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  1. After listening to the debate. Some of the candidates. have such a fetish for the finance industry. I really wish they would consider other industries such as the failing retail industry. There are so many UK stores we could have over here which would boost the amount of people actually going to town and engaging with the stores and help boost available jobs. All we have heard for years is "The finance industry....the finance industry". Why don't we look at other industries and focus on building up those. I get the finance industry brings in a significant amount of revenue for the island but there are other industries we could focus on also. I stand by the concept of cannabis tourism. 1.2 million brits visited Amsterdam in 2017. With Amsterdam now banning cannabis tourism there is an opportunity there whether anyone likes it or not. But as I said previously. Done in the correct way, in authorised locations.
  2. You said you were standing to be something different. Why then vote in someone as CM who's policies do not particularly promise any significant or progressive change and give the impression of "more of the same".
  3. Then how do you explain the global temperature dropping when air travel was restricted during the pandemic. How do you explain the measurable and proven gradual increase in global temperature since the introduction of the Industrial Age. This…
  4. Offering price cuts is a good idea but there also has to actually be things for them to do when they get here. It isn't like years ago when they had all kinds of entertainment and fun features spread across the promenade. The tourist retail industry is pretty much dead. If you go to somewhere like Blackpool you have the funfair, the souvenir shops, shows, acts, deckchairs, random food outlets etc etc. There is a lot for families to do. On the island at the minute you pretty much have the choice of Heritage, Walking, Beach and Pub. To create a new tourist industry we need to have a reason for tourist to come in the first place. Aka, legalise cannabis. Personally. I don't smoke it. I used to a long time ago but it doesn't interest me anymore. However, I recognise the potential that legalising it could have. Look at Amsterdam for example. 600 million per year (I think if I remember correctly) from tax on the sale of cannabis products. The Isle of Man could be the Amsterdam of the UK (yes I know we aren't part of it etc etc but you get what I mean). Especially with Amsterdam looking at banning weed tourism once the coronavirus pandemic is over. We could literally have a huge slice of that economic pie and the money could be used to fund all kinds of things. Even so far as giving each resident a monthly stipend to boost up their wages and quality of life. Imagine £200 per moth per resident. 84, 584 residents. Thats a little over 16 million per year. But, if we were earning an extra 4-600 million through cannabis tourism it would be completely affordable with a lot left over for other projects. The money could help improve the island no end. So long as we don't use a certain building company or DOI to engage in any further projects that is. We could fix the current promenade scheme and remove the stupidity that has been added, revamp the walkway, revamp the sunken gardens as they are starting to show their age, a new modern ferry terminal, invest in re development of lord street car parks and other sites around Douglas to offer more for the new tourism. Offer incentives for locals to start their own business aimed at catering to and helping promote tourism, deckchairs, prom side stores and outlets. Idk....stuff... For those who worry about the legalisation. We could do it in such a way that it suits those who are for cannabis and those who would rather avoid it. So, legal within certain approved areas. Decriminalised, can carry but smoking it banned in most public spaces. So, you can smoke it inside of a designated cafe, outlet or inside your own home. Certain outdoor spaces could be designated smoking zones. For instance the Falcon Glen on Broadway, some of the sunken gardens, parts of Douglas beach etc etc. That way you cater to the tourism and those who are pro cannabis and those who do not want to engage with it, are not forced to. Win win. If anyone is found to be smoking it in a public area then at first they could get a warning to put it out and stop. If they choose to ignore or keep doing it then their cannabis gets confiscated. It would also help curb a lot of the illegal sales of cannabis on the island as residents would have a choice. Get high quality decent grade cannabis from an approved vendor. Or take the risk and get potentially questionable grade cannabis from a backstreet dealer. Limit the amount of cannabis outlets per area. For instance you could have one either side of the main Douglas street. Perhaps another further along the promenade. One more in upper Douglas, one in peel, Ramsey etc. Give people a reason to travel around the island and not just stay in the capital. The potential is so unrealised. The sheer amount of income that it could bring to the island and for local businesses. We are never ever going to be the super duper holiday destination ever again. It just simply will not happen when families can hop on a plane to Spain and enjoy far superior weather and entertainment. And catering solely to heritage and walking is only aiming at a small niche of a massive massive market. It would revitalise the struggling hotel industry, provide much needed funds for our local health service, improve our police service as a greater number of officers would be required, improve the pub industry. It is such a win win in all directions.
  5. The crazy thing is. After watching Sams videos. The only two who are talking like normal human beings are Stu and Kieran. David Fowler comes across as if he’s secretly Howard Quayle’s best friend and occasionally slips in the tub with him to play hunt the submarine. Seems mostly clueless and lacking in a spine. Air of utter arrogance surrounds him. Jane Wilson comes across incredibly full of herself and her accomplishments. She has the voice of a politician but also gives off the sense of untrustworthiness that goes along with it. When you listen to her she has the kind of voice that vaguely hints she might be interested in doing something to help you out but can’t really make any promises either way and you get the feeling she isn’t all that interested in what you have to say. The type of person that would use the word “legislation” as an excuse not to bring about any real change unless it inflated her own ego. Alison Lynch seems a little more down to Earth but took every opportunity to slip in her own accomplishments and statements of how great she is. Rather than focusing solely on the issues being presented. She feels more approachable than Jane but still with the air of pomposity. Then you have Stu and Kieran who just chatted away like normal human beings. It was kind of refreshing honestly to hear candidates communicating in a down to Earth manner. It is my dearest hope that Kieran wins and becomes the type of politician he wishes to see in government. I am not sure about Stu. Most of his comments and policies seem to boil down to “Those pesky lefties….and their dog too…”.
  6. Chie


