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  1. I had a long and lengthy discussion with the customer service team before I started paying and they assured me that their fair use policies only apply to the data capped deals and that I am free to be a members of Voxi and use their services whilst living in the IOM. I have been with them a little over a month now and I have hammered some serious data in these tests and so far no issue. I have been using my phone as my sole point of internet access for everything from streaming to gaming to Downloading. What would you honestly pick. £60 with MT that denies you tethering, and if you read the T&C slows down your connection if you use over 1GB in a day. or £30 a month for unlimited that so far has no restrictions, no slow downs and no issues. I still have my MT sim should this ever come to an end but...so far...this is the best priced service I have been on to date
  2. Before I start...no I do not work for them ...with that out of the way... Has anyone else tried Voxi by Vodafone?. I was told about them a year ago and have sent a long time debating whether to switch or not and a month ago decided to take the plunge. Figured I would give it a months trial and see if Voxi live up to their claims. They class the IOM as part of their eurozone so all minutes, texts, data etc work here aka no roaming. I took out their £30 a month unlimited everything package and il be honest...I will never go near Manx Telecom or Sure ever again. Before switching I went into MT and asked them if they did an unlimited 4G sim only deal and they did at a staggering £60 a month and also asked if that included tethering as I use my data to browse the net / game / movies on my laptop at work, it wasn't included. Apparently they don't offer tethering on the unlimited deal as, and I quote the shop assistants exact words, "We don't offer tethering on the unlimited plan as on other plans you would have to purchase more data when you run out". So I contacted Voxi, asked them and they assured me that on the plan I was looking at all texts, calls, data, tethering is truly unlimited. £30 with truly unlimited with unlimited mobile, landline, texts, data etc vs £60 with unlimited*(except....what we don't want you to have as unlimited because you still need to spend more money with us).....bye bye MT... So here we are, a month of testing later, lots of downloading, lots of browsing, hours of tethering and I can happily report that there are no slowing of connections, no caps, no limits, lots of tethering....gigs of data....and one super happy me. I am moving into my own apartment in the next few months and I honestly think I am going to just use my phone as my main source of internet. I was debating a 4G connection with Sure or Blue Wave but......I don't see the need now. I know this sounds like I'm a sales rep or something, I am not. There is no way I could have written this without sounding like one. I am just very very happy with the network and the fact it offers true unlimited with no conditions. I am sick of dealing with "shop local" companies that just seem to want to rip you off or offer you a "too good to be completely true" deal at a ridiculous cost. We have needed access to something better for a long time on this island and maybe with companies like Vodafone offering inclusive plans like this, especially as you can transfer your number also, it might actually give the local companies a kick up the backside and some much needed competition. The only downside is that it will cost MT and Sure users money to actually phone you but let's be honest. In the modern age, we mostly contact each other via data anyway. Okay....review over..
  3. Phrases in manx to wow and annoy people with : Go s*** in your hat : "Goll jerree ayns dty edd" Sir, your face resembles a mouldy kipper : "Ghooinney, yn eddin gollrish er lheeah skeddan jiarg" Your last ardent lover was a Loughton sheep : "Ayd yerrey graihder jeean v'loaghtan keyrrey" 5G is perfectly safe : "5'queig t'fondaghey sauchey" You have defecated between your toes, go wash them please : "T'ou er cackey eddyr dt'cass, gow leaght-dahh ad cur taitnys da" Beemanx was better than Manx Forums : "Beegaelg va son ny share na gaelg cruinnaght" Your crotch smells of cheese biscuit : "Ayd goal soaral dy brishtag chaashey"
  4. Just because 5G will need a massive infrastructure of cells, antennas and towers and is operating on the sub 6G frequency doesn't automatically make it a bad thing that is going to destroy the world, cause madness and kill of the entirety of humanity. The problem here is that all the people who are freaking out are doing so by reading the doom and gloom panic articles written for the most part by people who have a limited understanding of the science behind it all. Let me show you the accepted standard example of why you shouldn't immediately dive for your tinfoil helmet when you hear the words 5G : ------------- Product : The Microwave Operating Electromagnetic Frequency Range : 2.4GHZ Power Output : 5-900+ Watts Experiment : Sticking your head inside whilst turned on Result : A seriously bad day for all concerned ------------- Product : WiFi Router Operating Electromagnetic Frequency Range : 2.4GHZ Power Output : 2-20 Watts Experiment : Opening up the plastic exterior for maximum exposure and placing against your face Result : You look like an idiot Homework : What is the reason behind this. Why could one cause you serious damage yet the other is fairly harmless Bonus Points : Why is there not an increase in the amount of people running around naked, howling under a full moon and then dropping dead given that 5G is now included on most WiFi routers, thus already broadcasting within peoples homes in said electromagnetic range The same principle applies to 5G, stop doomsaying and take up knitting already.
  5. Don't do that for the love of god. The man already spouts all kinds of fakery as legit news. I remember him ranting and raving on Manx radio regarding individuals on youtube throwing tantrums over not getting enough tomato sauce at mcdonalds and using it as a reason to start attacking anyone and everyone he deemed a "snowflake". He didn't quite realise that all of those videos are either pranks, trolling OR fake acted out scenes designed for no other reason than to get views and thus try and up ad revenue. And ANYONE who has been to mcdonalds knows that getting more ketchup is as simple as asking for it. Yet Stu Peters declared it to be real legitimate news and had a good old rant about it and ended up looking like a royal gullible tit that peddles lies and fakery. Standard of the island I guess. Also, shut the hell up about 5G already. Its not dangerous, its never going to be dangerous, it will be fine, the world will not end, we will all go on living. The only health issue will be the clinical boredom of listening to all of the middle aged men crying about it. Has anyone ever noticed that its primarily middle aged men who freak out about this kind of stuff. You must get to a point where life becomes so boring that you NEED to start believing in misunderstood science and conspiracy theories to make life seem dangerous and interesting. Y'all need to take up a new hobby, I suggest knitting its very relaxing...unless the government are secretly putting 5G receptors into the wool and every time you wear a woollen jumper they are able to use those 5G signals to jack into you brain and record your thoughts and use your toilet schedules as a way to direct their troops in the every on going un seen battle to control the human race by putting mind altering chemicals into your soup......I should stop here....I fear the middle aged man crowd is already on the edge of their seat, knuckles white, eyes wide, staring over at their tins of soup fearfully
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    So what do you all think of 5G?
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