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  1. The only trouble with subscribing is the random bans imposed for basically nothing. I'm not bothered about the money. Just the principal.
  2. I thought Ali had a tenancy in there? He certainly did initially. Did he buy it off the Brewery?
  3. It would only ever cost no money if someone else builds it and iomspc lease it. At huge cost with less control. It's a better idea to go down the route they are now. It'll their asset under their control.
  4. Ah well let's all start panicking then (or gloating etc).
  5. I think you misunderstand the brewery business model. They're not losing anything by doing this.
  6. Is it possible to stop this constant stream of ads appearing?
  7. It seemed fairly obvious the Central would close permanently. It'll be a loss making operation or certainly very close to it. Most of the trade can be soaked up by the Swan. They've only got two pubs left in Ramsey now. Plenty of scope for other private business to flourish.
  8. It's an impossible situation in many respects. The fire service at the airport do basically nothing. Everyone knows that. But it's one of those things you HAVE to have. You then run into all the overly fussy and unnecessary health and safety and compliance aspects that have taken over the world which means anything the airport wants to do from a fire service perspective costs disproportionate amounts of money for what benefit you will actually get from it. Let's be honest- if you worked on a risk versus cost and benefit basis you probably wouldn't bother with a fire service at
  9. One of the lead things government could have done to help outside Douglas towns is to move some of the workforce to these places. Day trade is exceptionally difficult for a town when everyone is working in or around Douglas. Even Douglas has its challenges with the Business Park.
  10. People die every week in Jersey. It won't be a new phenomenon. The bulk of those 440 cases will be asymptomatic. I'm not sure it's anything for them to get in a panic about. Or for smug people here to gloat about.
  11. It's true though. Balladoc was on here not too long ago saying pretty much the same thing. Lots of doctor appt time is taken up by stuff thay doesn't need an appt. And every doctor must have a small segment of people who are basically seeing them very regularly with the same issues they choose to do nothing about.
  12. Most of the doctor appointments for a long time are time wasters or people that don't need physical face to face
  13. That's a delusional post. Sort yourself out.
  14. That's just stupid. It's a great opportunity to provide more facilities on the island.
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