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  1. Dont want to start a conspiracy, but is that Ghislane Maxwell in a blonde wig in the background? Come on folks! a picture like this and no mention of " "Game birds" yet .First prize of a pair of pheasants to the best caption.
  2. "Sparrow netting" is my business idea,easily strung up down Broadway,or even the Strand,or Kirkmichael,its a great "Sport" so my pal in Malta says,but then anyone who opposes the goverment in Malta tends to get their car bombed.
  3. Great content! To add to this, a rare book written by an Icelandic minister in 1627 Olafur Egilsson tells of being enslaved by Islamic pirates,he managed to return home as they often demanded a ransom.Blonde women were prized in Harems and were captured never to return.So the" religion of peace" predates African/ Usa use of slaves.The Armenian genocide was another affront to humanity,thought to give the Nazis the idea later, by many, Isnt it sad that a people who believed in an 1400 year old illiterate goatherd,who traveled on a winged horse ,and spoke to 700 year old Archangel,could cause so much suffering.And it still goes on.
  4. Good examples could be songstress Lily Allen crying in Calais migrant camp,blaming the UK for it, whilst not actually taking one migrant back to her luxury London home,Or 95% of what crisp salesman Gary Lineker says.Signaling that is.not signing though.
  5. The " Black Pints Matter" movement was an important lobby group way back then.
  6. As well as God is not Great, the book "No one left to lie to" which is about the morals of Bill Clinton, which are words that never appear in the same sentence.Also in Hitch's book "Hells Angel" about Mother Teresa, he points out ,that in her hospices, dying patients are left without pain relief or help,"To be nearer to our Lord" and experience what he did, while the Albanian born con artist flys around first class.Its worth reading these 3 books.The veteran broadcaster Malcolm Muggeridge did a prog on her and was given a new type of video tape from the American company Ampex,when they got back from filming,the nun from hell had a "Halo" above her,its a " sign" Muggeridge proclaimed,the Ampex company went "shit" that new tapes a failure.
  7. A Friend of mine,who just retired as an airplane tech/ mechanic at Glasgow airport,said that British Airways were the only company who changed the cabin air filters at the proper intervals,and most others didnt, he is concerned about this and wont fly just now.
  8. A Mrs Hugh Jass, from Foxdale, has written in to complain about Manx Radio playing "Fat Bottomed Girls",Also followers of some 1400 year old religion,are to protest about funky tunes being played by the "Crusaders". The militant "Lentil Lovers Vegan Alliance Action Group" are offended by the song "blowing in the wind" , and because of Manx Radios refusal to play their rebel song from the film " High Noon"...."Do not mincedsteak me oh my darling".
  9. Shine ,by Ry Cooder, The Revolutiion will not be televised, by Gil Scott Heron,and just incase Asian,One armed,Polo shirt wearing women get offended, "Mr Wu can still play table tennis now" by K D Lang...think thats everyone covered.
  10. Ďouglas Peel


    Dyslexics of the world " Untie"
  11. There is no other profession that can hold a population to ransom like dentists can,but just remember, compared to doctors,they just tore a page out of the book and learned it.
  12. Getting back to the St Ninians junction,if i was cycling down past the grandstand to go down Bray hill,i would dismount, then walk with bike on pavement,towards left hand side of footbridge,then get back on further down were the barrier opens up.Yes ,cyclists have every right of way to be in amongst the traffic trying to cross,but who wants to be breathing in all these diesel fumes? especially amongst mature trees where it hangs around.Every town and city has these hard to navigate, nightmare junctions,and as a cyclist sometimes myself, i avoid them,by becoming a pedestrian for a couple of minutes.its often healthier and safer.
  13. Im sure " Hipsters" woud welcome the return of the big barrels,this would be better than all that Artisan lager in little cans that Tescos sell.My memory is that the beer served like this was great.I remember Casletown bottled beer but not the draught.
  14. To quote the book Manx Inns by Suzanne Cubbon, Victoria(Wheatsheaf Castle st) This pub was also in Malew st at no 70.and was run by Richard Cubbon from 1813 till 1843,suceeded by Jane Cubbon from 1846,this Inn was probably the one that came the Victoria,or unofficialy the Spion Kop. ....Beyond me this?
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