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  1. It doesn't offend me, it just irritates me.
  2. I usually have a Chinese meal for Christmas.
  3. You may as well be an automated bot programmed by someone with no personality.
  4. Yeh, it is. It's earliest local mentions of Christmas.
  5. Once a person mentions Christmas and I see it, it's already too late to just ignore it. They've already ruined my day.
  6. Yeh, don't talk about that until December either. Nobody cares.
  7. I see people are posting on Facebook about Christmas and it's only September 8th, ffs. There was even one back in August but I'll class that as an isolated incident. Can we please all just collectively agree to not mention Christmas until November? I just cannot understand the mindset of people who are going on about it three months ahead of time. That's like 33% of the calendar year dedicated to this overrated day of the year. Get a grip.
  8. You quote Urban Dictionary yet it supports what I said and debunks your implied "class-based" meaning. Get a grip, you sad old man.
  9. I am amazed anybody even opens the Courier. I throw mine out the moment I get it.
  10. Factor in inflation and rising cost of living = wage stagnation, even wage reduction.
  11. Brexit Party have mentioned scrapping the House of Lords.
  12. I guess you don't get out much. Whatever the Roman etymology of the word, normal people just use the word as a synonym for an idiot or foolish person.
  13. Ganesh


    But why should the Isle of Man pay them foreign aid? We are (and remain) an exploited colony just like India was.
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