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  1. It’s not the mods fault that you’re such an angry argumentative dick who incessantly bickers with people on here. Think about that.
  2. Maybe they ran out of games for the Xbox and he was allowed to get the bus in to Game for some new ones?
  3. I’m getting the word ..... Thomas .. J .... something
  4. He’s had a hard life as an aspiring grown up human being.
  5. Oh dear Neil Clown has remembered that fake log in again as he’s been banned for too long.
  6. Is that what “hubs” thinks idiot.
  7. More apt photography perhaps.
  8. The only thing we can sell now internationally is over-regulation so this is a great idea. A massive over-regulated lottery where people can be safe in the knowledge that the good old IOM will make sure they get their lottery winnings provided they register with their full name, full address, validated post code, a certified copy of their passport, a certified copy of their utility bill, their inside leg measurement validated by their tailor, and a reference from their local vicar.
  9. I must be the only person to have had absolutely no issues with the Manx.net transition at all. Can’t see what people are moaning about.
  10. I’m sure many banned posters are still checking in here 24/7 counting down the days.
  11. Good to see so many new posters coming here though. Must be 3 or 4 new posters started posting this week - especially in the prison drama thread. Funny that but so handy the forum is suddenly getting new registrations with so many old posters allegedly banned recently.
  12. Was Dilligaf quoted in the credits giving all the crims and assorted drug dealing scumbags character references saying what lovely blokes they really are? He was probably brought in as a character referee by the film crew.
  13. How unfortunate for you to have actually met two monstrous forum wankers.
  14. Nobody would want him anywhere as he contributes nothing of value other than bitterness and constantly needling people. He wouldn’t turn up anyway. He’s far too busy looking like an angry homo cycling up and down the prom most days.
  15. You’ll have to ask your wife for the ten bob, but I’m sure it would be appreciated.
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