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  1. far better to stay at home and collect benefits then.
  2. PmJ

    Rob Callister

    Just run along Douglas promenade like everybody else.
  3. Agree with all the above, so why is he not in prison?
  4. You'd be surprised just what they check going on and coming off the boat.
  5. Why not put yourself forward to be a councillor next time around?
  6. Average? must have improved greatly then.
  7. PmJ

    Lycra lout

    You only have to look at the opening title to see that it wouldn't take long for certain posters to ignore the fact that it was plain and simply a lout who attacked his partner. The fact that he was a cyclist has no bearing on what the cowardly rat did.
  8. PmJ

    April Fools 2019

    He sounds a bit like a certain James C from FB.
  9. Right then, we have (in no particular order) King Street Chippy Hope Street Chippy Nellie's Chartroom The Waverley (my favourite) feel free to add to the list
  10. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=47591&headline=Pullyman%3A You can't beat a good chippy&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019 Where was your favourite chippy?
  11. He was referring to Manxy and PGW...
  12. Especially when they see it as an alternative to actually working for a living.
  13. See Mannin1's comments above - explains why
  14. you must live in a peculiar world if you are happy with people breaking the law on a continued basis. Personally the less uninsured vehicles and bikes, the better
  15. Lessons had to be learned first. That takes time
  16. No "bordering" about it.
  17. In other words, the kids outside Tynwald offices frightened him. If Baron Boot could convince China and the USA to do something about the crap they belch out into the atmosphere then he will have achieved something towards "climate change"
  18. Effectively challenging would at least have some kind of alternative suggestion other than a vacuous challenge
  19. Have to agree with Piebaps on this. Congratulate them for what, asking a question? No solution, no alternative. Straight from the Beecroft book of how to not be a successful MHK
  20. Surely that would rank as the worst.
  21. You keep your selfies to yourself.
  22. No, it was a figure that Tempus quoted in his post above
  23. Debate is a process that involves formal discussion on a particular topic - it's how it works.
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