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  1. MT contacted me today and they have identified a “concession” configuration error which periodically dumped my connection. They rebuilt the configuration and problem is resolved. The caller indicated that we had somehow caused this by having more than one streaming guest computer at one time. Not sure I understand any of that but can confirm the issue seems to have gone away. Weeks of stress and many hundreds of pounds spent replacing potentially faulty equipment . Urgh
  2. I have an optimal fibre broadband connection that is losing internet access several times a day. I can recover it by rebooting the router. It is driving me mad as I have it in a hotel and the guests are getting very annoyed. I changed the router to the MT one from my fortinet one in case that was the problem but now worse. There is no evidence of the circuit dropping from MT perspective so they can’t help. Anyone any ideas? The network remains up and I can log on to router so it isn’t freezing. It was all so stable until I went with the fibre service..
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