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  1. I think I might try 🤔
  2. I see the Prison Service are recruiting. I think it’s ridiculous how little the police starting salary is in comparison to the prison.
  3. I see that the police are recruiting again. Can anyone give me some advice please? it’s a job I’ve always thought about…but I’ve heard it’s a very toxic environment, plus the salary is crap.
  4. Howling 🤣
  5. Lazy lumps of flesh is right, the ‘kiddy cop’ force is an embarrassment. Maybe test some of the coppers too for drugs / alcohol. And all the crap about them living ‘hand to mouth’, that made me lose what little respect I had for them in the first place.
  6. Not something to be proud of definitely not, my point is that the guys/girls in the UK have to actually ‘work’ for the small amount of salary they earn. My point is that the officers over here are over paid for what they do, as everyone has seen who watched that programme. As you have shown, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  7. Those guys working in real prisons should be getting the wages they are getting over here. They are running a real jail...not a ‘youth club/mental asylum’
  8. The job was advertised a few weeks ago and the starting pay is 30k plus. More than the police who start on 24k Prison staff in the UK are on about 18k Absolutely shocking, how can they justify paying them that much, especially after seeing that tv ‘mockumentary’
  9. Yeah breaking point because they have one officer on a landing with 100 prisoners. whilst at the Jurby Youth Club they have 1 Officer to one prisoner. Huge difference
  10. And the ego boosting backfired big time ha
  11. I highly doubt after the uproar that this documentary...sorry comedy caused that there will be a follow up series.
  12. Maybe that’s why they are over familiar with them, for an easy life? I agree, the whole point of the programme was to show the rehabilitation and low reoffending, which was not the case. I think the company who filmed it pulled the wool over the governments eyes and their plan was to make it come across as a joke.
  13. I bet the majority of those ‘guards’ wouldn’t last five minutes working in a real prison like that. Unless they try to be their best mates like they do at Jurby
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