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  1. The ultimate irony is that not even Big Ben will be chiming it in due to the wonderfully productive UK workforce who couldn’t get it working in time.
  2. Maybe Mr Callister if he’s so keen on developing our cruise economy could be our own Lucky Lucky Man?
  3. More like they’ve realized phone and 4G reception at those sites is shit and they don’t want bad reviews so they try to make people live in 1950 instead. You wonder what the cost is of handing out this ancient kit to people and where in this century they can get film developed?
  4. Really? Who on earth dreamed this nonsense up? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-7947835/Isle-Man-visitors-opt-lock-away-smartphones-return-map-film-camera.html
  5. Retired copper and anti bullying campaigner now in tourism. He probably posts on here to be honest on account of the fact that, despite seeming like an ok fella, he seems to be blathering on about very little on various forms of social media for about 20 hours a day.
  6. You seem to have all the class and sophistication of an unwashed bottom.
  7. No I think you’ll find that they’re just other people’s opinions.
  8. It will be like the Jackson's fiasco. All because the Rally was booked on the prom same day,
  9. Yawn, the forums serial arguer looks for any green shoots to create another argument. They are a serious distribution company with lots of contracts on and off Island with various vehicle formats.
  10. They run more vehicles and have more capacity than Tescos. http://tradedistributionltd.com/our-history/
  11. Yet Spar is also owned by the Brewery which also owns a massive haulage and distribution company.
  12. The amount of times that you seem to come to Neil Down the trolls defense when he kicks off you would think he must be your mentally handicapped cousin.
  13. Most of the head cases in the Island usually are.
  14. I didn’t think the renewable energy sector was in the finance industry.
  15. He was only doing what most securities houses are doing with high frequency trading to inflate share prices. He reported the ability to abuse the system to the regulators several times then when they did nothing about his reports he decided to have a go for himself on the basis that the regulators seemed happy for it to continue as they did nothing. It’s not really fraud I’d say. He could just run the numbers and do the maths to manipulate the trading outcomes.
  16. Well the fact is it’s got to court so you presume the AGs office saw enough evidence to send it to court?
  17. New buyers just announced apparently. The community hub has been saved!
  18. Why? Would you feel more sympathy for his perverted actions if she was fit?
  19. True but you’d think the press would be pushing for a statement?
  20. So are we actually going to be told what all the fuss was about?
  21. That’s all this was. I believe something cropped up when a package was scanned and then they go into emergency mode which includes firing out a press announcement. You can’t expect the people at 3fm to look out the window.
  22. I heard it was the new brain Graham Cregeen had ordered on eBay that had exploded.
  23. A specialist team from the UK is now en route. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53308 Looks like proper overkill
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