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  1. It’s quite clear that Malta is their preferred future operational base but that they will always keep a management hub in the IOM so operations in the IOM will steadily shrink over time.
  2. I don’t know why the sign is there but I just agreed with Trumpton that the sign does say that as I’ve noticed it as you turn in. To be honest you seem to have a bit of a chip on your shoulder about that particular road. Did one of the residents run off with your wife or something? People park on the road all over the place and I don’t see that road as any different to Saddle Road which also annoys me where people park all the way up despite it being a main commuter route and there not being any houses on most of that stretch so they must deliberately drive up and dump cars there, or the top end of Pully round by the football pitch which is on a bus route and also always clogged by parkers who have their own off street private parking down the road.
  3. At least once the lithium burns it will be a quick death. I saw an e-bike go up once in TT week and all the fire bridge did was scoop it up in the bucket of a JCB and let it burn itself out as there’s nothing that will put the fire out. It has to be a huge risk.
  4. There is. The sign at the bottom end even says for access only on it as Trumpton suggests as I used to used that route for the hospital a lot at one stage until someone pointed it out to me.
  5. We seem to have some sort of cycling obsession which has taken hold in some quarters and seems to defy all logic and common sense.
  6. To be honest people shouldn’t need to be told when stuff posted on social media is inappropriate which is what first annoyed me when I read last weeks episode. The last two weeks just looks like one massive boast about how great his life is swanning around the world when the constituents as tax payers are paying for it. I’m sure there may well be lots of people on the bread line horrified about the showiness of it. But if that is how he chooses to advertise his relative wealth compared to others he should at least be expected to have some awareness of how inappropriate a lot of what is posted might seem to your average Commissioners tenant who perhaps has been nowhere this summer. I thought that blog was to inform people about what he is doing as an MHK not what he is doing in his personal capacity as a holiday maker. If Howard Quayle posted in a similar showy way about his exotic holiday for the poor of Middle to read I’m sure there would be an outcry.
  7. Actually they’re admitting that despite a key £30K appointment to manage the social media content and 4 others supposedly in the mypromenade team who are there for the public to interface with they still can’t effectively communicate with anyone.
  8. Didn’t Cregeen do I one stint as MLC though?
  9. The bloke on the right is a scouser. So take that as you will as an endorsement of anything,
  10. I think it’s nice that they keep him going. I hope they wheel him in like old Mr Grace at the Christmas do and that he tells them that they’re all doing awfully well before going to sleep in his bathchair.
  11. This seems to have popped up on Twitter this afternoon Sounds like a case for Mulder and Scully.
  12. Can’t see why they would do that. Surely the lease has to be a with a Manx leasing company and therefore a Manx registered car for you to get tax relief on the payment.
  13. We might have to eat the tram horses. It’s a shame they now have Strangles.
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