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  1. I’ll have to check it out, thx
  2. Thanks for your input, riveting contribution.
  3. Yes I believe so, all I know is after invisimail failed for whatever reason he didn’t pay his employees for a period of time and there were claims he made off with a large sum of money. He was then invited to be the face of an aerospace graphics chip company two guys located in North America started I guess the reason they wanted him to be the face was he knew the Isle of Man well and it’s a tax friendly place? The company became huge (over a hundred mil in contracts) and he pushed the two guys who started it out claiming the whole thing was his idea.. they’ve been in litigation with him for 9 years and it’s finally coming to a head this Thursday the 11th. I wonder how many people Fozard has ripped off over the years.. sounds like a shady character
  4. Do you know anything about invisimail? I’m genuinely curious about it
  5. Thank you, I just figured I’d post it where it was relevant
  6. What really happened with invisimail?? The ceo Damian Fozard is on trial for fraud with another company he is ceo of now?? This guy apparently got away with 1 million quid when invisimail collapsed? Is that true? On a a side note: If anyone wants to attend the trial to root for the good guy taking Damian to trial it’s this Thursday the 11th through next Wednesday the 17th!!
  7. what ever happened to invisimail and ehabitant? did they ever get in trou ble for ripping off the government of iom??

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