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  1. MrPB

    TT 2018

    I made only 4 posts last night for the record John. As for the consequences of posting you sent me a message and banned me the last time for merely not accepting the trolling I was getting from Dilligaf and for suggesting his subscription was why he seemed to be able to get away with his constantly abusive behaviour. Nothing’s really changed. It seems that anyone who dares respond to that prick in kind is more likely to get banned than the serial shouter, abuser and childish bully that you obviously let post on these forums despite the fact that they seem to have been banned more times than Lance Armstrong. So now once again you issue a similar edict to me for responding to another serial troll and abuser like Dilligafs bum-chum Neil Down. Another sad pathetic online troll and regular MF bully and topic derailer. You know what? Stick your forum up your big fat ass. All you have on here are a bunch of sad abusive under occupied geriatrics who get off on trolling and abuse and that’s about it. Nothing sensible ever gets debated and if a sensible debate ever gets started it gets ruined time and time again by exactly the same group of posters. It’s obvious most of the sad bastards on here are hiding under multiple identities anyway so really what is the point in anyone bothering to comment when there’s an army of sad twisted bastards like Dilligaf and his bum-chum who are clearly all best mates with the moderating team who are just allowed to act like total twats 24/7 with little consequences. But if anyone dares argue with them you get warned or banned instead. Manx Forums can get stuffed. QED.
  2. MrPB

    TT 2018

    I haven’t fanned any flames and as I’ve said often enough I don’t generally respond to pointless trolls. I’m not sure why you have to follow Dilligaf around on here blowing smoke up his ass either. He’s often an obnoxious and abusive poster who clogs threads up pursuing petty and ugly vendettas against many posters. A bit like you actually. Perhaps you are related?
  3. You mean that they are keeping more of the NI paid by us all to help them pay out on PS pensions from treasury by pretending to direct payment to treasury in respect of other people’s state pension credits.
  4. MrPB

    TT 2018

    I doubt he would walk away from that £20 subscription. He really seems to be more focused on trying to get other posters banned by acting childishly. But really the histrionics last night were strange indeed.
  5. MrPB

    TT 2018

    With or without garnish?
  6. MrPB

    TT 2018

    Such an incredibly arrogant reply. So you can abuse anyone and everyone pretty much all the time as it’s totally warranted according to you but nobody else can post things on here that you don’t like? I think you probably need to set your own forum up where you call the shots on what’s said or not. Presumably if the post is libelous or untrue then the mods will remove it. But really your view is just the view of one of many posters on Manx forums.
  7. No brains I’d wager. Just one super conspiracy nutter who seems to be spending a lot of time online at the moment talking total bollocks. Likely will end up in front of the bar again.
  8. They have certainly under capitalized on TT Zero. It’s the only event that has legs longer term.
  9. MrPB

    TT 2018

    For someone usually so profane confrontational and abusive you really do seem to have some strange ideas about who should and who should not be able to post in this forum. It usually seems to narrow down to just about everyone but you shouldn’t be allowed to post tasteless or abusive stuff on here.
  10. Carbon offsets are one of the biggest reasons people aren’t changing their behavior. The rich still use their jets and yachts and just bung a few quid into an offset scheme rather than stop actually using their jet or yacht.
  11. Whatever the reason clearly he sees no personal benefit in being seen to be there unlike TT week when they’re all up there on the champagne all week. This is despite the fact that apparently the job is to support motorsport in all its guises in the IOM. The FoM is an enthusiasts event and clearly we have no actual enthusiasts overseeing it.
  12. I really don’t see why they can’t see that this event is simply not growable. It’s a pipe dream to try to save visitor numbers by trying to grow an event which has had its day. And in effect literally by growing it they will ruin it for all the people who have made it the success it is. One year they will be sat in an enormous grandstand tucking into a huge buffet and knocking back the canapés when they will realize there are no Marshall’s to actually put the event on and no enthusiasts in the grandstand watching. And they probably won’t care one bit. Even the politician in charge of motorsport was apparently on holiday for the entire FoM so it’s clear that they don't actually care about sport of road racing otherwise they'd be arsed about turning up to support the minor event. But the focus really is all about smoozing people in business in big tens and getting their faces in the papers at TT Week where all the media attention is focused. They don’t actually care about the sport or the racing other than as a platform for their own publicity and as a means to spend our money.
  13. MrPB


    Perpetually abusive personas seems to be shared by several posters on here.
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