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  1. Or feel free to actually post the link yourself that backs up what you said.
  2. No need to self isolate after a negative test result. Handy.
  3. what's wrong with it? Seems fine for any half competent driver.
  4. Thanks. It is interesting that it took nearly two years to come to court. For what, on the face if it, doesn't seem to involve a huge web of serial offending to explore etc. Sentencing is emotive in this type of case. It looks to me like there is enough to suggest this isn't the worst case to go before the courts so perhaps the sentence isn't entirely unappreciated. I can see why people would be angry though (I'm talking about normal people rather than the online pitchfork mob)
  5. Where's the report for this one?
  6. It would be just better to ignore it.
  7. Clearly he isn't otherwise he wouldn't constantly be in trouble. But how do you solve it?
  8. how does Southfork know it was up her quim? The report indicates inside her. Could have been stuffed up her hoop (likely if Southfork knows her).
  9. You clearly don't which is reflected in your poor trolling levels. No wonder you were banned from iomtoday.
  10. That's fairly rich coming from you and the utterly delusional world you multiply inhabit.
  11. In the US this guy would be banged up for 40 years by now.
  12. British intelligence services? Lol. That's a huge does of paranoia right there.
  13. I suppose many people in each location probably just think "is it worth it?".
  14. You'll need to be more specific. That's 85% of the people that post here.
  15. I'm never not well. I'm occasionally ill. Boredom creeps in now and again mind Just missing Mr. Newbie for the full house.
  16. I'm generally rarely what I would call "ill". Maybe once or twice a year. If i feel awful I now tend to take a day off, work from home ( so I don't pass it round) or take a holiday. It has always been common sense that if someone is ill it's good manners not to pass it round work. At nursery or school it's a different ball game. My kids at nursery would barely have been there if they only went when perfectly well. The new normal will be a charter for paranoid people and piss takers.
  17. Well yes, this is clearly a concern when schools start over fussing on a kid with a sniffle.
  18. Well i guess you would know given your own disposition
  19. Does it really though? The fact is not everyone is equal. Harsh, but true. It's the same with animals. Helix mentioned about predatory instincts of animals to kill other animals. If that didn't happen the planet would be over run with animals eventually with no food etc. What would happen in the oceans if everything in it didn't eat any other living organism?
  20. It makes no sense. I'm conscious you don't have young kids but do you have any idea how people have and develop colds?
  21. What's wrong with that? Why should everything be equal?
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