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  1. no because when we walked in the shadow was in a different position to where we were standing ......
  2. many thanks we do know and understand but the people who post horrible things on here are probably sad and lonely that have do nothing better to do with there day
  3. okay thank you your feed back is amazing this is good to know did any of the other things happen like hearing or seeing things please message back your info is amazing , we went back to the hotle today and there was a shadow of a man but none was there .........
  4. thank you we do not think there is a killer if there is please could you give us more info on it please it would be a massive help but we think there is a spirit of a little girl and or her family because all the things that were happening were paranormal many thanks we hope for a message back
  5. and this looks like a sad bored middle aged person who has nothing to do
  6. Hello, i am here today to talk about the Cherry Orchard Apartment Hotel Port Erin isle of man. We have no information about when it was first built for example -we don't know the year or who built it- i know and understand that it has been shut down to the public, There is only long let/rent apartments available by estate agents the restaurant has also been shut down we understand the reasons on why it was shut down . Right it all started a couple of days ago , Me and some friends were in cherry orchard where there are sofas and books to read ,We understand that it isn't open to the public but our friend lives there, So we go in there when we are bored and have nothing to do ,It all started when one of us heard a little girl say hi daddy we thought nothing of it until we were walking out and we seen a door open ,So we went back to see if anyone was there and no one was ,The door had shut so we deiced to stay, A few of us were standing around and getting very cold feelings then it happened again along the long corridor another door swung open , Then we got really scared and left but we only went out side the outside door for a second when we deiced to just go in and sit an calm down but as we walked in the stool had moved half way down the corridor so we moved it back, We were all very scared at this point because as everyone knows it has been shut down and this part of the complex isn't used that much it is used very rarely , Then when we looked at the floor we seen little foot prints witch stood out very clearly witch we know for sure they weren't there before, we left it a bit and nothing happen and then one of use sat in this chair and we suddenly felt cold so we asked if there was any spirits present and we heard walking up stairs but we also understand that it could just be someone who lives there, So we changed the person and did it again and this person got the shivers we got very scared and didn't return until the next day ,When we heard the broken lift moving witch is impossible because its broken and never opens we also kept getting the feeling we were being watched and listen to, We sat in the chair again and got the shivers as if someone didn't want us to sit there we left and haven't been back since. we have many questions about the paranormal activity that we have in counted and seen we are very worried about this and if anyone knows any information or anyone has experienced or know of anything please feel free to say it would help a lot . many thanks x
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