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  1. I mention the end of June because by then we will have 4 weeks more data about how things are panning out elsewhere.
  2. The border should remain closed and reassessed at the end of June. No reason at all not to open things here back to normal. No cases. Let's move on. If you don't like it (and some old people won't ) then stay in.
  3. Well there are loads of people who know better on here so I don't expect many of the current lot to get back in.
  4. Or whether it was something you called.a work colleague to give him some insulting banter I guess.
  5. Southfork had lost the plot at that stage Woolley
  6. The real PR would be to return things to normal.
  7. The issue here is the government primarily. Not the teachers. Most of them would rather normality. The problem is whilst Government provide rules that force social distancing the Union will jump on that for a very small minority. I work for what would be considered a decent size employer. They are in the same boat. Having to appeal to the lowest common denominator because of what the government say.
  8. Well I guess it depends on the context.
  9. The very expensive legions of PR guru's ( as you put it) dont really have much PR to go at. Our schools are closed. Our pubs, cafes, restaurants, night clubs, sports clubs and pretty much everything else involving social contact are closed. What's the PR angle? That we've gone mearly two week without a new case, we've got one case and everywhere that matters is closed?
  10. The whole "green" thing is just a expense load of crap really. Governments around the world paying lip service to it.
  11. There seems to be a much stronger view by the anti gambling brigade who are no doubt happy enough to drink alcohol whilst watching more people die of an alcoholic related health issue. People don't tend to like bookies making money. But really are they any different to any other business? They offer you a product/service that you pay for. This is particularly true of slot machines and casino based computer games. They are set to pay out about 97%. Your gamble on timing is the unknown here. In the case of none computer programme gambling if you are one of the small percentage of really smart people then you make money.
  12. Well that could be the only logical reason to phase a return. The whole thing is a shambles at the moment.
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