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  1. NI is nothing to do with the Manx state pension it all changed on 3rd Dec 2018 NI is only for Social Security and Health the Manx State pensions payments go to the Treasury
  2. The Manx State Pension not sustainable due lower population, people are not living longer and younger generation are leaving for a better life, employment and this is outside the UK, and Europe. The Manx pension supplement is going drop each year, the 30 years or 35 years NI contributions as there two government web site say different to the Manx State Pension contributions. The New system of 35 years, if you start at 16 you will 51 years when paid the max and there is no law to make you continue paying any more into it. Those who left school from April 1969 to April 1972 have already lost the State Pension NI as destroy by earlier Act, but started work under the 1965 NI act which was amended in 1974. The State pension and those who were due a Manx State Pension at 65 are unduly subject to enforced waiting time due to Treasury Minister not removing from the reciprocal agreement the 2011 Act section 1 which is no longer workable as we are totally indepenant from UK. We are longer apart of UK State pension system and become an indepenant Manx State pensions system in 2018 and the UK 2016 Act adopted by Isle of Man needs readdressed for the Manx State pension system and not UK based but base for the Manx State Pension for Isle of Man. The rise to 67 years is no longer needed, there just hundreds pounds of your entitlement gone that you paid in during your working life while the Treasury Minister as not addressed this by deleting the recipacol agreement Act 2011 section 1 and adding a new one which does effect no one from receiving there State pension at 65 years. The New Reciprocal Agreement 2018 now refers to the Manx State Pension Act 2014 and should include our own pension age change if any but there is none starting before Jan 1960, and the section 1 of 2011 is not included in the Manx State Pension Act 2014 which means all pension acts were all removed from the DHSS to allow for our own Manx State Pension Act 2014 which as some links with UK under Order 2016. Any Pension Age changes must be in Part 3 of the Manx State Pension Act 2014 so imposing the section 1 2011 Act Pension Age Changes must be illegal as even the UK say that any Pension Age Changes must be in the Pensions 2014 Act. Links http://www.tynwald.org.im/links/tls/SD/2018/2018-SD-0076.pdf RA 2018 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2018/1359/pdfs/uksi_20181359_en.pdf Section 1 2011 Pension Age Change of NI Act and the Pension Acts from the DHSS were all dissolved to make Manx State Pension Act 2014 see New Reciprocal Agreement 2018 https://www.gov.im/media/1351199/state-pension-age-men.pdf which is UK not Manx undermines the New Manx State Pension 2014 Act which means we do not our own Manx State Pension System as it controlled by UK pension Law as Section 1 2011 pensions Act of the UK makes New Manx State pensions a mockery even if not our New Manx State Pension Act 2014 under part three where it should be and it is not the Manx Government hands are tired unless they omitted or dissolve it and make our with a month waiting for each month after 65 Birth date . We are all aware that the Manx State Pension act was rush in without an impact assessment and Treasury had a window of 3 months to do this so no departments, private sector, or individuals which were not contacted to get all the data, just adding a notation to State Pension Act was slap dash and to use a document outside of Manx State pension Act that was not approved by Tynwald may legally be illegal as the Manx State is based on when leave school at sixteen and if you left school at fifteen you are covered under section 1 no. 22 of the act and no waiting time as the act part three say age change starts from when you born in 1960. However this pension age change sheet being used supposedly passed Tynwald which is not in the state pensions act under part three or any notation of such or a stand alone sheet approved by Tynwald can not be found in the laws section. Why is simple as it made up and totally wrong as school age did go up till the 1st September 1972 and Manx State pension is based on leaving school at sixteen and would only effect people born after July 1957 and born before that protected by the Manx State Pension Part 1 no 22 of the act and Treasury Minister is not abiding by the Manx State Pensions Act in law passed passed by Tynwald. If this effects you go to MHK and complain bitterly at what the Treasury Minister is imposing on State pensions department. See below as an example We need our own which is sustainable of all men and women to pay NI contributions for 49 years and receive the Manx State Pension at 65 Years https://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/takeaction/366/352/666/ I started A PETITION if agree please sign it and when I reach a 1000 or I present it to him and complain to your MHK too. Action is needed or we all have become all losers there no winners and it up all of you to make it known and changed for good, No letters departments before the changes or go to working people that it would effect "SO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS AND NOT LOSE BY DICTATORSHIP" It alleged that Treasury Minister is using his position to get what he wants and not abiding by the law TIME for big vote of no confidence in him the old Treasury Minister had more sense and you paid your 35 years the remainder should transfer to a saving account till your at pension age " planning for retirement" at present enforced age waiting time not the Manx State Act plus compulsory payments after 35 years and all that money goes to the treasury not see a penny of it so stand up tell your MHKS why the Treasury Minister using the UK State Pension Rules and not the Manx State Pension Rules in the State Pensions Act. However it stands you pay your 35 years into your Manx State Pension and then you compulsory pay until your Manx State Pension Age which is going up, but will receive Manx State Pension based on 35 years and rest goes the Treasury. So if you start work now say 16 years old and your Manx pension Date is at 68 your get Manx State Pension based on 35 years and remaining 33 years goes in the Treasuries pocket, it not the Manx State pension Act but when I met over this, I and my 2 MHKs were told this and there is no legal grounds in law to do this and along the Manx state Pension Age sheet there using which UK. The Manx State Pensions Act, section 3 should be used, The UK State Pension Age Change sheet and is not covered under the New reciprocal Agreement "only the Manx State Pension Act can be used" anything outside that falls under NI for Social Security and Health agreements only. They also omitted your right to appeal taking rights away and your human rights away
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