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  1. Indeed we are really some sort of weird socialist state where generating private sector wealth to drive taxes seems secondary to growing the instruments of state!
  2. MrPB

    Dangermouse VED avoidance

    Is there ever a night that goes by on MF without some ridiculous slanging match going on?
  3. So what’s the answer assuming employment data is collated correctly?
  4. MrPB

    Bullying at school

    This is an anonymous forum of what seems to be socially maladjusted people. Who cares?
  5. MrPB

    CoMin Cosset Civil Service

    What tigers tail?
  6. MrPB


    I don’t remember the Acquadrome being incessantly closed for months on end either thoughout it’s life.
  7. MrPB

    CoMin Cosset Civil Service

    Beecroft is dire but at least she has gone very quiet indeed of late. I suppose you could say that one of the few successes Howard Quayle has had is totally neutralizing her and her passive aggressive moaning about very little.
  8. MrPB

    Bullying at school

    It did, I’m not sure why so many posters seem to wish to challenge me on it.
  9. MrPB

    Blacksmith gets boot

    I think you’d have to break into Ian Longworths office to access that.
  10. MrPB

    CoMin Cosset Civil Service

    In days gone by it’s the sort of thing LV would have challenged as the only opposition to COMIN. You don’t really need a solution. Effectively challenging is often enough.
  11. MrPB

    Bullying at school

    The best fight I ever saw at Balla was between a pupil and a teacher where the pupil actually won!
  12. MrPB

    Manx Radio

    Thanks. What I find staggering is that nobody seems to know. You reproduced MrCallisters posts above and clearly he doesn’t know either despite being the figurehead at the DfE actually responsible for the TT so it’s worrying that he/they really have no idea about what the subvention actually covers (or not). That said the DfE have been paying Manx Radio extra for covering the TT so you would assume it’s been a mutually agreed point that the subvention doesn’t cover it other wise why have they been paid extra for this work previously by the DfE? Yes I agree it is in Manx Radios interest to get him back and confirm the point but then again wouldn’t you think they would be able to give him authotative information to support the changed position if indeed the changed position is the correct situation?
  13. MrPB

    Manx students go on strike

    Almost above the clouds in Cuckoo land too.
  14. MrPB

    Manx Radio

    I’m not sure I did. That Dilligaf person knocked it off course making bizarre claims about bullying Rob Callister. My original question was “But I would like to know how frequent an event it is for a politician to be invited back up to correct an untrue statement made when usually it looks to me that Manx Radio try to catch politicians out and then make that fact known.” I thought I had been clear on that before it all kicked off specifically about Mr Callister and therefore I completely agree with you. However, that said it does seem clear to me now that you have to steer well clear of any mention of Mr Callister on here as people seem to instantly jump down your throat accusing you of all sorts just for questioning something he has said. So it’s a lesson learned. If this is a frequent thing it’s worrying although as I said based on his usual radio performances I can’t see much evidence of anyone inviting Howard Quayle back up to correct something he had completely put his foot in. In fact they seem to delight in catching him out.
  15. MrPB

    Manx Radio

    That was my real point from last night before that angry Dilligaf character started kicking off. Is thina courtesy extended to all MHKs? I’d suggest it likely isn’t.