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  1. In total, it estimates that 8,434 people have died as a result of gun violence in the US in 2019 so far Tells you all you need to know
  2. PmJ

    War on plastic

    I think dilli is a secret lycra wearer.
  3. PmJ

    War on plastic

    It looks like his comment was an attempt at humour.
  4. By the looks of it, they are not smoking fast enough
  5. Then dropping it again for comedy value
  6. Not stopping the overgrowth of weeds though
  7. Why aren’t they using prisoners on the Douglas to Peel walkway?
  8. PmJ

    Man steals meat

    The police don’t want to eradicate it. To do so would get rid of an easy way for them to manipulate their arrest/conviction figures
  9. It would appear that anger drives a few on this forum.
  10. It’s Manx Forums - no need for facts
  11. My vote would go for them to stay in Manchester.
  12. That was the Courthouse, this is The Courthouse
  13. You think too highly of yourself. ETA, This kept going through my head whilst reading your story https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=theme+tune+for+Jackanory&view=detail&mid=5E1F7F688364A932A85F5E1F7F688364A932A85F&FORM=VIRE
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