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  1. The wier was built by the electric railway , it was a patent built one that was supposed to regulate the river flow and allow water to travel down a lade to a water tubine to generate power for the tramway, some off the bits are still their , the stone building just up from the shore pub held the turbine and a sluice valve controlled the flow. it caused a flood in the 1935 ? flood which again caused serious damage on glen road
  2. Few others to ponder over, paul hardinge had datsun at peel road and kirk michael, then went to derby square and took on subaru, bmn carriages in castle mona ave had bmw ,seem to remember john scott had the place over the road where tommey lenoard is, or was. northern motors had saab at ballaugh . motorfair ,not the current lot started at the bakery [quirks?] , with mitsubishi and seat then went to south quay and then to castle town , shimmins garage on the prom sold out to athol and became the hire and drive storage for the hotels on the prom and finally island garages own hire and drive [ u drive] for a couple off years ,the office on the prom by bordellos and the cars kept at kingswood grove before eurocars went in ,remember recovering one fiat 126 hired out to 4 rugby lads who not only left the front boot full off the fish they had caught but left it at the top off snuff the wind when they burnt the clutch out off it by the time it got in to the work shop the fish were nearly liquid [ summer off 76] stunk the whole place out
  3. Hi ive got one came out off a victorian house demolition ,send me a message if you still need one
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