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  1. Hello SE In one respect a main problem remains the same as it has for a long time; seeking to provide an incredibly wide range of effective services, within (inevitably and properly) finite resources against a background of competing priorities, relentlessly increasing clinical specialization and public expectation. Achieving that balance is sometimes found to be on shifting sands. The role of the politician, alluded to by Mr. Dilligaff - and in the very eloquent contribution of Boo Gay’n - is perfectly proper, although I was pleased to see Jonathan Michaels, including in his press briefing, stressing that his recommendations are not a quick fix and must be seen as a long-term project; a message largely intended for a political audience in my opinion. The recent turbulence in the management/leadership/delivery of health on the Island is to be regretted, although I’m in no doubt that those tasked with doing so strived to do their best, as all of us in the past did. I have nothing but admiration for those who will pick up the mantle of Michaels and endeavour to deliver it, including the creation of “Manx Care” and the recognition of the principles behind it. I sincerely wish them well. Kind regards to you David K
  2. Hello Mr. PB A family member has alerted me to your posts and as your observations are not correct, it’s only fair that I correct them for you. I joined the civil service on 17th May 1976 with 4 GCE “O” levels (I subsequently gained a fifth) which allowed me to join as a Clerical Assistant - the most junior rank - for which 3 O levels were required. (Sadly, no “special pass” for me to avoid entry requirements as you suggested in another of your posts). In order to be eligible for promotion to Clerical Officer I was required to pass a civil service exam and, having done so at the first attempt, was promoted to CO in late 1977. For advancement to Executive Officer a further “EO” exam pass was required (it isn’t these days) in an exam that was close in nature and content to an “A” level. Having passed this exam, also at the first attempt, I was promoted to Executive Officer in December 1983 and to Higher Executive Officer in 1986, the same year that I gained my HNC with Distinction in Public Administration. Further promotions followed and by December 1998 I was a Senior Executive Officer in the Chief Secretary’s Office - today called Cabinet Office - where I undertook two separate job roles in my time there. By this stage recruitment to CEO posts had matured and involved an “Assessment Centre” as well as formal interview. The Assessment Centre included such elements as psychometric testing, critical problem solving and an interview with an HR psychologist. It was being subject to that regime that preceded my appointment to CEO of the Department of Home Affairs in 2001, being the first of my two CEO posts, and it was a very similar process in 2003 when I joined DHSS, just after completing all my assignments within the UK Civil Service Top Management Programme. I remained with DHSS/Department of Health for 11 years until my retirement on 31 March 2014 after a 38 year career. So... no “special pass”, no “exam failed more than once”, just the exams/qualifications asked for by the organisation. And, not least, the pleasure of working with some great people. I’m happy to put the record straight, as you’ve taken such a keen interest. Kind regards David Killip
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