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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaslighting
  2. He really does deploy very consistent gaslighting strategies in his public relations. This is from his Blog this morning - so it’s all other people’s fault that he’s been found out and it’s got nothing to do with him actually making a meal of it all. He also seems to have a problem with people freely posting their views on IOM Newspapers (like here a media outlet he clearly can’t control as he seems shocked that people have been allowed to express views he does not agree with). Shame he can’t get Vader to just delete stuff he doesn’t like just like he does on Facebook. As for his denial on question bias perhaps he should analyze the questions posted on his own website like I did (above) if he wants to try to gaslight down that route? It really is interesting following the psychology of this.
  3. I’d say that’s perhaps the main problem. Most of the people who support him on social media seem to be aggressive shit-stirring twats (Corrin et all), and if you listen exclusively to aggressive shit-stirring twats blowing smoke up your ass and pushing our false messages on Facebook you might not notice that 80% of everyone else in the village thinks you’re an embarraing plonker who seems to have real issues with your fellow Onchan MHK. As per my above suggestion - here are the rough results of my broad RC Tynwald question/subject tally so far The below records Rob Callister’s questions asked this sitting of Tynwald (so from Oct 2018). The results below are taken from his own website (which is a month out of date) so only go up to the 12th March. The results look pretty predictable. Total questions asked to 12th March: 21 Questions specifically on areas where Edge has responsibilities: 8 (plus the one now being discussed 9) 12th March Question to DOI Minster on FTB register (Edge responsible) 12th March Question to DOI Minister on unoccupied social properties (Edge responsible) 12th March Question to Chairman of the MUA 2nd March Question to DOI Minister over social housing rental matters (Edge responsible) 2nd March Question to DOI Minister over social housing matters (Edge responsible) 5th Feb Question to the DHSC on adoption services 30th Jan Question to DOI Minister over EFW plant 15th Jan Question to DOI Minister local authority housing (Edge responsible) 11th Dec 2018 Question to DOI Minister social rent tariffs (Edge responsible) 11th Dec 2018 Question to Chairman of the Post Office on pay grades etc (Edge responsible) 11th December 2018 Question to DHSC bed capacity 11th December 2018 Question to DHSC on A&E capacity 11th December 2018 Question x 2 to DHSC on Comcabs 11th December 2018 Question to DOI Minister on Signpost Corner traffic flow 11th December 2018 Question x 2 on taxi plates and private hire licenses 6th October 2018 Question to Post Office Chairman on salaries (Edge responsible) 6th October 2018 Question on public service vacancies 6th October 2018 Question on Manx Gas 6th October 2018 Question on Steam Packet Pierhead contract
  4. The problem is that his agenda is so brutally transparent that I think most people have his number now. It does seem that the guy never asks any questions but when he does they do seem to usually just be to embarrass Julie Edge in some way. Has anyone run a tally of his questions v subject matter? I think I might have a look as he asks so few questions it would be easy to work out how many have been in someway directed at the Post Office, the Post Office Chairman or the DOI on housing matters (ie: specifically at the areas Julie Edge is responsible for). The man really isn’t that clever at all.
  5. An insult from Dilligafs civil partner. How unexpected.
  6. I’m sure that Dilligaf doesn’t get the irony of a sad angry old pisshead posting argumentative bollocks on here night after night who is now vociferously complaining about the situation people who might have bought a very small amount of weed are in when they are probably currently very calm and mellow and half way through a box set on Netflix while he’s obviously thumping at the keyboard in yet another angry drunken rage shouting at anyone who might listen (which is pretty much nobody really). It’s hardly an advertisement for the effects of legal drugs Is it?
  7. Nice try but the employment situation of a loud mouth thick head like you is pretty easy to pinpoint.
  8. Unlike you the world’s biggest bleating government stooge and apologist. I’m sure your gold plated pension must fund your Manx Forums and IOM Newspapers government trolling campaigns.
  9. Indeed another monumental whopper with an ego the size of a planet drawn towards an MHKs salary.
  10. That would indeed create an untenable situation. I’ve just checked and it is also funny how that poster used words I’ve seen Callister himself post on Facebook several times. “Sock muppet” is such a unique term to use.
  11. Poor Neil Down. He produces more shite per hour than Meary Veg
  12. You see that’s a classic psychopathic gaslighting technique. You sure you aren’t an MHK?
  13. I’m simply in awe of your ability to pump our pointless argumentative shite almost on demand
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