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  1. Yes I understood that. Pretty much a big (delusional?) hope for any pensioner I’d say though. Makes you wonder what the hell he was thinking.
  2. You really are the most offensive and unfunny poster on this forum by miles.
  3. Presumably to get charged with downloading the pictures have to exist and have to have been seen by the police. Hard to see how charges could be subsequently dropped if they found pictures serious enough to end up in charges. Maybe they accidentally got deleted?
  4. The papers are now saying it’s a stabbing. That’s what usually happens in a stabbing. Someone gets a hole in them. I’m sure such a hole in the victim didn’t escape the investigating officers attention at outset if it is now declared a stabbing.
  5. Yes they are denying rumours a little bit too much in that article for me. How to start rumours by trying to stop rumours. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=47986 One man seems mightily upset about his Volvo though.
  6. Because of course every 16 year olds dream is to suck some fat pensioners wrinkly old cock!
  7. Perhaps mods and rockers it was near the beach? I see they have now said this was a stabbing. That must have been pretty much obvious from the start (person found with a hole in them caused by a knife) so why not just say that in the initial news reports?
  8. Maybe. I was wondering why search and rescue dogs. I assume someone may have fell off the big wall there. But hardly cause for search dogs.
  9. MrPB

    Patient Transfers

    This made me laugh before. Many a true word said in jest they say. Unfortunately we can’t afford a top quality health service and stuff like this as we’re so busy burning money across the board on things that don’t really matter. The published DOI loses just on buses and transport this week were horrendous. If then went towards the DHSC I’m sure it would help!
  10. MrPB

    Patient Transfers

    Well done and good luck. Yes I suppose if people want to do a bucket list it’s fairer to let them know as it’s too later after that and who wants to pop off still with regrets? Glad you’re enjoying life!
  11. MrPB

    Patient Transfers

    Thanks. I feel very sorry for some of the people you see boarding especially the Liverpool or Manchester flights as many are clearly going away for chemo (no hair, gaunt, white as a sheet etc) and it’s always stuck me as a huge infection risk if you end up having to do that. I just wondered if people were at extra risk because we can’t provide services here that you’d get locally in the UK. Yes I’m sure all the extra travel takes it out of you in the end. Thanks.
  12. MrPB

    Drink Driving

    I have to say that looks really unfair in context. Was the ex girlfriend up the duff by a copper?
  13. MrPB

    Patient Transfers

    Means testing makes sense I suppose. A personal question so don’t answer if you don’t want to. But do you know how they manage the infection risk with people who are immuno compromised with all the required travel? I’d be worried traveling if I had something like leukemia as it seems to be that chemo etc knocks the hell out of people and surely the infection risks are much higher than a UK person just getting in the car and driving there with all the public travel and exposure to recirculated air on planes etc. Do they advise any extra precautions due to the extra traveling required for IOM patients?
  14. I’m wondering why search and rescue dogs?
  15. MrPB

    End of Douglas?

    Douglas already has a town square - David Christian.
  16. MrPB

    Patient Transfers

    It’s a bit mad on the basis that the DHSC is being asked to rein in its budgets so it’s hard to see how this review will achieve that. As you say if people in the UK have to travel they largely have to fund it themselves. Also I think most patient expenses are covered the main issue being raised is the cost of partners and carers accompanying people. Not actual people receiving treatment.
  17. We do seem to have a lot of murders though comparatively. .
  18. I agree whoever does 3Fm’s news coverage should be sacked. I’m amazed they can actually resell advertising around their rubbish website reports which are generally staggeringly inaccurate or annoyingly short and pointless.
  19. There was another one in 1995 then.
  20. It was later than that wasn’t it?
  21. Presumably she flew there on Easy Jet?
  22. MrPB

    Rob Callister

    There is a degree of irony associated with your reply to my post which is unusually tiresome. Good night.
  23. MrPB

    Rob Callister

    I imagine getting paid more than you have earned in your previous career for a secure line of employment is doing what you really enjoy doing. However I do regret replying to a post which relates to this person. I hope that it doesn’t invoke a forum blitzkrieg once more. I was just making an observation based on the posts above.
  24. But he actually may well lose his job over this. I bet he regrets moving to the Bible Belt.
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