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  1. It does look like he’s being given an unreasonably hard time for standing up on the issue after it happened. All he’s doing is complaining about someone intimidating him after he apparently voted the ‘wrong’ way. That’s not being weak it’s alerting the ratepayer to the fact that there are some people actively trying to assert pressure on individual commissioners so that votes go their way. That’s not democratic and at least now the people funding the expenses of these idiots know.
  2. Nothing different happened 20 years ago. It’s just that bullying and intimidation were rife and an accepted part of keeping yourself in a job. These days people’s expectations are different in that there should be more intelligent ways that are deployed to ensure you get your own way. It doesn’t surprise me that what is deemed acceptable behaviour for someone in their 60s by someone in their 60s is not regarded as acceptable behaviour for someone in their 20s as things have moved on. It doesn’t mean anything is any worse. Or that people are less robust. It’s just that they’re prepared to take
  3. We all know what a twat is. From your regular outbursts on here clearly a self entitled taxpayer funded wanker trying to justify the largesse invested into you by the taxpayer by coming on here night after night insulting the taxpayers who have funded your good fortune.
  4. Funny this story has all comments blocked on it. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=52166
  5. Just like this “fully rehabilitated” fella !!! http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=52074
  6. Absolute bollocks. Keep on trying to justify gross incompetence. Horse trams are one of many attractions misguided people might ultimately buy a boat ticket for.
  7. Absolute rubbish. I went to New York a few years ago and the Statue of Liberty was closed for repairs. Did I sue the NY tourist board? No, I just went somewhere else as despite it being a key tourist attraction it’s not the only reason why I went to NY. The argument over adverts about horse trams being binding is rubbish. An advert is not legally binding whatsoever.
  8. No it isn’t it’s about reality. You might go somewhere on holiday and not 100% of the things advertised about that location might be open. That’s called reality. Things close for repairs, or other reasons.
  9. So you think that every advert you read in a paper is actually legally binding?
  10. I’ve had a bad dose of the shits and lost a load of weight on holiday as well but it was in India not the Maldives. And billionaire Doug must have a massive garage if he keeps 2 super yachts, 15 cars and a private jet at his home in the IOM. Classic Daily Mail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7681407/Michelle-Mone-48-showcases-incredible-figure-powder-blue-swimsuit-11lbs-weight-loss.html
  11. The funniest thing is that you know they have only issued this announcement as someone has probably majorly kicked off about a bus driver not stopping for them. So they have to try to make it the users fault not the drivers.
  12. But people have got hurt. Some businesses have nearly gone to the wall. People have lost income, and some people have been laid off by their employers because of the mess they have created to keep trams that lose money anyway running. Then it’s revealed they they didn’t even have to run them!
  13. Is it him they built the bus shelter for so he doesn’t get wet on rainy days?
  14. He hasn’t even had time to become a failure yet which is unusual amongst village commissioners who are usually failed 50+ halfwits still trying to make it look like they have a proper job long after they have ceased to be employable in the job market.
  15. Ha well thanks but yes I blocked the angry mong weeks ago. No point in wasting time reading the inflammatory drivel they post just to wind people up and cause arguments.
  16. It’s hard to see that P Gawne’s son is being impartial here publishing inflammatory headlines and stories about a local authority which old man Gawne seems to want to be merged with his: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/whats-the-point-in-us-being-here-say-port-st-mary-commissioners Whats the point in them being there? Well whats the point of Gawnes being all over Manx Radio all the time either to be honest? Yes PSM commissioners are crap but I’d rather hear that from a source that is not totally conflicted in pointing out that they’re crap. They might as well put Gaw
  17. I forget how far our press is behind the rest of the world!
  18. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=51618
  19. Anyone giving away free money for doing nothing is admired in the farming community!
  20. Never mind with all this authority merger stuff it seems pretty clear that P Gawne esq will be positioning himself to stand against Moorhouse next time around by leaving Malew ‘safe’ in the hands of Colin Kniveton once he jacks in his clerks job. That will leave the voters in a quandary as to who to vote for - dumb or dumber.
  21. Do they do the Tynwald Balls book anymore? They should extend it from just mistakes to blatantly stupid questions like that.
  22. Do you know what I haven’t checked. I just saw her startled miserable face and that’s all I needed to see. She’s my MHK and pretty much has said and done bugger all for 3 years now. If google didn’t exist I would have no means to check and see if she’s still alive to be honest.
  23. I’d say Ann Corlett’s face says all you need to know about how Ann Corlett views her last 12 months performance
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