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  1. Why the dick of a question? It’s about implementing current Legislation correctly and changing if necessary so Cruise ships don’t break our Laws in our Territorial waters.
  2. To clarify facts on here James Corrin has continued to attack me even so much as challenging me again in Shoprite recently stating “thought you were ill you weren’t in House of Keys today” I had just come back from a hospital appointment that day having just had a cancer operation a few days before and advised him I was ill but did need supplies. He then turned and aggressively walked towards me “ranting at me stating why aren’t you at home in bed keeping warm then” how shallow minded to think he knew the reason I wasn’t in the House of Keys. A couple of weeks later rumours around the Tynwald chambers were “Julie Edge attacked a constituent at Shoprite and used the F word”. For one I never use language like that but more interesting who was it that was spreading this rumour around Tynwald.
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