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  1. I mostly use it for accounts that I don't want cluttering up my main email. Its a shame really as their email service used to be okay at one point. Then they outsourced it.
  2. Or the Stu Peters evening show. Ten minutes of listening that bigoted idiot would set anyone on the straight and narrow if for no other reason than never having to listen to it again.
  3. Is it down for anyone else?. I can log in but I can't receive emails and haven't been able to for the last 4-5 hours. Why they had to switch to this new email service is beyond me. What they had before may have looked a little dated but I can't ever remember it having as many issues as they have now. Gotta love it when they fix what isn't broken.
  4. Had it two weeks ago. No issues, only side effect was tiredness.
  5. I do genuinely miss this particular forum. Was the best and most interesting one iv seen to date for the island (no offence) xD. https://web.archive.org/web/20010203164600/http://beemanx.com/
  6. I always find it interesting that the biggest snowflakes are usually the ones constantly complaining, moaning and getting offended at the idea of other snowflakes. It’s like one huge snowflake circle jerk. I always view the whole snowflake argument as pointless as the right wing nut jobs who shout it seem to be the most offended of all. As for Philip. RIP and...
  7. Chie


    A simple super basic way to explain cryptocurrency to the average lay person would probably be... Lets use Bitcoin as an example Imagine you have a plastic token that is not owned or managed by any one single person or government. You have a choice, you can buy either one whole plastic token or only part of a plastic token. The maximum amount of plastic tokens that can exist are 21 million. What gives the token its worth is how many people are willing to buy it, trade it and hold onto it. In this sense the price can be quite volatile and can be worth 54k a token one se
  8. Chie


    I am not entirely sure I would call it a cryptocurrency. It doesn't really meet the criteria of what we know as crypto currency today. It is definitely not decentralised, you can't buy it, you can't sell it. This is an excerpt from the email that states the lack of converting to and from fiat
  9. Chie


    I have been having a conversation with them over email asking questions. These are the key points I took away from the email. Founder is Martin Aram, but they are hesitant to reveal any other information on who is running the show. There will be no kind of Manncoin exchange. You will not be able to exchange Manncoins for Fiat or vice versa as they do not feel most people would want that and will not be facilitating it. So, no logging onto a local exchange and buying coins from one another...or buying coins full stop by the sound of it. They won't release any information on
  10. Chie


    Found the white paper for Manncoin http://fintechreports.info/resourcefiles/MannCoin-Whitepaper-V2_0-23-May-2019.pdf
  11. Chie


    Their Manncoin is irrelevant compared to other crypto. It’s not dependant on crypto as a whole becoming more accessible. It’s dependant on local businesses and residents adopting it as a payment method and allowing those residents to trade the coin for a pound value. Interesting though that I emailed them a few days ago enquiring about their blockchain technology, exchange plans, transparency of company owners and directors, sign up numbers, popularity and coin worth and have not received any response. And yet they emailed me back almost immediately when I had sign up questions. Il give it ano
  12. Chie


    I wonder if anywhere will eventually accept Manncoin as payment and how the coin is supposed to hold a value. At the minute they have been set up for maybe....6-12 months....and it seems that no retailers are rushing to adopt. There is no talk of an exchange for users to sell and buy coin. It literally just sits in the wallet with no value at present. I have sent an email to the company asking them these questions and will update when I get a response. But, unless some kind of exchange is set up and a significant number of retailers start accepting Manncoin as a payment option I really don't s
  13. I wonder if in the highly unlikely scenario that if it all went horribly horribly wrong and they hit a huge underground cavern and suddenly St Johns vanished into the earth would Bojo build us a bridge to connect Peel and Douglas
  14. I can hear the purists now. "Comeovers.....but....make it easier to get here and the crime rate will go through the roof....".
  15. No one will care. There is a vibrant LGBT community over here these days. It’s not like it was years ago although there are some on this forum who would prefer it to back that way. But honestly, ignore them. You are welcome over here regardless of what your sexuality is. There are those of us who fight every day to further the acceptance on this island and leave the ignorant past behind 🙂.
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