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  1. You mean there’s something you actually don’t know?
  2. Only back here a day and raging and insulting posters and throwing around insults. Bent? Are you 6 years old?
  3. Because he shouts the loudest and gets the angriest. He’s the biggest and most shouty king of the trolls
  4. Classic aggressive trolling. Hasn’t taken long for the rage and the belittling to start
  5. Wow furiously belittling and calling people out already Nonsense PK!
  6. If you’re less of a mouthy know all dick I’m sure that’s possible.
  7. But they know you’re not well. The “new” angry clown who just hurls abuse at anyone who doesn’t agree with what they post. Haven't changed their posting style of smug abuse and the trolling of anyone who dares question the angry government supporting drivel they write either. Been doing it all week just to stoke this forum up and wind everyone up as some people said some awful things about your despotic uncle Rob. The mods aren’t daft. Are you paid to do this or do you get benefits in kind?
  8. So says the new poster who has spent a whole week bellowing at most of the regular posters for no reason at all. They all know who you are after your previous embarrassing performances too. Lack of ability to justify posts with actual facts rather than just aggressive arguments and insults is a red flag too. Did uncle Rob ask you to take revenge for him on all those posters who took the piss the other week. How is Dilligaf too. Is he still in your basement? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. Well the Incredible Sulk is back so you could be right. Grrrrrrrrr. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry (or at any other time either). You’re not even a good troll as you seem to completely lack any substance and just shout at people like the town drunk. it’s embarrassing. Obviously not well at all.
  10. He knows fucking everything. He’s the biggest fucking know-all on MF You posted nonsense gettafa!
  11. You’ve been pulled up by Not Well Mr PB. The angry self appointed forum moderator who can’t accept anyone else’s point of view. Don’t dare try to reason with the Incredible Sulk again. You posted nonsense!
  12. Nonsense There’s only one poster foaming at the mouth. Not well!! The Incredible Sulk!!
  13. Sad that he also lurks having had a flounce apparently ready to pounce on any poster who even mentions his name. No doubt Neil Down will be along soon to keep the trail of abuse going as well. The number of clearly unhinged people on here seems to have gone up exponentially recently with the re-arrival of the Incredible Sulk. That will teach you all for giving RC a bit of stick. You can’t debate anything again without threads going into near instant meltdown.
  14. Are you related to the Incredible Sulk too? It is very odd that all the angry trolls are back shouting at posters just for daring to post. How dare anyone post anything the Dangly Man or Dilligaf disagrees with. This is no longer a forum for debate. But a platform for the shouty men to shout a lot on.
  15. Are you hissingsid the snooker robot? https://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/tomorrows-world--hissing-sid/zhm9f4j
  16. And performance measured by something. Not the number of meaningless bullshit words you produce at the end of the week to try to paint the pretense that you’ve done something for idiots.
  17. He’s only here as an agent of chaos to get the forum wound up and people arguing with each other. Not to debate or factually answer questions. You will find that all views but his own are nonsense.
  18. Hilariously this week the master of the 360 social media about turn announces that they aren’t really expenses after all. It was all a dream him publishing a list and claiming that they were expenses last week apparently. What he didn’t realize was how hard making up fictitious expenses actually was despite him doing it for the previous two years and publishing it all like it was all real. Who would have guessed that he didn’t realize that making shit up was so going to lead to people pointing out that you’ve just made shit up?
  19. Doubtful Corrin has absolutely no sense of humour and that’s quite funny.
  20. The incredible sulk only comes back when Rob asks him to in order to reap his revenge on anyone who dares to take the piss out of Rob on MF. The forums will be in full meltdown by next week as the incredible sulk rips through the threads abusing everyone who dares to push back and creating havoc to the point the mods will eventually have to step in and start banning people. He’s done it all before. He’s clearly a not well person Although it can’t make you that well living up RCs ass. It’s your own faults for resurrecting the RC thread over his rubbish holiday snaps and fake expenses. Beetlejuice has been called.
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