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  1. PmJ

    Pubs closing

    We are not in England though.
  2. PmJ

    Why be shy

    Never used to take much notice of what other posters said about you until now. It would appear that you are a dick
  3. PmJ

    'no current plans to close Ramsey library' ?

    Horse trams continually run at a loss
  4. As previously posted, every business decision is going to be blamed on Brexit now.
  5. PmJ

    Why be shy

    Just for clarity, at what point did you think that this topic would end badly?
  6. PmJ

    Why be shy

    That didn’t take too long now did it?
  7. PmJ

    Pubs closing

    The safe money is on the brewery getting their own way.
  8. My mistake Rog, it was the other girl's father Abase Hussen. I will remove that comment
  9. so resorting to insults will get you what exactly? Don't you know how to google then?
  10. I did read it. Why else do you think I posted it "The east London schoolgirl left Britain at 15 to join ISIS and says she doesn't regret her decision" http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/brit-isis-schoolgirl-shamima-begum-wont-be-rescued-by-uk-from-syria/ar-BBTzDlL?MSCC=1550490218&ocid=ientp
  11. As she has already stated she doesn't regret going, why on earth would you want somebody like her talking to schoolchildren?
  12. Maybe they copied and pasted one from the French Resistance application process
  13. No doubt the snowflake Labour Party will get her back in the UK. If she does it should be straight into a maximum security prison