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  1. I doubt most people get insulted anywhere else to be honest. Just by crotchety old men who think the fact that they think they’re anonymous gives them the right to be obnoxious to others.
  2. I really don’t need to hang around to be trolled by pathetic people who are clearly using more than one account to bully posters they don’t like. Good night.
  3. Manglish is an English-based pidgin or creole language spoken in Malaysia so that would be incorrect.
  4. I don’t need to dream - your obnoxious behaviour is clear for all to see. I really don't know what drives some people to post on this forum half the time. It must just be to vent anger and frustration at failed ambitions a lot of the time as it seems that those who have the most time to waste online by their posting tally seem to be the worst offenders.
  5. You’re clutching at straws just to try to justify your obnoxious behaviour to be honest.
  6. It’s not incoherent. It’s written in English. Do you have difficulty understanding the queens English? You also seem to be quite aggressive and horrible to be honest. There really is no need to be such an odious prick. I thought most of us came on here just to discuss current affairs and the news. Not be total arseholes to each other.
  7. You are explosively rude. Is there really any need to be so aggressive and provoking to almost ever other poster? Most people just want to log in and comment on current affairs here. Not deal with the egos of serially confrontational posters who appear to be in here just to try to wind people up.
  8. I think some people only log on here to cause fights with other posters out of boredom. It’s sad.
  9. It is very odd how you seem to always comment negatively about posts posters you claim you have blocked make.
  10. Those 2,000 online votes Skellys team registered really have worked out well for us.
  11. Yes how to potentially make a mountain out of a mole hole through ridiculous PR. Their request for people not to speculate was idiotic given their press release.
  12. Because, as always, the DOI knows better than absolutely everyone else.
  13. I think dickhead was an adequate description to be honest. .
  14. Eddie Teare was a dickhead. You can’t dress it up more than that. A failed bank clerk who rose to a status well above his competence.
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