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  1. Apparently there is something to choose between them. You give absolute free reign to dilligaf to hurl random abuse at random posters while relentlessly attacking any other posters for the most ridiculous and petty reasons.Meanwhile, you're harassing people like me for no apparent reason, sending stupid private messages accusing me of being a former poster. Get a life, you prick. I'm not even going to waste my time opening your spam message. This is the first and only username I ever registered with and it will be the last one. If you don't like me, go ahead and ban me, you cunt. Get a life.
  2. Government should exist only to serve the people, but our government serves itself by theft and mistreatment of the people. It's a total sham. The agenda of government is government and more government. The main people who suffer under this are normal working people.
  3. Yes, I think the island's real population is closer to 150,000.
  4. You just post random insults. Like, yesterday, totally randomly, you called be a "tosser". Totally ruined an otherwise reasonable discussion. Get your alcohol intake under control and stop being a d-ck, okay?
  5. Yes, they are, and they disproportionately pay tax.
  6. He's a moron and a simpleton. I expect he'll be voted an MHK in the next election.
  7. Thank you. It is a fact that they are dragging their feet, but what is most disgusting is that it is targeted at people on low incomes.
  8. Serious question. When is this troll going to be banned? All he does is get drunk and insult people every night.
  9. I predict another Conservative government with a small majority. I predict that the Brexit Party will come up short, mainly as a consequence of Farage's bizarre withdrawal of candidates based on a single comment made by the PM. Labour voters aren't stupid enough to vote Brexit Party if they know it's a de facto vote for a Conservative government -- they're more likely to vote UKIP (post-Farage) as a protest vote or not vote at all. I had high hopes up until Farage made that blunder. A more important question than who wins a working majority is whether there will be a delivery of Brexit. I don'
  10. Yes, it's morally and ethically wrong. I stand by what I said because it is the truth and not an opinion or guess. It is a fact.
  11. Please, more details. This sounds like the most interesting news of the week and the newspapers ironically went and deleted it.
  12. I don't care if anybody believes it or not. It's the truth.
  13. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=52025 I was just reading this and got to the Comments section. What did "Eric" post? It looks like it got removed by the website, but the other people's replies are still there.
  14. They are instructed to try to maximize the amount of tax they can get and to minimize the amount given back by way of rebate. That means that even if their staff notice that a person is owed a rebate on previous years, the policy is that they would not go and rebate it and would leave the onus on the taxpayer to figure out they've been shortchanged. The majority of tax is targeted at the poor and low income earners. Most taxation is just theft to keep the civil servants' own salaries and pensions paid. It's a racket.
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