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  1. What pasting? You havn’t read the report right it was a Tynwald Committee Report not an IOMPO one.
  2. A full independent review of job roles was done and new grading structure established by Korn Ferry Hay - grades changed up and down.
  3. A full independent external structural review of the workforce grades has taken place including Management and implemented.
  4. Your right the retail network (private businesses) has losses of over 1 million - so we have to work hard in the commercial business world to try and balance that out which really is a result of people not using post offices.
  5. Already asked the questions sorry just thought Manx Forums members kept their eye on politics
  6. No I am all for transparency - but surely you understand commercially sensitive information could impact on the business as a whole? maybe we need to be asking how many millions private companies have had off Government with mezzanine payments etc? I have heard it so many times in House of Keys and Tynwald and no one been pulled up on it.
  7. It is fully accountable for its actions - no subventions from Government like Manx Radio, Government Departments - oh Tynwald I have overspent can I have some more!
  8. There has been a full job evaluation process carried out, independently and implemented.
  9. It’s a Statutory Board with three lay members and two political so can be out voted by lay members.
  10. Its owned by the taxpayer and operated as a Statutory Board with lay members - problem is other Tynwald members who know nothing about the business and don’t even take the time to find out and understand is unbelievable, but then grandstand at every opportunity. Some members even arranged a private meeting with the U.K. union rep at his hotel and believed his word over that of the Post Office Board. They didn’t even have the courtesy to check their facts were right - says it all really.
  11. No your wrong - I stopped the payment agreed by a previous Chairman to Treasury - When the issues were presented to Treasury appropriately they were supportive of agreeing not to take a dividend agreed by previous Chairman/Boards. Treasury has been supportive in understanding the actual issues the Post Office faces with falling mail volumes. I also believe Treasury realise the benefits of owning a trusted brand that contributes to the exchequer annually.
  12. Certainly was helpful during a crisis and made a few MHKs realise the benefits of owning the trusted brand Isle of Man Post Office for the Manx people.
  13. Agree - because the Department of Enterprise hasn’t addressed the un-regulated businesses.
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