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  1. What you seem to forget is that with all the problems at the hospital, is that down to the fact they are all on here?
  2. I'll merge mine with Mr Gates if that's okay
  3. PmJ

    Beer Tent

    "Could" is a big word.
  4. It will unless it gets hijacked.
  5. When you say weedling in, do you mean the same way other religious bunkum is forced onto vulnerable schoolchildren?
  6. PmJ

    Beer Tent

    How will it have cost them anything? Surely it will just remain as a car park as usual. They didn't pay the HR to take on the site...did they?
  7. PmJ

    Beer Tent

    It was going to be the leisure sites to beat all leisure sites. All went quiet after the initial furore
  8. There might, just might be a difference in what he did as to actually having to. Surviving for a week knowing you still have a house and financial back up is totally different to having nothing and wondering how you are going to pay your bills. What he achieved really was insulting to those who don't have a lot
  9. PmJ

    Beer Tent

    No wonder who doesn't want the repeat experience? It looked to be quite busy last year
  10. Who is Neil PmJ? I can see a Neil Down on here but no Neil PmJ.
  11. Regulars 544 3,175 posts Gender:Not Telling Interests:"love your friends, and allow no enemy" Report post Posted 9 hours ago 12 hours ago, PmJ said: You do realise you are part of the problem. I realise that you may think that to be the case. But i only reply to people who quote me which is my right to reply. Apart from that, i reply on topic always. If you think i have derailed a thread, please show an example of where a thread was on topic and then i derailed it. I can assure you that i havent and i always take part in the forums with honesty and integrityx Not for the first time, you seem to have a problem remembering what you actually wrote.
  12. You have just confirmed my earlier post where I stated you are part of the problem. You weren't mentioned but felt you had to join in
  13. horse trams/dogs/cyclists/pedestrians not a good mix
  14. You do realise you are part of the problem.
  15. far better to stay at home and collect benefits then.
  16. Just run along Douglas promenade like everybody else.
  17. Agree with all the above, so why is he not in prison?
  18. You'd be surprised just what they check going on and coming off the boat.
  19. Why not put yourself forward to be a councillor next time around?
  20. Average? must have improved greatly then.
  21. PmJ

    April Fools 2019

    He sounds a bit like a certain James C from FB.
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