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  1. Are "Management fees" good value ? £150 per month to have a small bit of grass cut, isnt something i would like to pay.and puts me of properties with such fixed fees.Any thoughts?
  2. Lord st cafe doorsteps ,beans and bacon would be on my "last request" meal ,if facing , "old sparky", over Artisan sourdough and avacado.
  3. A circular route minibus,like the one in summertime to Laxey beach,would be great during motorcycle events,running from the sea terminal up Broadway to the Grandstand and back,no timetable needed.Im sure a single horsetram track would have done fine.as most journeys would have no time deadline.
  4. David Bowie, and the Rolling Stones were shit,Keith Moon could barely play the drums.
  5. What become of "explososafe" it was a mesh aluminium material,that went inside petrols tanks that stopped explosions,i remember being impressed at a stand/ demo at the TT somewhere in the 70s or 80s,perhaps that could go inside the gravity fuel fillers ?
  6. I just thought i saw him lying on the new horse tram concrete,kinda like a" can you spot the outline of a " but then ive just spent all day in, Sam Webbs,Quids Inn,etc.....perhaps it was an illusion.
  7. Re/fixed ,You forgot Buddhism,even they have had enough of the "Religion of Peace"
  8. In the History of Islam, the Sword has been the most effective tool in the propogation of 1400 year old fables,to say there is nothing inherently evil ,then we must ignore, the Barbary Coast pirates,taking people as slaves,from as far away as Iceland,Ireland,etc,and forcing peoples to move away from the Med coast,Fast forward a hundred years to the Armenian genocide,the "young turks" were of what faith?this evil slaughtering of thousands,gave the German railway providers the idea for the genocide,that came later and overshadowed the Armenian tragedy.Dhimmie taxes and Jizya taxes make it difficult for non muslims to exist,once the religion takes over,is this evil?Fast forward another hundred years,37,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11,many this week,is this evil? Perhaps not, but dont ignore facts.
  9. Many amatuer companies over the Uk do better Pantos than professionals,in terms of costumes,numbers on stage etc,and quite often have principles that have been on West end stuff or will appear there sometime, the giveaway with these "bought in" shows for me is often the pit musicians have been replaced by a guy on a laptop playing "tracks"...todays karaoke generation wont notice, but if im paying £60 to take a family i want live music at least.
  10. The West automatically gets the blame for most middle East countries being shitholes,however, Dubai is built by non Arab peoples? But on a practical level,readymix concrete and praying 6 times a day dont go together,while facing Mecca, a ticking timbomb happens,still,at least you can go inside the readymix lorry for 2 weeks with a Kango hammer.Nomads make crap farmers too,as happened in the Nile delta once "The religion of peace" took over.
  11. Would the purchase of vodka rather than cider not worked,given the disguise?
  12. Already old news!Paris yesterday 1pm,according to the BBC,a man was stabbed to death in a park,his wife is seriously injured ,by a "mental " patient,who had religious materials in his bag,too early to say it is a terrorist act, says the BBC.
  13. A declared " Jihad" isnt a suprise, mind you, this is used for drawing cartoons too.Anyone know what happened to Hamyd Mourad? I have to wear specs and found" Colonel Blink the short sighted gink" offensive, but have so far have resisted reprisals against the staff of the "Beezer"
  14. Should Ian Duncan Smith not have to wait till he is 75, to get a gong? After all, he proposed a world with 75 year old scaffolders, nurses,steeplejacks,breakdancers etc.
  15. Condiments of the Seasonings to all.
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