    They still haven't fully explained how it will work. I own my own business and I am absolutely not registering diddly business wise until I fully know what it is I am signing up for. From what I gather you can choose to award buyers with your own Manncoin?. The same Manncoin that is accepted in precisely zero shops around the island and has no use case outside of their marketplace?. The same buyers can pay with Manncoin?. Seems a very limited case use and in all honesty, if they do allow you to sell Manncoin for Fiat, I would be more inclined to keep the free 100 Manncoin and sell it as opposed to give it away. Facebook pretty much covers most peoples (and businesses) need to sell pretty much anything locally. And few local businesses might be swayed by a new and interesting Manx marketplace but how many of those are savvy enough to start dealing with the concept of cryptocurrency, even if it is a severely watered down version of, and a special award points system when they can just go on Amazon or Ebay and reach a much wider audience. You don't even need to engage in full KYC and whatever else to sell on Ebay, you can literally register an account and start listing and sell worldwide within minutes. I guess we will see in the coming months but, so far...me no like.
  7. Thats a valid point. @Stu Peters There's a boat in the morning 😅.
  8. I was born in the mid 80s. So, considered a millennial. But, I feel I was born a little too early. I have very little in common with most of the millennial I know and my views and attitudes are more in line with the later gen z. If I had a choice, I would have liked to have been born in this decade. Technology is at a pretty great point, chances are those born today might actually see humans land on mars, advancements in virtual reality and artificial intelligence will be seriously interesting to observe, quantum computing is just around the corner etc.
  9. Chie

    Manx Pen pal?

    Unless you live here there aren't really any "teachers" and even then you really need to be immersed in it like any language to understand it fully. You would be better searching for a Manx speaking group and contacting them to see if anyone would correspond with you via email in Manx. Then move here for a bit. For someone who has a fascination it doesn't sound like you have been here all that often, if at all. Seems a bit odd to have a fascination of something yet only looking at a road map. Move over here for a year and try it out for yourself.
  10. Jurby is quiet. Bit out of the way.
  11. So, I have always wondered. It is all well and good wanting to stand for the local authorities or as an MHK. But, once you have been elected. How do you even begin to know where to start or what to start doing?. Is there an induction or training that they have to undergo?. Or is it just a case of.....thrown in at the deep end. How does it all work once you have been elected. For me personally if I was elected, I would be utterly lost wandering into the local authority or the house of keys.
  12. It's not so much that you have Opinions. Opinions are fine. Not everyone in the world agrees on the same subjects 100% of the time. It is more about the way in which those opinions are delivered, the weight that goes along with them and the effect that they can have. I would be more understanding and forgiving of your broadcasting and journalistic style if you actually tried to engage other people in a discussion on these issues instead of just ranting off about them day after day on your nightly public platform. Maybe trying to learn about these particular topics, the issues faced by those people within society and what it is that they are fighting for day in day out and THEN formulating an opinion on the matter would be a much better way to handle things. You however, chose to use your position as a public broadcaster to make, at times, quite derogatory comments on a number of topics ranging from women to LGBTQI+ to BLM to whatever else was your bugaboo of the day. You never once sounded like you wanted to actually engage anyone in discussion or learn about what it was those people were fighting against. You may come back at me on this and state that I am speaking nonsense but I stand by comment. I have never ever heard you once ever try to actually engage or learn about a particular topic that you oppose and have a lot to say about. You say you want to become the MHK for middle. If that is the case you are going to have to represent and understand ALL the issues faced by ALL the people of middle and occasionally help those that may not exactly ally themselves with your own political way of thinking. So, my questions for you are thus.. 1. How do you intend to rectify these issues to be able to gain the support of those voters you have previously taken issue with?. 2. Going forward, do you intend to try to be more understanding and open to the issues faced by those in the wider society and help contribute towards making the island a safer and happier place to live?. 3. What support do you plan to provide towards helping combat the current climate emergency?. 4. Do you plan to help improve our current healthcare system?. If so, how?. 5. What are your thoughts on the legalisation of cannabis and the potential multi million pound tourist industry it could create for the island?.
  13. Well. To be sure I suppose. Those home testing kits claim 99.whatever percent reliability. But in practice iv heard and read they are more around 75%. On top of that, if the test is looking for antibodies as opposed to viral genetic information then some tests can be triggered by having recently had a vaccine due to the presence of antibodies in response to it. If you look at our recent history, this is before restrictions ended. We were Covid free in the community and yet there were still hundreds getting tested each day with cases few and far between outside of those coming back from travel. It's easy enough to get a cough and feel a bit ill and think its Covid, but it might not be, it might just be a bad cold. Getting a test helps validate this and if its not Covid then you don't need to isolate etc.
  14. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=62712&headline=Cost of Bee Gees statue is £170,000&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2021 I get that the Bee Gees managed to hit international superstardom and they sold millions of records worldwide. But, £170,000 on a statue??. Didn't they leave the island when they were like ten years old or something. And go and live in Manchester and then spend the rest of their life in Australia?. I understand being proud of the fact they were born here but do we really need a ridiculously overpriced cringe worthy statue looking unbelievably out of place on the already over spent promenade?. I don't often cringe at things but that statue makes me cringe every time I see it. Even more so now I know they spent £170,000 on it. I would have done something more along the lines of local Manx heroes and competitors like Mark Cavendish and others who actually represent the island. Thoughts?.
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