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  1. Can they be mounted on the handlebars with a large mirror on the back? So they can see how stupid it is to ride 4 abreast through Union Mills ,whilst holding up traffic.In The 60s ,there used to be a public info film on tv, telling cyclist to ride single file.
  2. Glad i witnessed 78TT 10pm gazing down on the prom from the Falcon cliff .hot weather like now, coloured bulbs. Bikes everywhere.. mega atmosphere... that said, the roundels and other new bits on the prom are good ..the lights are crap.Also can somebody powerwash that new area in front of the Sefton... birdshit n piss aint a nice look tor tourists.
  3. Also Scottish NHS and taxation is devolved and under Snp control.
  4. MHKs take a lot of stick on here. But let me enlighten forum readers of a few Snp and ex Snp chancers that the Manx people shoud be glad they dont have..Alec Salmond, " Lets join Ireland and Iceland and form a North Atlantic Super economy" oops! a few months later Icelanders were rioting in the street due to their economy collapse when speculating on the Japanese Yen.He has more time now to count the Roubles he got from Putins propaganda tv channel, than the tiny amount of votes the Alba party got.Sturgeon, the failed lawyer,has sacked her brighter rivals (ie .Qc Joanna Cherry for eg) appointed her (Husband) as head of the Snp(220k per year) he's never seen around,The Ferries disaster,Education figures hidden(why),Indyref money given by gullible punters lost/ stolen? redacted legal documents..the list of her underachievements is too long to list here. Pete Wishart ,MSP for Perth,who got in by 7 votes, gets his 66k per year plus expenses by shouting for independence,he hates Westminster that much he applied for Bercows speaker of the house of commons job..oops The joker with the ponytail ,that sits behind the "simple crofter with the fleet of Range Rovers" Blackford ..(250k per year expenses Blackford)...Chris Law, The "Laird of Lochee" has such socialist values, that he bought a castle in Angus after getting voted in.Sex pests like Mckay and O Grady,nuff said...Humza Yusaf is suing a nursery in Broughty Ferry outside Dundee for keeping children with Islamic names out/ after contacting the Glasgow paper, the Daily Retard.Yousaf ,the former Snp justice minister, was done for driving with no car insurance..( check his famous WHITE speech) you cant make this up...We also have keeping them in power the "Scottish Greens" inc Lorna Slater a Canadian who said on tv "middle age white men make all the bad decisions" well, her sidekick, Patrick Harvey,made one ,knitting his suits out of shredded wheat. The Torys make perfect "milkstealing panto villains" for the low IQ Snp voters of which there are plenty of ,but thankfully in a minority...These dafties swallow crap like "We will Double your pensions"seen on posters last December in Aberdeen,Dundee,etc, put there by Business for Scotland(SNP)really. That would mean gran and grandad would be on 32k a year old age state pension paid by young Scots workers of course. Scotland could easy stand alone in my opinion, but not with the current carpetbaggers,chancers,corrupt liars, masquerading as a goverment, in their wee pretendy parliment.
  5. Anyone remember circa 70/71 the BBC? Tony Gubba? Doing a " They dig the graves before the event" TT shocker story. I loosely remember folks saying, like Barry Sheene ,he would get lynched if he came back here. Ive tried google but nothing.. perhaps it was David Icke?
  6. In Dundee there was one which was terrible that closed about a year ago,which was a bit more modern than the old Douglas one,hopeless staff, greasy tables,poor food, floors so slippy, Torville and Dean used to show up to practice.There is now a new one 500 yards away ,but we vote with our feet and go elsewhere
  7. Interesting! I heard another kid was traumatised because one of his parents had spent the whole holiday thinking how to be a total " knob end" by posting shit, on the internet.
  8. Yes well reminded.
  9. The Southern 100 ive seen most years since 1998 the outfits in 2016 numbered 19...this years TT entry was 40 inc 4 French and one Irish crew.
  10. Im Pro TT, but would it be dumb to suggest its time the sidecars had their TT at the Billown course only? To me its more suitable for the outfits as they are now.The Island had the Clypse course before and the old pics look great to me.The South of the Island would get a couple of big days too..i for one would enjoy the racing just as much.
  11. Gender diverse? Michael/ Michelle Duff in the sixties raced the TT does that count?
  12. Never got the suspension or carburation right all week, when i spoke to him in the Dogs Home a couple of hours ago.
  13. In 1978 , two major sidecar crashes on Bray Hill, Mac Hobson/ Kenny Birch .. they hit a drain cover that was too high and lost control, just after the garage.. i think the other pair (whos names i cant remember )were further down the road perhaps Quarter Bridge road?..
  14. Definitely pro cameraman in a garden ,on lefthand side, to focus on Agos leap each day during practice week... I walked passed it every day ,just prior to roads closing.
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