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  1. Strongly agree but there is a lot of this scum on the Island. Luckily from the report this sounds like it was a tip off so somebody must have shopped them. Sounds like the packets were still warm!
  2. That’s all this was. I believe something cropped up when a package was scanned and then they go into emergency mode which includes firing out a press announcement. You can’t expect the people at 3fm to look out the window.
  3. I heard it was the new brain Graham Cregeen had ordered on eBay that had exploded.
  4. A specialist team from the UK is now en route. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53308 Looks like proper overkill
  5. Less a cabbage than Thomas the Wank Engine.
  6. There’s enough articles around strongly suggesting the extent of it https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/liverpool-developer-peter-mcinnes-not-12800501 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-46905572
  7. I agree they will spin it but at the end of the day nobody (except the bank she owned shares in) offered to set up an IOM account for her. Even the CSP Director said that getting any services in the IOM will be challenging before referring to Standard Bank who blew her out.
  8. My gut feeling is that he is unlikely to grow a spine anytime soon.
  9. There’s probably semantics involved with “bought” as they probably regard a 99 year lease as bought just like anyone who “buys” a flat on a 99 year lease.
  10. Please don’t try perpetuate your poor trolling as I’m not interested. Everyone knows you’re no good at it. But then again I suppose it’s good to have a reason to live throughout these long dark months,
  11. Lots of middle class people like McDonalds. It’s like going down market without being seen to go down market. A bit like a visit to Dealz. It isn’t really some cheap market stall emporium where you buy cheap crap. It’s a novel low budget shopping experience.
  12. Why would I be drunk? Sorry you mentioned smoked salmon and Noa as being a prerequisite. It was another poster who mentioned avocado on toast. The argument from both posters sounded so similar I must have got confused. You did challenge Thommo2010 on his proclaimed preference for the Caff though in a rather condescending way. I recall you said “I get that some people prefer milky stewed tea, sliced white and a sausage made out of leftovers and gristle “ Which I read (of course I could be wrong) as a bit of a put down along social status lines.
  13. I deem all places acceptable. Unlike what you seem to suggest I don’t exclude any places (such as your comments on the Caff) on the grounds that they don’t serve avocado on toast or some other equally pretentious substance for £10 a go.
  14. Lots of businesses make an effort. It’s just that pretentious people only like going to places that others deem to be equally significant.
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