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  1. I've got my bucket and spade packed......
  2. I see the Indian variant has infected general chat this morning.................... https://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/forum/6-general-chat/
  3. Yeah, They canned them after the 2019 TT
  4. Level 2 - Non-essential sponsored travel with no isolation Isle of Man residents and key workers able to freely travel - air or sea residents and businesses able to 'sponsor' visitors Potentially requirement for self-isolation removed Those entering required to complete Landing Form for contact tracing
  5. Are they bringing the electric bikes back then??? I was sure they'd scrapped them after 2019 TT
  6. Am I right in saying were are getting an announcement on travel restrictions easing today?
  7. Yep The younger generation are taught to be very risk adverse right through school etc
  8. Not entirely true This is what is actually happening in the UK on Monday 17th May: Step 3 - 17 May Social contact As part of Step 3, no earlier than 17 May, the government will look to continue easing limits on seeing friends and family wherever possible, allowing people to decide on the appropriate level of risk for their circumstances. This means that most legal restrictions on meeting others outdoors will be lifted - although gatherings of over 30 people will remain illegal. Indoors, the Rule of 6 or 2 households will apply - we will keep under review whether it is s
  9. tbh a lot of younger people don't "want" to own vehicles these days. cars or bikes!
  10. There definitely seems to be a lack of younger fans that visit the TT
  11. You said "the motorsport world" ....so obviously those are the people I referred to, and of those people a large percentage WOULD miss it. let's not bicker, it's beautiful day
  12. On that I'll agree to disagree with you. The TT would be missed by people all over the world.
  13. It's a job for your man who was out these counting the cracks....he can fill them with black toothpaste next time he's bored
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