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  1. It isn't really. You legalise it and tax it then the sale will be controlled and the prices will go up hugely. Your average cannabis pothead won't pay 20 quid when they can pay 10.
  2. Public Sector? Do you mean Private Sector?
  3. Legalising and taxing cannabis wouldn't raise much revenue because people won't want to pay twice the price and will still use dealers because it will be cheaper. The only way you could ever make that work is to make the penalties for dealing cannabis so severe it stopped it happening. Quite how you would enforce that and term someone as having "non personal use" levels of cannabis is another story.
  4. This is the real picture. Lockdown provides no commercially viable options for airline (anywhere really, not just the Isle of Man). We need flights into proper cities. Not crappy outliers like Southend. I see Easyjet are now binning August bookings from IOM and you can't book until into September. The answer isn't a government owned airline for a number of reasons. The real answer is a return to normal travel which seems a long way away. The likes of Easyjet will be back no problem. Just not until they can fill their planes.
  5. He'll be out in a little under six years.
  6. Pretty much everyone delivered here before Hermes. It's a touch sad if you think No Hermes equals no life. I've bought stuff off ebay this last week. Delivery by normal post office route.
  7. More would be spent locally though. Also, most companies had no issue delivering here via Royal Mail.
  8. You also get a lot of what taxi drivers do. Do a few hours that suits. Taking from people trying to earn a full time living.
  9. To be fair it isn't a good idea. Can you imagine the fucking bellyaching from people when the tax payer has to fund it? The only thing they should perhaps look at is whether routes should have exclusivity. We lost the daily Belfast service because Easyjet shoved on a Friday Monday flight and took the business subsidising the rest of the flights.
  10. it's Saddlestone. Where one of the main polling stations is.
  11. Just to be clear - I don't disagree with you about the Post Office model costs of their overpaid staff for what is a very basic job in most cases. But the answer to that isn't the usual race to the bottom of barely minimum wage earners cutting corners to deliver the usual cheap tat from Amazon.
  12. Well it does matter doesn't it? If you ran a business as you should do and someone set up doing the same thing but without the appropriate protocols in place for insurances ot whatever then it wouldn't be a level playing field. As I say I don't massively care who delivers what but you should have one business confirming to one set of requirements and another being run like a cowboy outfit on the cheap.
  13. I think you have to bear in mind the inbuilt jealousy people have of anyone earning half decent money. Teaching is a really important job. It isn't like driving a van or stacking shelves or shuffling paper around. Those jobs are easy, anyone can do them and they pay poorly. Teaching isnt something anyone or everyone can do. To suggest they only work school hours is also fanciful. I don’t really know if teaching is underpaid, fairly paid or overpaid. But one thing is for certain - it's a very important job and deserves decent pay.
  14. Are they set up properly though? Do you know if Hermes drivers have public liability insurance and the appropriate business insurance for their vehicle?
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