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  1. Is that really his full name? Sounds like a country and western act! You have too many outs I think. Lots sadly will get back in whether you like it or not.
  2. Then they’d probably be preserving his blog in the Manx museum for future generations like the Chronicles of Mann! I’d say it’s between Allison and Cannan next time but Allison might not get the backing not being a Manxie.
  3. MrPB

    TT 2018

    I heard it was less than 7 minutes but simply amazing the time they waste incessantly closing the mountain.
  4. MrPB

    Richmond hill

    The magic money making machine in the sky keeps on delivering for the Manx public sector sadly. Money not earned is the easiest money you can spend.
  5. Harmer has a push bike. That’s sort of the right wheels in his mind ..
  6. MrPB


    Perhaps, but they wrote a cheque for real money for £6K each apparently. Totally mental.
  7. It’s very clear how these sort of forums work the more you follow them. Socially dysfunctional people creating personas (many multiple) that they can’t possibly live up to in real life.
  8. MrPB


    They cost £6k each we might have expected them to be a bit more hardy for the Manx winter?
  9. Yes I do understand forums now I think. I’ve been told that they often can be full of multiple accounts managed by a hardcore of saddo’s who can’t stand the fact that they can’t get their own way on public debates. Im sure if that’s true they are inevitably trying to reclaim some sort of control they feel they do not have in real life.
  10. It really is very odd how you seem to randomly pop up getting all abusive whenever bulligaf is challenged by anyone. Are you related?
  11. Perhaps you have him on ignore and can’t see them? It’s pretty much every third post that bulligaf seems to make which either attacks a poster, belittles a poster, or otherwise goads a poster for expressing an opinion and tries to create some sort of pointless fight for no reason at all. I’m sure he’s just a very important public sector manager who cant help taking his work home with him.
  12. Apparently Ray Harmer has just signed an IT upgrade off.
  13. No I think it’s pretty clear that you are a considerable bully on here who seems to persistently pick on any poster who isn’t prepared to put up with your bullying.
  14. I think last time they trailed it they caught the sum total of absolutely no people doing that. Makes you wonder why they are incurring the costs of trying again.
  15. Oh the irony of several posters clearly bullying a poster in a thread about needing to stop bullying. Life imitates art on MF.
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