupils at his alma mater who died in both wars. Either way I don’t see an issue with attendance either.
  10. MrPB

    Change of name

    I think that is the issue. You can’t demand total public scrutiny of other people if you can’t offer the same yourself when you have voluntarily placed advertisements in the paper drawing attention to a personal matter.
  11. MrPB

    Manx Radio

    I’d always assumed Juan
  12. Twitter is perhaps a window on the soul? His soul needs some work.
  13. MrPB

    Change of name

    Yes I would agree with that. Thanks for confirming your view.
  14. Good god I’m not that idiot. I’m Manx for one.
  15. It’s nice for us to have done that though.
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