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  1. Chie


    Rumours have it that the MHK for Jurby has already gathered the citizens and gone underground into sealed concrete bunkers. Apparently the populous already has enough of an issue dealing with webbed feet and seven toes so they have gone into seclusion until it passes.
  2. It's the Bee Gees statue isn't it. They mistook it for the Manx building a cathedral to honour their gods. I told you all not to use the statue for Sunday service. But did you listen?. Noooooo. You had to lower your heads and say four "Our Maurices" and five "Hail Robins". You had to sing such classics as "Christ Fever", "More than a virgin" and the ever popular "Christ christ christ christ he's stayin alive...stayin alive." I tried to warn you as you read passages from the book of Gibb that it would do no good for the island. Did you listen?. No, and here we are. A city.
  3. Chie


    Ehhhhhh I never know how much to believe of what the Daily Mail writes. They have a tendency to exaggerate and outright lie to create panic so that people will buy newspapers. I feel sorry for the elderly. They are now just thinking it might be somewhat safe to come out from the whole covid scenario and oh crap its monkey pox better get back indoors xD.
  4. If anyone wants a good token. Cake has given me a lot of good returns. Leave it in the auto compounding syrup pool and ignore it for a year.
  5. Export it to card. That's what I do. Takes upto three days annoyingly. I miss when they would just deposit it within 30 minutes.
  6. Yes!. You have been peaking at the script. Imagine this.....Margo leaping from boat to boat as each one is blown up in return and Ted staring in amazement mutters "hang on there...."
  7. I can tell you started the thread and throughout it are trying to make light of the topic. However, it does just show you as an ignorant twat. There's enough crap going on in the world and even on the island as regards this topic without some bellend on Manx Forums getting their daily dose of humour at others expense.
  8. Actually they are. Lets put it this way Are they Trans Exclusionary : Yes Are they Radical about the topic : You only have to research for a minute to find out....yes. Anyone who forms entire charities, committees, talks, events, conferences, posts continuously on social media, lobbies government to bring in policy changes, etc etc over such a non issue is radical about it. Do they identify as feminists : Yes. Not all feminists are like that btw I understand its a minority. But stil. Put it all together....
  9. I could just see it. Con Air meets The Fugitive. Ted Quayle, convicted sheep rustler, and his group of cohorts hear of a rumoured tunnel from prison veteran Albert Mylchreest. In for a life sentence for illegally milking a cow on the sabbath who these days runs the prison washing room and tries to keep his head down as much as possible. Only when they get to the tunnel it turns out to be the prison sewer line. Regardless they make it through and try to take off in our one remaining Manx Airlines display plane. Only to realise that it no longer has an engine let alone any steering. Being the wise and cunning Manx folk they are they quickly nip off into Andy Moore's farm where Ted puts his sheep rustling skills into action. Twenty minutes, fifteen harnessed Loughton sheep and a metal three legs as a steering control wheel later they are heading down the runway the taste of freedom licking at their lips. Meanwhile back in the prison their absence has not gone unnoticed. In a darkened office somewhere in the depths of the building a hand is seen picking up a badge and a bagel. The camera pans slowly back to reveal Margo who takes a bite out of the bagel and mutters to herself with narrowed eyes "Escapees. They never learn..". Ted turns to his fellow convicts and shouts "We are free lads, Scotland here we come". Suddenly they hear sirens and look back in terror. Several police cars are chasing after them followed by what appears to be a passenger stair loader. Riding atop like a winged Valkyrie swooping down from the heavens to deliver a crushing blow is Margo, a look of pure thunder and fury in her eyes. Like comment and subscribe for part 2
  10. Stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Doesn't invalidate anything. When I refer to TERFs I am talking about those at the heart of the issue. The ones who are responsible for all the hatred and moral panic that is going around at the minute. There is a difference between someone who is a TERF and someone who adopts TERF ideology. I wouldn't call the poster I responded to in my second post a TERF but the worry about women's only spaces is one of the main ones being pushed in TERF ideology. For instance. Alison Bailey or JK Rowling : TERF Random guy worried about the ideas they are spreading : Not a TERF but is letting TERF ideology influence their fear
