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  1. The answer left a lot of unanswered questions and it’s clear lack of understanding of a school environment with a highly contagious virus (Covid) they assumed it was the Kent variant and they need to understand what they think out of hours staff do in schools and when they arrive at work! They tell staff and students to stay away from schools with NoroVirus for 48 hours but didn’t think fit to make a decision on Covid (Kent) variant? Sunday 28th Feb Schools are perfectly safe , 1st March Bemahague closed to one year group, 2nd March all schools remain open but attendance not compulsory 3rd M
  2. I never go to Paul Moulton or Manx Radio, if they come to me I will do an interview. IOM Newspapers informed CM of who was publishing information. The male boys of Tynwald all seem to want interviews with PM this week 😀 sure Paul M will tell you how he gets to interview MHKs - it’s simple he contacts them would you like me to ask him to contact you.
  3. I said that to Chief Minister yesterday during debate, his understanding of Independent is different to mine!
  4. I did say that in debate I used Mr Hoopers favourite saying to me “it’s a nothing motion with no date” etc what was said yesterday was all said in January when Kent variant first known/arrived and they chose to ignore it then.......
  5. You obviously don’t listen to Tynwald look at link for January Tynwald https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/why-not-use-on-island-genomics-testing-asks-mhk/
  6. I am getting use to something changing being introduced the days before a Tynwald/HOK sitting that I have a question in about the topic! Only way to get answers sometimes - can’t have a woman getting that information out there first so they publish 😀
  7. This question was rolled over from a previous sitting. As an MHKs duty is to represent constituents and ask questions raised by them. Will be interesting to see the answer and if it confirms the concerns. I will continue to ask questions for constituents no matter what the topic.
  8. What pasting? You havn’t read the report right it was a Tynwald Committee Report not an IOMPO one.
  9. A full independent review of job roles was done and new grading structure established by Korn Ferry Hay - grades changed up and down.
  10. A full independent external structural review of the workforce grades has taken place including Management and implemented.
  11. Your right the retail network (private businesses) has losses of over 1 million - so we have to work hard in the commercial business world to try and balance that out which really is a result of people not using post offices.
  12. Already asked the questions sorry just thought Manx Forums members kept their eye on politics
  13. No I am all for transparency - but surely you understand commercially sensitive information could impact on the business as a whole? maybe we need to be asking how many millions private companies have had off Government with mezzanine payments etc? I have heard it so many times in House of Keys and Tynwald and no one been pulled up on it.
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