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  1. so we finally all got here, and yes it has rained a lot since our arrival , but we were expecting that, and so far we feel happy here , long many it continue and now a question about work permits how easy are they to obtain? if you want to be self-employed
  2. if you dont live here full time, you can get a bank account without an NIE , just with a passport ( well Brits can anyway)
  3. worse than waiting for the GPO in 1974 to install a phone??? oh nooooooooooooooo
  4. For me, setting up a Spanish bank account was the easiest account i have ever opened , all they wanted was my passport and my old uk address, they even suggested i had my bank debit card sent to the same branch, where i collected 7 days later . they didn't ask me anything - a bit of a surprise really and mine wasn't set up all that long ago, never really needed it here because we kinda just used my partner's account. She set her account up years ago again with no fuss or bother.
  5. ok thanks, thats worth bearing in mind what about personal accounts, i assume they are a bit quicker to set up?
  6. https://www.gov.im/categories/travel-traffic-and-motoring/drivers-and-vehicles/vehicle-registration-and-licensing/ useful info on the Gov site
  7. No its not, but i now see that it is pointless engaging with you. You add nothing to the thread, you just feel the need to troll here ( and probably other threads too) , all in all, an epic waste of time. IMO edit: I have just discovered that this forum has the option to put anyone on ignore ! You're welcome ! TTFN
  8. Si, its siesta time here at the time of posting this ¬ ¬ Last Sunday Dis Name posted this on a thread "The road is a mess,something should be done The road is a mess,the workers are too slow The road is a mess,they're spending tax payers money This road is much better now,but it cost too much. Zzzzzzzzzz " I think his finger got stuck on the z key today , again.
  9. its a skill i tell ya, lol and yes, time will tell, if the bug will still bite ! Generally speaking: High Taxes () never work, the "poor" are always the ones who suffer. Why? because the "rich" can always leave. The "poor" can't. so they get left with the higher tax rates ( this happens all over the world ) which then reduces their disposable income , less money for them to spend, the more the economy shrinks. Lower taxes encourages so much , more people start businesses in lower tax economies than in higher tax economies. I have noticed a "form" of this already from complaints (on forums) about the prices of the Steam_Racket ferry co, £300 to £450 for a return crossing for a car, two adults, two children from the UK , (when you can go to France for example, for 20% to 40% of that figure) is not an incentive for tourists/holiday makers to come to the Island . Lower prices on the ferry would certainly help "travel costs" to & fro
  10. Point 1 No, i state as i have found it, from doing my research ( i dont live there yet, so i dont know for sure that is the case) point 2, yes ok i can see that Point 3, yes , even through the fog, i think i can see that being the case Point 4 , Yes, point taken
  11. Gov never votes for a) its own demise, b) to make itself smaller of any kind , c) for any kind of monetary reduction. its the same all over the world
  12. on another thread i saw this discussed , maybe this is contributing to the Island's "woes" Woolley There is a distinction between people moving here to swell the government workforce and those coming to work in private industry and employ others. The former cost and the latter contribute. Rushen Spy 100% agreed. Unfortunately, the former massively (disproportionately) outnumber the latter. taken from https://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/64664-zurich-international-redundancies/page/5/
  13. No, in summary i am going to move there and watch the TT when its on, i am also going to ride my bike , walk my dogs and go out for fish n chips and the odd curry. i may also start some sort of business venture , later on down the line read what i actually wrote " the Gov is pushing is Digital Tech , ie Blockchain based technology" - ie not me , but it's the Gov doing it ! In the meantime i will defer to your years of Island knowledge as to how you will solve the " huge unemployment problem and protect the future of (the) our economy" when are the next parliament elections? put yourself down as a candidate , you will have my vote!
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