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  1. This isnt a new thing Amadeus,35 years ago ,when i went to repair the roof of an Asda store across,Christmas music was being played in the store, on the 23rd September.
  2. Sounds like you got a Masters degree in "Smugness"...never knew there was such a thing.
  3. How i would like to go up to the Falcon Cliff hotel,on the cliffside lift (10p fare),sit with an Okells bitter,at 10pm gazing down on the old prom,heaving with bikes ,at TT 78 ...on a unusually hot night,(just like now) with a great sunset,and coloured lights strung between the lamposts,with the 3 legs on the top....Well at least ive done it
  4. Usually goatherds who cant read and write,get these jobs.
  5. Just like the Racobites trying to ban boooze in the time of Ned the Brewer Gawne,down Colby way.100 years ago.
  6. Ive had Go Explore cards issued at both the Sea terminal and Douglas steam train station,and they worked right away,ive also had them topped up again,no problems.
  7. Near my sons house in the North East of Scotland,the building of a new Asda store ( which was much needed) The cycling lobby, delayed the planning application by 8 years,asking for cycle lanes etc...when i go there,the amount of cyclists ive seen leaving with groceries,you could count on Dave Allens left hand.The bike racks at the shop are always empty.Also bring back the public information films about riding SINGLE file.
  8. As a 42 times visitor to the Isle of Man,and twice visitor to Jersey,from "Across" Jersey is not a patch on the Island as a place to visit.On Jersey you cant get a car out of second gear,but still fast cars everywhere.Shops with signage removed (its vulgar🤔)Lets pretend we're a bit French🤨.
  9. Breaking news! the bank of Origami has just folded.
  10. My wife and I had the Astra Zeneca one this morning,quite a few nervous folks in the lineup,inc us,what with all the negative stuff in the press at the moment.Had to laugh, as a guy known as a "hard nut" at the secondary school was sheepish about it.9 hours later still feel great.Dont worry.
  11. A Phobia is an irrational fear,whereas ,people in the countries that have had to deal with some of the 38.000 terror attacks since 9/11,have a rational fear of this cult.Islamophobia is a word used in the games, by those involved in its propagation.
  12. Welcome back to the Seventies! In the early days of the Tour de France ,riders would take a good slug of red wine during the stages ,and go on to win.However the Riders who tried " Skinning up " a big Doobie, on a Dark Side of the Moon LP cover,used most of their energy giggling at a matchbox on the startline , and won SFA... ( can i use the ellipsis on this forum) or does Kneele Down own the copywright? It usually means you you have some thing more interesting to say... ...
  13. No ,to call somone a "balloon knot" is a poor "put down" and still a shite turn of phrase .in any interpretation,.
  14. A Balloon knot is one of the most impotant things at a toddlers birthday party,what a dumb ass turn of phrase?
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