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    Rob Callister

    Always a risk responding to these comments as it always seems to blow up. But you do get the impression that if this was the end of the war Mr Callister would be the one who had spent the last 6 years in the women’s auxiliary balloon corp with a bandaged knee such is his apparent fear of getting involved in any conflict.
  2. MrPB


    I’d love a job as a bus driver. And I’m not 25 stone either.
  3. Totally bang on. The man is a loathsome, lying, bag of crap.
  4. Yes probably as cyclists are so important. Most other events do a sweep. Can you imagine the rally being stopped because someone found random breeze blocks in the road? Or the TT? It’s just lazy organization.
  5. It’s the perils of attention seekers on social media. “Look what you made me do to my child, to try to embarrass you on social media, because you inconvenienced me in some way because of something I myself did”
  6. I doubt it was deliberate. Not that this will stop the much maligned cyclists claiming they’ve been some sort of victim of the anti-cycling brigade. Don’t they do course inspections before they put competitors on the roads? Probably just a builders van shed a load of tacks in between jobs.
  7. MrPB


    Have you seen some of the bus drivers? I’d say that sort of hourly rate is acceptable for someone with no qualifications who has no form of customer service skills or anything else. Many are well over 40 and looking at how unhealthy a lot of them are they’ll probably kick their clogs well before 60 severing their contract so the payouts look quite generous. I accept your point about the managers but £12 an hour (plus final salary pension, benefits, sick pay, and all the other government goodies) isn’t that bad for driving a bus. The do need to sort the managers out at the same time though as well.
  8. MrPB


    I don't engage with trolls. Everyone else knows why I’ve raised this topic. Bye.
  9. MrPB


    Indeed and many are well over 40 already so what are we buying out? Be better to just let those contracts run their course.
  10. MrPB


    Your attempts to pointlessly troll are poor. No I am genuinely bemused as to how this can possibly ‘save’ money given the age of most bus drivers.
  11. Looking at the bus drivers handouts today this will probably be yet another excuse to hand out cash bonanzas to the management team for changes in contracts. We’re clearly awash with cash!
  12. MrPB


    Just seen the below on IOM Newspapers. So the state handouts to workers continue under the guise of ‘saving’ money?
  13. I know that’s a real joke. I walked past there the other day.
  14. I’m sure none of their jewelry lasted even as long as Gerald Ratners prawn sandwich. A crappy shop, full of crappy goods, staffed by unhappy staff. But then again probably another case of people being told by the DfE that our streets are caked 5” deep with solid gold moon dust and they just had to invest into the Manx retail success story!
  15. Well sort of. I think he is feeling the pressure. He seems to get quite angry quite frequently on Twitter lately as nobody seems to be buying in to anything he’s been saying on housing.
  16. No surprises there then. Another delusional ex DED employee trying to make a living out of fresh air and zero talent or ability then?.
  17. MrPB

    Manx Radio

    Their main listenership is slowly in transition
  18. I feel sorry for Thomas. He’s a bit of a geek and an intellectual and I think that he’s been subsumed into the Cabinet Office self-preservation group-think. You do get the sense that even those running the show can’t see where their future wealth (and pensions) are coming from so the focus has now firmly shifted to how much we can sell out everyone else and how quickly to bring people here to pay the bill they’ve chalked up. But there is one fundamental flaw to the plan. Nobody seems to have any idea about what employment sectors (or even what jobs) are going to be the catalyst for all these planned new residents to buy £350K plus houses on these new zoned estates. I think we have entered the end-stage game now where it’s pretty much all pure fantasy. We (Government) want people here to pay the bills but we (Government) collectively completely lack the vision or the ability to create the right set of circumstances to make what we want to happen, happen. They might as well put some lottery numbers on for next week. That seems to be pretty much the entire government strategy at the moment.
  19. To be fair to DTC the people of Laxey overwhelming pushed back on a similar style Colditz wall on Laxey prom as well. Not sure why the DOI seems to be so focused on installing hideous concrete slabs in areas where it’s pretty obvious that the views are important for residents and tourists. This wall will just be another thing for them to screw up. The only good thing coming out of the prom is that hopefully it has totally ruined Harmer’s chances of getting re-elected by being the total unmitigated disaster that everyone but him knew it would be.
  20. Or worse the mooted Longworth - right after demonstrating such operational competence over the horse tram clusterfuck on the prom.
  21. Government were never going to touch it with a barge pole. Half the pitchfork wavers of Ramsey came out in this from the start and government would never invest into something that is that politically unpopular no matter what the numbers may or may not have looked like. It’s a shame I think as it would have brought employment to Ramsey and broadened the economy but when has Ramsey ever wanted to join the 21st Century? Wilf and the others can now be content that Ramsey can stay being a right old dump for another 100 years which seems to be exactly what most of them want,
  22. MrPB


    There’s been a big thing in the papers this week on UK LAs charging people stupid amounts like £20 to dump a toaster. Then they wonder why people fly tip. Everything government seems to do is a disincentive to recycling or otherwise acting responsibly when dealing with waste.
  23. Stupid people tend to get aggressive when challenged as it’s the only way they can try to frighten people into backing down when they lack the intellectual capacity to argue with them in a reasoned way to get them to stop questioning them.
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