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  1. Plenty of well paid upwardly mobile people are happy to relocate here and rent. Not everyone needs to buy. To be honest, no one should be moving somewhere for a job and simply buying straight away if financially they cannot afford to up and leave and not worry about it. I dont think it's a huge negative factor for most people coming here. My company had brought in a number of people. They all rent. Some from the UK. Some from further afield. Plenty of time to buy if you see a long term future here.
  2. Lol. I'm not entering your game again. Really boring.
  3. No. I'm saying they could leave and return to the UK. I'm also saying that sort of segment of people can pick up quite easily to come here or relocate back.
  4. Depends where they move from. Not everyone is moving from the cheapest parts of the country? Plenty of areas in the UK where housing is dearer that here. Using your example - a specialist on 100k a year could just pick up and go back to take up a job in those areas you mentioned. It's 60 miles away. People have. People come. People go.
  5. You do seemed confused. It seems you dont like to be challenged (and of course constantly refer to someone being angry) and also just prefer to ignore the pertinent points to suit your own agenda. It feels alarmingly familiar. I wonder why that is? Has Boredom set in?
  6. This feels like one of those circular arguments where you haven't read anything so you (and some other identical types) are stuck on repeat. Massive surprise you showing up now too - said no one ever.
  7. Enough about you and a couple of other identical type views though eh?
  8. I'm not "so concerned ". "relevant to them" - great. But the vast majority are not really relevant to them. It's a combination of bitterness, being nosey or down right wasting time because they literally have nothing going on in their lives. A good FOI request would actually be - what is the annual cost in totality of all the staff and resources dedicated to the receiving, gathering, researching, checking, counter checking, replying etc etc FOI requests. Wouldn't surprise me to see it costing seven figures a year eventually. I'm sure you'll be happy with that Neil.
  9. Jesus Wept. The FOI response is crystal clear. At no cost. You are making stuff up that isn't there. I dont understand why. I suspect Malarkey put more into the local economy for his wedding that a lot of people. I put nothing in. Did it in the UK. A couple of people at work this year did it abroad. No help to the local economy. The response was pretty clear.
  10. This. FOI has just given a charter to bitter nutters to bombard government with requests. One of the main perpetrators is sat on a fat tax payer funded pension isn't he? The sort that'll be lurking around IoM new and politics page and here spewing the usual rambling cack.
  11. Lol. They are. FOI is costing the tax payer a fortune dealing with completely unnecessary requests. This one being the perfect case in point.
  12. I didn't understand the 6 2 bedders they sold at Shipyard Road. They sold them for about 150k each to RTC. Which they would have easily achieved in the open market rather than ask 185k. I personally don't agree with the LA being able to buy houses in private developments unless it is a condition of planning. That way people know the set up from the start. The general "affordable housing" thing is a joke anyway.
  13. Are there really THAT many new builds being sold? There are empty properties around for sure.
  14. They sold a block of 4 apartments there to the LA. But those were built for that purpose I think because they never went on general sale.
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