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  1. How unfortunate for you to have actually met two monstrous forum wankers.
  2. Nobody would want him anywhere as he contributes nothing of value other than bitterness and constantly needling people. He wouldn’t turn up anyway. He’s far too busy looking like an angry homo cycling up and down the prom most days.
  3. You’ll have to ask your wife for the ten bob, but I’m sure it would be appreciated.
  4. Yes, it’s called Dr Finlay fucks a vulnerable patient. .
  5. No you are. Paid off to just “do one” however you try to dress it up
  6. Only one person showing their arse Funny how often you pop up when all else fails. Shame there’s hardly any other posters on here anymore so it gets so obvious.
  7. How many forum accounts do you have you pathetic sad case who only has one account?
  8. How is that if he is still 10 years later constantly moaning about not being able to afford his poxy commissioners rent?
  9. But he does as he’s a sad, angry, frustrated, wanker, who is probably loaded up on wine at this time of night
  10. Probably moan about it through multiple accounts like a big baby and try to get them banned. You know. Like usual
  11. oh dear, nail, head. Sillychaff is getting angry as someone scored from the centre line. Slam dunk.
  12. failure is an uncomfortable badge to wear, eh?
  13. You have little grasp of reality.
  14. Why does it have to be beneficial to you? Usually they offer you those terms to piss off quickly as you’re an annoying waste of space that it isn’t even worth trying to manage out of the business but you’d kick up shit if they tried to make you redundant as you have such an over inflated sense of your value to government - so best pay you over the odds to just fuck off.
  15. It’s common knowledge. In fact I’m sure your family probably substantially benefitted so that you can spend your evenings being a total angry twat to everyone on social media.
  16. I hear as clowns go James has just appeared in the re-make of Stephen Kings shIT
  17. Binned off for being a shit-stirrer they wanted gone.
  18. It’s perfect karma to be honest. Beecroft seems to pick publicity allies very badly. Who have LV ever had as a mouthpiece since Peter K left who hasn’t been a dangerous total vote losing fuckwitt?
  19. I’d say it’s very clear who pulls the strings on that group and it isn’t Corrin. He’s too stupid for one.
  20. If it was a good pay off why is he moaning he can’t afford the buttons he pays in Commissioners rents every 10 minutes? Like most shit stirring big mouths he was turfed out as soon after 50 as they could manage.
  21. He got pedaled out with a pay off a long time ago.
  22. Hmm, an interesting theory. I’m sure that pathetic man-child who does his internet and social media work for him has already given that sort of thing a cursory thought.
  23. James is simply a mental case. He doesn’t mean it as he can’t help it. As he’s totally mental and beyond constraint. It simply makes him feel good doing down other people under the guise of providing political commentary as he’s a council house loser with no job and he hates anyone who seems to have any combination of house / job / achievement / money / prospects / charisma / intelligence. I mean look at his near worship of Bernie Moffatt - the ultimate losers loser.
  24. I wonder what fact checking (actually fantasy checking) Facebook links will show against Callister’s blog this week?
  25. So questions the flat earther ...... say no more.
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