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  1. Still, context is key. Let's not categorize stress or mental illness as somehow inferior as a reason for being signed off by a medical professional. Yes, it can be taken advantage of but it can also be legitimate. It also differs from department to department, section to section. There are legitimate reasons for stress as a sign off.
  2. Really, that's pathetic. Such a team doesn't even exist. It's just a couple of people from the External Relations Team trying to pretend they're relevant.
  3. Bunch of Retards give an Award away to other Retards. Apologies if this offends retards.
  4. Look, SHEEP < BAAAH>, Epstein is not dead. A double or clone was killed. He is alive and well. More importantly, his abuse of children continues and his clients continue to go to him, which includes members of the so-called "royal" family of the UK.
  5. There really are though. If you add them all up, it's something outrageous like 20 or 25% of the working population. If you double that figure to account for civil servants married or in relationships with private sector and you're looking at 40 to 45% of households, not including siblings, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles -- the figure of people with a vested financial interest in keeping the gravy train going is well over 50%. It's a clear majority and a majority of them are not even Manx or from the Isle of Man. This island needs to remove these people like a surgeon removes a cancerous tumour.
  6. Doesn't add any further credibility to the claim.
  7. I would agree with that. The civil service has plenty of good people in it. They make up about 20% of the total and if you got rid of the other 80% nobody would notice they were gone.
  8. Appalling. I've taken 0 days off in the past year.
  9. I don't know whether the minister was being a bully or not. What I would say is that often bullies will accuse their victims of being the bully. It's a convenient way to jump in with the first accusation, thereby making the inevitable counter-accusation by the innocent party less believed. The civil service is full of bullies and sometimes they don't take well to ministers or political members being active parts of the departments or sections they are assigned to (and which we pay them to do). So sometimes bullies come up against other bullies, or bullies come up against someone (like a minister) who holds them to account and then they accuse that person of bullying. None of what I said is based on the case at hand though as I do not know any of the people involved. Just saying, I've seen it happen.
  10. Epstein is not dead. They killed a double.
  11. Serious question. I notice they do different works on different parts of the promenade road, so you end up with half of it black tarmac and the other half looks a different colour and texture, and you get darker bits around the sewer things. Do they ever plan to make sure the road surface is a uniform colour and texture so, you know, it doesn't look like a complete mess made during amateur hour?
  12. Frankly it's no worse than most of the "reputable" charities ripping people off, pretending your money is going to help people while their executives and the pyramid scheme under them are raking in hundreds of thousands or millions. My guess is this person is just not as clever as those executives to pull it off.
  13. Still trying to figure out if Antarctica is considered a country so I know whether the IOM can be listed under it.
  14. But the question isn't how much money these poor souls are being ripped off and how much it (and taxpayer funding of it) is benefiting a select few. The question is how much of it benefits the island's total economy. The answer is sweet FA.
  15. Thank you for your reply. I forgot to factor in lunch time delays, easily upping the figure to £17.5 million in TT fortnight alone, not to mention the additional business cost of annual leave and people calling in sick during TT due to intoxication or just reactions to pollution or the stress of the whole thing, upping the figure to probably circa £25 million. Thank you.
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