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  1. Stu Peters is standing now. All is good in the world Would be a nice double dip for Del Boy though heading into retirement
  2. You didn't state fact at all. Firstly, you posted without knowing how long the person has been in the post. You just launched into some rant that it must be "issues in the department". That is clearly bullshit on your behalf for two reasons. The first one is that the person had done five years in the post. That's by no means a short time frame in that environment. Secondly, let's just suppose for a moment they had lasted 6 months. You would have had no idea why. But your approach was " well there must be an issue in the department". Which of course, in that scenario, you would have absolutely no idea. It's the bitterness angle that drives this sort of nonsense and you need picking up for it.
  3. Yes but those people are simply at risk of catching pretty much anything and it being a problem. Her tweet looks poorly worded at best and scaremongering at worst. There seems to be whole load of people shitting themselves about tomorrow.
  4. Over 55 yeat old were called way before end of April.
  5. It isn't strange at all. I know people who are of a similar age and they are booked in within the next three weeks.
  6. It's getting to the point in certain places that she will getting told. As an example, i went to a place that was essentially a beer garden type place surrounded by various businesses selling ale and food. The entire place was cashless. Card only. It's a generational thing too. Old people obviously still have an affinity to cash. Young people don't. Most of them are now paying by watch, phone or card. The contact less limit has now been raised too. So more and more purchases are getting quicker to make with a simple tap. We are still a long way from being a cashless society but we are slowly (or perhaps not so slowly) heading that way. I wonder how long?
  7. You've been repeatedly picked up for spouting angry BS because you repeatedly spout angry BS. Your opening point was above there, said that the Principal moving on "suggests issues in the department " when quite clearly you haven't the first idea what you are talking about. You've created a new topic which is just plain lies. You've then further launched into some fantasy about Ballakermeen. It's got nothing to do with "not being allowed an opinion ". It's about pulling you when what you are posting isn't opinion. It's just bitter lies. You're seething
  8. She should use her cards like any normal person.
  9. It isn't sustainable. And with less people being tested from Monday we are going to have more covid floating round the place.
  10. I could. But I wouldn't be able to get the desired finish on the paintwork that someone who really knows what they are doing could.
  11. Only if he gets rid of his phone. Texting is free. Some would say it might not be a bad thing to take his phone off him though
  12. Does anyone have an recommendations for a decent car valeting service? Particularly around the quality of the exterior finish? I know plenty of people have set themselves up as valeting soecialist but they're not that great.
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