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  1. Call her out, it’s your right, freedom of speech and all that. I just personally don’t care. I don’t fully get what they are going for specifically, but at the same time, I don’t see any specific harm is being done. If this was a cis female teacher, there wouldn’t exactly be a call for her to have forced breast reductive surgery so, in a world of trying to accept all forms of femininity and expression, where do you draw the line? Maybe this person is genuinely trans or maybe they are a fetishist. I don’t know and I’m not about policing how another person defines their trans or cis identity, providing it causes no harm to others. I’m trans myself and honestly, I can think of better hills to die on. I doubt it will last more than a couple of months anyway due to the immense strain those things will have on her back.
  2. You could just say cis female teacher. It wouldn’t hurt you to try and be at least a little respectful. Secondly. Want my honest opinion? I think it’s overkill and for once, I’m not entirely sure what she is trying to aim for. Not something I would do personally. However, I have a policy in my life that providing it harms none, do as you will. And honestly, she isn’t harming anyone so, whatever. There were cis female teachers in my school that used to rock massive breasts with gigantic camel toe 🤷‍♀️. Even I will admit this one is a bit out there but, I have better things to care about than the size of someone prosthetic boobs. The same goes for your prosthetic penis, I don’t care about that either. Wear it and be proud.
  3. Anything from the mail is usually skewed in some way to suit their narrative. Probably the least reliable paper in existence. I personally don’t see any issue with it. If that’s how they want to express themselves then so be it. They aren’t exactly hurting anyone and the only people who seem to be offended are the terfs. The problem here is that, if you start setting a certain standard on this trans woman, you end up setting the same standard on cis women. Some cis women are born naturally with huge breasts and others have implants to take them up to G/H size and beyond. If a trans woman feels that she wants to do the same, then there’s no reason why she can’t. Maybe she doesn’t have the money required for the implants. I wouldn’t say it’s misogynistic as that would make all women misogynists who choose to have breasts over a certain size.
  4. Chie

    UK SIM

    If you are wanting one I recommend VOXY. They have some pretty good packages and its just pay monthly. No contract. And, you can use it over here.
  5. Chie


    Lend us a tenner?
  6. Chie

    Isle of Pride

    This is what makes me laugh about people like you. You continue to accuse me of making things up, even though I have already explained it several times and admitted I was confusing different points of the debate, it was not intentional, given this has been going on for years now. And yet, you intentionally do the exact same thing by accusing me of claiming it as a hate crime, I never said hate crime in the same way I never said anything about boomers earlier. The only person here who seems to be completely ignoring what is being said is you. I have answered nearly all of your points while you have focused only on a handful of mine with 99% of your focus on the fact I got something wrong and, ignore the fact that I have openly recognised that I got it wrong. She stated things in regards to sex, gender, women only spaces with the insinuation of there being an issue. Even though, the evidence for such an issue is woolly at best. She did so, knowing she had trans students, knowing the political climate of the time and the backlash that others had received for doing similar. Again, whether she should have been hounded out of her job isn’t something I can answer. I believe she is entitled to her opinions. But, it was disrespectful at the time to link transgenderism to misogyny, safety and as if there is a insinuation against trans people in womens spaces. That, is disrespectful to the trans community. Disagree, by all means, that is my opinion. What’s most interesting is that, me as an evil lefty wokey woke, is more than happy to listen to your views, allow you your opinions and is more than happy to respond to them and correct myself when necessary and more importantly learn, which I did when I admitted I had got something wrong. Yet you, can only focus on the instance where i got something wrong, repeating the point over and over and any other points I made “shut up with your silly woke views”.
  7. Chie

    Isle of Pride

    Making up and confusing points of a debate are two different things. In your view I intentionally did something to prove a point. I didn’t, I admitted I was wrong. I’m not above admitting that. But I stand by the rest of what I said to you. You can call it woke all you want, all woke means is being socially, politically and culturally aware of the issues facing minority groups. By its actual definition, most people are woke.
  8. Chie

    Isle of Pride

    1. I did admit I was wrong and just because the university found no wrong doing doesn’t mean she is free from blame. As I stated, she knew what she was doing, she did choose to disrespect trans student with what she said. You may disagree, super, welcome to freedom of speech. Since then has engaged in a whole host of anti trans activity and rhetoric, so defending her is a mute point imo. 2. I don’t think I mentioned boomers. In fact I don’t think I ever mentioned age in any form or generation. 3. I’m not Gen X, close though.
  9. Chie

    Isle of Pride

    She is entitled to her views. Iv stated that several times over. But, she also did show disrespect to trans students. I can however admit when I’m wrong. Which may shock and horror you. There’s been a lot of rhetoric between now and then and I must have confused different points of the debate. My apologies.
  10. Chie

