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  1. Yayy Avsec are safe now then, sure they will have no problem justifying what their pay is now especially as they already made significant savings twice before over the years and have nowt left to give, so as I understand it now, the airport just want to take it from them and no one else.
  2. Christ if thats all they did, I wouldn't have left in the first place. Naivety is either bliss or stupid, you choose. BTW, Am always happy to discuss office working for the Govt like I do now if that please you, just say :-)
  3. Ok move along then, lets resort to slating what you don't know owt about or couldn't be arsed in researching like i suggested. ps you know their basic pay is nigh on the same as a Govt traffic warden Good night!
  4. On the contrary, my cushy number is all well an good where I work now, shame you had to have a snipe rather than read and understand something you don't know. I know more than you guess because i used to work there, so many people assume when they don't know, sadly,,,,,,,,,,
  5. Sorry I didn't say it was hard, I said it was tiring having a 24hr shift pattern continually messed around. I did try to point out which I guess you missed and that was they have avery diverse role, am sure google with show a snap shot of their job description. Just to add to your 2 points, 1) an airport Policeman at any airport is just that and nothing else 2) whether you like it or not ALL UK airports work to the very same threat level which the public should be happy about or do we relax ours different everywhere else until the bad guys find out and decide to cause an atrocity on one of our flights! Only people who work outside an Aviation security world knowing about what goes on, would make an understandable comment like that I guess.
  6. Tim Baker has clearly only stated what the airport director has told him, I worked at the airport some years ago, got a job with these guys after a couple of years and with working shifts already and seeing them around thought it would be a doddle.Covering 24hrs a day 365 days a year with a roster pattern that was never consistent with so much constant altering to save money, it was actually very tiring and add that to an endless list of duties way beyond the job description I dunno how the long termers have lasted so long. You think the money is good cos the Airport want 15K off each them, compared to other dept's and who don't work nights at all, the airport seriously need to look elsewhere for money saving based on market rates relevant to that role, the basic is similar to that of a Govt traffic warden. No other airport has such a diverse dept as the Avsec guys whose security work for the CAA at best is 50% of their duties, there is no comparable rate for that job. Coincidentally last year many Govt employees went through Job evaluation conducted by Beamans involving in depth interviews with staff and their roles, I hear from the staff they were not deemed correctly paid for all the tasks they do which us as public and even once fellow airport workers don't even know about. Am doing day work now which for me is only a few quid less.
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