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  1. I'm more than competent. Despite your know it all "I've swallowed a HR manual" BS the reality is that, certainly in larger companies, they've taken it upon themselves to over egg the pudding on diversification etc. It isn't about law. It's about ticking boxes. I'd have rejected 80% of the candidates and interviewed a couple of the men who clearly did meet the criteria required. But that no longer fits with the narrative. The end result of course was that I employed the person who I expected to. So the right person got the job. Bur there is a lot of unnecessary shite going
  2. That isn't the point. The point you went hysterical over was that this was going to create certain death etc for people and it would be a disaster. Which it won't be.
  3. It would be. But some people will be hysterical about it.
  4. It'll be a petrifying thought for some people to actually think whilst they are driving.
  5. At a normal junction i would be checking left and right and depending which way I'm turning would then dictate my actions.
  6. Well it wouldn't ONLY apply to a roundabout.
  7. I genuinely do because it isn't going to change. If you are driving from the Gaiety side and are driving along the Prom you will stop and give way to traffic from the right wanting to turn up Broadway or return back the way they came. What actions are you doing differently to any other normal situation?
  8. This wouldn't be a bad thing. The standard of driving here is fucking awful. You should ride a motorbike because when you do you realise the amount of vegetables on the road. In some sort of trance or semi comatose state. Actually making people think might not be a bad idea.
  9. It doesn't matter. The way you traverse it isnt going to change. No matter how hysterical you get.
  10. It isn't BS at all. My mate was telling me at his company they have undertaken to change the mix of management by filling positions at management level predominantly with women. That is actually happening too he said. When I recruited quite recently for a role I was sent an equal number of male and female CVs and ended up interviewing several people who had no chance of getting the role just to tick a box and say I'd equally considered both sexes.
  11. They would at Quarterbridge. The Manx roads are full of vegetables that can't drive properly.
  12. I meant to say you are NOT pulling out in front of traffic from the right. So it makes zero difference to how you handle the situation. Like any roundabout really. Hysterical.
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