  11. Its actually a non issue. The whole lesbian transphobic thing was never actually proven to have been stated by many trans people and was hyped into something ridiculously huge by the gender critical right wing nutters. Its all just propaganda to desperately try to get you to fall on the side of these raving lunatics. The whole safe spaces for women is the exact same situation. There is literally a handful of cases where a trans person has done the things that TERFs are claiming. It started a few years back with the Daily Mail running a story of a prisoner in the US who transitioned while in prison and on release raped a woman in a bathroom. The Daily Mail being the rag it is hyped it into something akin to a pandemic thus starting the nonsensical moral panic that is gripping the UK at the minute. Anyone with half a brain cell realises that if someones gonna rape you, male, female or otherwise. A sign on a bathroom door isn't going to stop them. They will rape you regardless and it has nothing to do with being transgender. There is another story that is doing the rounds where a woman was apparently raped by a trans person in a women ward of a hospital. Only, it turns out said woman is a TERF and no arrests have been made and its looking more likely she was simply on the ward with a trans person and didn't particularly like it. Not that it has stopped the media from reading way into it and hyping it. Women are as safe in female only spaces as the door that closes behind them. Being in a female only space with a trans person has not been proven to at all increase that risk. What makes me laugh about the whole situation is that in the UK alone there are around 26-30,000 sexual offences committed by cis men and around 22-24,000 committed by cis women. Out of that there's an average of 1200 that are LGBTQIA+ and applying the national average to that figure of 1200 of people who are trans in the uk which is estimated at around 0.5-1%, taking the larger number, we get an average of 12 trans people per year that commit a sexual offence. Out of that probably around a quarter are trans women. You never hear the TERFs rallying a cry to fight against the tens of thousands of cis perpetrated rapes that occur each year. No call to promote more education in schools about the damage rape can do. No attempt to curb sexual objectification of women. No concern about sending their young children into the male toilets on their own who are apparently except from toilet based sexual abuse by other men. Nope, their concern is a tiny minority of the trans community. If you type "Woman raped in bathroom" into google news search you will find all manner of news articles that related solely to cis men raping cis women in female bathrooms. I can whole heartedly assure you trans women aren't the issue. One or two are bad eggs. But isn't that the same for any community. So much misinformation is being spread on this issue and the worst part is no one ever does any research. Its like one big game of some bloke down the pub.
  12. Source?. Or is this word of mouth from some bloke in a queue for the bar at the pub?. So what, let people be who they want to be. It doesn't affect you. If you want to be an ignorant twat and yell at clouds that's your issue not the kids or anyone else. If you got time to be angry about that then you have time to do something else entirely that enriches your life. Or are you one of those people who revel in being miserable?. Yes and the swimming pool is now coloured yellow as blue was considered to be too masculine. Trust me, it's true, I heard it from Bob down the yard who heard it from Mike in Foxdale who's wife heard it from Jen in the coop queue. Because, we are trying to move towards a more accepting island. None of this actually affects you in any way. It literally has no bearing on your life what so ever. There is no evidence to show that anything related to this subject is disrupting education. You are either assuming that or Ted who spends his day sitting on the end of the pier assured you it was true. The only thing disrupting eduction at the minute is the lack of teachers. Students exploring their sense of identity is a non issue. Students have explored their sense of identity and gender for years and years and there has never been an issue. Let's face it. You are phobic and trying to find reasons to hate. The only reason this is even an issue right now is because you yourself are making it one. I am so surprised you didn't say Stu Peters. Usually when middle aged men want to cry about something they find unfair that doesn't affect their life what so ever they cry the name Stu Peters.
  13. Granted but you develop a messiah complex and spend the rest of your life trying to convert an atheist world to the belief that you are the child of the one true god and only through you may eternal splendour be sought. I wish for a castle in the sky.
  14. Granted. But, you don’t benefit. Your own body temperature lowers by two degrees to balance it 😜. I wish I was a genius inventor.
  15. I never see any forum games in here so let’s get one going. The rules are simple. You make a wish and the next person has to corrupt your wish and then make a wish themselves. For example. You could wish for all the money in the world and the next person would corrupt it by saying “Granted, but every step you take from now on will trod you in dog poo”. Il start it with a simple one.. I wish to be able to travel around the world see each and every country.
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