    Isle of Pride

    The only bit that gives a sense of in accuracy is the first bit, she wasn’t forced out for refusing to teach students. I meant to refer to reactions to her attitudes on pronouns and sex after the examples as to why she felt forced to leave. Secondly, the rest is true, she did show disrespect to her trans students. No one was disrespecting her, as per usual with the gender critics, she started it. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Chie

    Isle of Pride

    It is education though. It’s educating yourself on the issue you are trying to argue against. All you have done really is shout the usual buzz words such as, “trans lobby”, “militant”, “woke”, without actually bothering to understand whether.. A. What you are stating is even true, or whether you are being prompted to this way of thinking by the media invented culture war. Or, B. What those words actually mean. I would argue in terms of “militant” that the gender critics, media and certain famous people have taken militant to a whole other level than what any trans person has at the moment. I mean, Posy (dozy) Parker wants men with guns to stand guard in womens bathrooms. Which, given the gender critic stance on the issue, is absolutely laughable and rejects the ideology she is trying to push. Your main issue is that you are listening to all of these sources and believing that any left leaning liberal, that states any form of support in regards to trans rights, is this crazed extremist. When in truth, most of the hype you see in the media focuses on a very small percentage of us that exist mainly on the far left. The rest of us are actually quite amicable individuals that are more than willing to sit down with you and have a reasonable conversation and share our experiences with you. However, if someone spouts some nonsense, we will also challenge it, given the damage it can and is causing to our community. That doesn’t make someone a radical, that’s just someone sticking up for their community and trying to curb the flow of misinformation that is doing the rounds. When you read or watch the news or see YouTube videos of thugs in black masks. That is a very very very tiny minority of people who are being given way more airtime and sensationalised into a much larger crowd than they are. The rest of us wouldn’t dream of acting like that at a protest, if we felt the need, we would protest peacefully without violence, if challenged there may be shouting, but violence, unless instigated against us, is a no. The ones you see engaging in that at each of these protests are generally the same few people over and over. You also mention people being chased out of their jobs? I am guessing you are referring to Kathleen Stock, among others. Would you feel the same way if a tutor at the IOM college refused to teach young people that were black?, or refused to teach women?, or decided that cis white males were no longer welcome in their class? You might say you wouldn’t care but in reality you would be outraged. For the above, a tutor would be instantly taken to a disciplinary and probably sacked with a good portion of the public agreeing with the decision. Kathleen Stock however wasn’t sacked, she left of her own accord due to the student backlash. Should she have been forced to leave her job? I genuinely don’t know what my answer is to that. On the one hand, as stated, i firmly believe that freedom of speech is essential and everyone should be entitled to their views. But, on the other hand, just because you have views, doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to show disrespect to the people your views are against. She would have been more than aware of the political climate in her university and her situation definitely wasn’t the first. So, she would have been more than aware of the potential outcomes and yet did it anyway. I have sometimes wondered if she wanted to martyr herself for whatever cause it is the gender critics think they are fighting. I mean, she went out with loud cries of “I’ve been cancelled” and then goes on to write books, speak at events and generally is making a ton of money from her involvement in the gender critter movement. Is it so hard to just show respect to another human being? Do pronouns REALLY cause anyone that much offence? And before you state “Well the trans lobby also….”. You have to remember one thing, they started this attack, we didn’t. We were getting along perfectly fine, with everything heading in the right direction in regards to rights, access to health care etc. And then, the gender critic rear their heads and suddenly trans people are being demonised from all angles, of course there is going to be backlash.
  12. Chie

    Isle of Pride

    So that’s a no to educating yourself then? I bet you don’t even know what woke means. Also no, I don’t want the thread taken down. I am happy for people to voice their opinions, I am happy for people to even say they don’t like something, I am a supporter of freedom of speech and always have been. However, I also reserve my right to freedom of speech to challenge the things you say. Learn to be better.
  13. Chie

    Isle of Pride

    As a trans person, what a stupid, misinformed and ignorant comment. There is a huge, growing anti trans rhetoric that has been building for the last few years. Numerous media outlets have ran hundreds of anti trans articles. The U.K. government banned conversion therapy for all except trans people. There has been a steady rise in LGBTQIA, with a specific focus on trans people, hate crime, due to misinformed berks buying into the nonsense that is being spread and allowing it to justify their hate. Numerous hate groups have formed with the specific purpose of attacking trans people and normalising trans hate. The most prominent of which is the LGB Alliance, an organisation that has yet to do one single thing for LGB people. The ban on trans people, based on very wooly and misunderstood evidence, from sports categories that align with their identity. Numerous well known public faces pumping out anti trans rhetoric on a daily basis. In the U.K., a prime minister has just been appointed who is very anti trans and is planning to put individuals into cabinet positions who have plans to introduce a very Russian style ban on teaching anything LGBTQIA+ in schools and stopping trans kids from living their best life. A re write of the rights act that conveniently leaves out gender identity. Rather than shouting “urghhh trans lobby urghh”, maybe you could try reading up on the issue and educating yourself a little bit on what is actually happening before commenting?.
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