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  1. But the fire service mega payouts are on retirement. This isn’t retirement and it isn’t redundancy. It’s a whole different thing where payouts can be considerable and confidential.
  2. He won’t have gone under MARS as MARS is a redundancy scheme and he hasn’t been made redundant. He will perhaps have had payments for loss of office and severance of contract etc. Quite possibly more than 12 months pay.
  3. You’re fooling nobody and neither are all the other silly characters that are crawling out of the woodwork repeating the exact same claims thread after thread. You all have form in this area the more I look back. BTW it took me about 3 minutes to work out your whole charade. Here’s a tip. All the characters who repeat the same claims and make the same insults are clearly linked to the same person and in the last 48 hours (when you knew I had been banned) it’s really obvious who those characters are. You’re not fooling anyone. What you are doing though is looking pretty psychotic logging in and logging out leaving the exact same claims and insults about one poster under different forum accounts.
  4. I think you’ll find he’s just making an observation based on the reality of what actually happened.
  5. So says a member of the Living Dope Church.
  6. Most were reactive to Dilligafs total meltdown and pages of abuse.
  7. I thought that’s the whole point of the last few days? They’re trying to massively kick off and spread a load of tedious childish shit around on MF to get me banned for at least this week so that I can’t comment on someone’s critical mega excuse of a blog next week justifying the Beecoft episode. It’s so pitifully transparent it makes me laugh.
  8. Good night Neil Down-Syndrome. I hope you feel better soon. Are you going to Spain too? You’ll have to get up early so Dilligaf can drive the sunshine bus onto the boat
  9. Good point I’d agree it’s up to him to manage any bizarre, eccentric or abusive behaviour.
  10. I predicted you would respond and insult me after Dilligaf started and then 2 minutes later there’s Down-Syndrome ranting and raving. Right on time and as predicted. This is an impressive meltdown this one. Sorry I haven’t posted on here before, and I haven’t got more than one account unlike you stupid wallies Where’s PK is it his pub night too?
  11. Ah there it is Down-Syndrome arrived right on time and as predicted What a great forum meltdown this is!
  12. More incoming from Down-Syndrome next I’d say. Brace yourselves!
  13. I think this is a good idea even though it’s 15 years old. Was it ever done? Looks like it’s most nights you have to avoid now though.
  14. I thought the comments of JW and Roger Mexico above where really good. I also think this is a great thread discussing social support and mental health services in the IOM. It’s a shame a smug ignorant twat like you can only snipe and interject page after page with petty nonsense and smug nothingness just to troll anyone who expresses an opinion you don’t agree with, and then berate excellent posters like Roger Mexico for expressing their considered views which many found interesting. I’ll leave you to argue with yourself or pick on someone else by logging off. In your own head I’m sure you don’t think that most people here think you’re a complete tosser.
  15. Have you not de-railed this thread enough with your pathetic antics so far? You’re now lowering yourself even further into the forum pity stakes just to create a pathetic opportunity to troll me for no real reason whatsoever. You really must have no life at all outside of the cheap kicks you seem to get on here trying to pretend you’re a big man who knows sooooo much
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