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  1. Less a cabbage than Thomas the Wank Engine.
  2. Please don’t try perpetuate your poor trolling as I’m not interested. Everyone knows you’re no good at it. But then again I suppose it’s good to have a reason to live throughout these long dark months,
  3. Lots of middle class people like McDonalds. It’s like going down market without being seen to go down market. A bit like a visit to Dealz. It isn’t really some cheap market stall emporium where you buy cheap crap. It’s a novel low budget shopping experience.
  4. Why would I be drunk? Sorry you mentioned smoked salmon and Noa as being a prerequisite. It was another poster who mentioned avocado on toast. The argument from both posters sounded so similar I must have got confused. You did challenge Thommo2010 on his proclaimed preference for the Caff though in a rather condescending way. I recall you said “I get that some people prefer milky stewed tea, sliced white and a sausage made out of leftovers and gristle “ Which I read (of course I could be wrong) as a bit of a put down along social status lines.
  5. I deem all places acceptable. Unlike what you seem to suggest I don’t exclude any places (such as your comments on the Caff) on the grounds that they don’t serve avocado on toast or some other equally pretentious substance for £10 a go.
  6. Lots of businesses make an effort. It’s just that pretentious people only like going to places that others deem to be equally significant.
  7. You mean to the days of the yuppies and upward social mobility? You’re probably right with that time mark as it is a bit pretentious to be doing all the time and I would agree with some of the comments above in relation to the pretentiousness of some of the artisan style places. If you want to eat in places like that fine but really your not paying for the food you’re paying for the surroundings and to interface with the type of people you might bump into there. Little else. The only other cafe in the competition charging the same as this one seems to be some hipster biker cafe in Shoreditch w
  8. It’s ok but I’ve only had it once or twice to try it with bacon and salmon but in Laxey they do a good one. It’s the latest pretentious food stuff I think that people seem to want to eat to say they’ve eaten it. They’re naturally quite high in fat and calories too so it’s not like they’re that healthy.
  9. The cafe on the main road in Laxey does a really nice avocado on toast breakfast. I was talking about this to a friend this morning in terms of price and he was moaning about the cost of the fireman’s breakfast at the Railway Station but it seems that for £9.50 there you get tea or Coffee & Toast, Bacon, Manx Butcher’s Sausage, Egg (Scrambled or Fried), Baked Beans, Grilled Tomato, Hash Brown, Potato Cake, Fried Bread, Mushrooms and a Black Pudding. That’s still expensive but for another £1.45 you could drive all the way to the Sound I suppose.
  10. It sort of goes in the face of all the negative stats though doesn’t it? We’re clearly all wealthy enough to spend £3 on fuel driving down to The Sound to spend £11 on brekkie. A pub lunch and a few pints in the George on the way back is probably another £50 at H & B prices if you really want to push the boat out.
  11. This looks like an interesting piece of potentially backfiring PR. Intended to get people voting for them in a major biker cafe competition no doubt but £11 for breakfast? Really? Do people really pay £11 for a breakfast in the IOM? They perhaps shouldn’t be getting an award for their food but perhaps should be getting an award for their business acumen in getting away with being able to charge people such a massive amount of money for a basic brekkie. The view is apparently lovely though. That must be worth at least £4. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53261
  12. Brings a whole new meaning to the expression http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53134
  13. The mods may as well take the thread down as when does goodwill ever seem to happen on this forum in contrast to a load of children fighting over who is slightly less stupid than anyone else. I hope the guy gets well and the family is ok.
  14. The article seems to say the new law prohibits anything attempting to change or suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. So presumably you can choose to be gay yourself provided nobody actively sets out to make you gay. Equally you can change your gender yourself providing nobody has actually made you do it!
  15. Somehow you could get the impression that she may be a person with specialist interests
  16. 337 claiming unemployment benefit. There’s loads more not working and claiming nothing.
  17. I’m still far too busy laughing at, and pitying, you both. its a bit like the Inbetweeners PK and ND fwiends, MF fwiends ...
  18. It looks like it’s brokeback mountain tonight with the other trolls coming out in sympathy
  19. You should probably just stop trolling this site and needlessly insulting any poster who isn’t prepared to put up with your pathetic attempts at trying to wind people up. I’m sure most posters just laugh at you and the lack of value you add to Manx Forums.
  20. Not sure why all these features have appeared today saying how great the IOM is if you’re pretty much unemployed or just bumming around. Is this what we’re now looking for? New residents who pay little or no tax? Is this more expensive “Locate” nonsense to keep people in jobs by attracting people in with no jobs? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=52459 http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=52461 http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=52460 http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=52464
  21. I see they had to take the comments down on IOMonline as well as there were several made similar to the above calling him a snowflake etc etc. It looks like a lot of people have far too much time on their hands and would probably benefit from reducing the time they spend online.
  22. Oh thank you. Thank you so so much for allowing me to be entitled to my opinion before you insult me. It means so much for such an important member of this forum to say that to me. God bless you Sir.
  23. No an inexperienced person is generally one who fails to understand that the world has changed around them when they still behave the same way despite it being clear that they are end of career life. It seems to happen frequently to people in the age demographic of the normal ODC member. Intimidation and cave man tactics went out years ago so it seems some are clearly howling at the moon if they think intimidating a younger person is the way to maintain control.
  24. There will be more yet rest assured. They may be young but that does not mean that they are inexperienced. I’d say an inexperienced person is someone pushing 60 who thinks that the world still resolves around them shouting at people to get their own way. Reading these forums though that may well be the case.
  25. It really makes me laugh when moaning old sods (they usually are old) moan on about “snowflakes”. What rights to people have to intimidate other people in the work place? I think you’ll find that things have changed across the board from the 1970s and people don’t take shit like that off other people as much anymore as part of their job. It also looks like he complained only after the vote had happened so again what’s snowflakey about that? He just seems not to be prepared to let some no mark failed idiot local commissioner get away with intimidating him. And honestly why should he either?
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