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  1. I see the Amazon locker idea is now being really successful in the UK. It’s the way to go for the postal service on deliveries. Just put lockers in hotel lobbies and public places and send people a smart phone code to open the goods at a locker on their way home.
  2. Those numbers sound about right. Yes the new stamp duty coming in is a totally mental idea given they are trying to attract more wealthier new residents in. Shows a lack of a joined up strategy.
  3. Or maybe just another one of the latest local ner do well’s excess profits / laundering and property acquisition schemes where the price paid doesn’t really matter. Property certainly seems to be moving in that area for rental due to the expansion of the business park. Lots of finance workers there now who want to be able to walk to work.
  4. Where have you been? Its already crashed quite substantially. There has been almost no real movement over £450K for years and if you have cash you can pick up some very big discounts on advertised prices provided you’re prepared to go in hard. It’s all down to how motivated people are to move. With interest rates so low many people still just seem happy to be servicing debt on a house in technical negative equity rather than sell at a price they think is too low. If rates go up after Brexit it will shake them out as well. I can only see prices going down further yet.
  5. How could anyone possibly oversee that ship of fools ?
  6. I’ve done two deals in the last 6 months at around 35% less than original asking price. People seem to be getting more motivated to sell if they need to because it’s getting hard to disguise the lack of optimism most people here now have about employment security and future for the economy. With the last one the guy was literally itching to go back to the UK before he thought it was too late and took the deal. It’s all relative.
  7. Their journalistic standards aren’t that high. If it’s not upside down pictures it’s appalling spelling and grammar errors.
  8. I registered on that site about the same time that I registered on here as I wanted to learn more about local politics. I have to say I think I’ve learned more here which I’m surprised about given that posters don’t post under their real names. Some of the things said on that site by people using their own Facebook accounts are incredibly ignorant and petty and that Corrin character comes across as a complete crackpot. I thought that this forum would be worse for those sort of vile personal attacks and pointless and petty bickering because of the anonymity but actually it isn’t.
  9. I doubt a stone will be laid or hole dug. This will just help them flip a block of very tired shops in to a big developer at some stage as the Douglas plan unravels over the next couple of years. Same with some of the recent approvals on North and South Quay.
  10. I bet the butler did it!
  11. I think this is the crux of the matter. Had they legislated for us we would now be in the midst of an existential constitutional crisis and a dangerous precedent would have been set for the future. So funnily enough the best way round this is for us just to voluntarily accept it all. It keeps it nice and neat politically I’m sure. But it is very clearly all coming in.
  12. Well that and the eighty grand a year, and the massive pension, and all the taxpayer expensed CPA jollies etc. Public service is a reward in itself.
  13. More likely a warped sense of pride. Like cutting a huge fart in an open chamber and shouting ‘No applause from the balcony please!’ for comedy effect.
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