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  1. 2 hours ago, John Wright said:

    Yes. Subscribe. The ads or subscriptions are how this place is funded.

    The only trouble with subscribing is the random bans imposed for basically nothing.  I'm not bothered about the money. Just the principal.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, asitis said:

    You're not kidding , they negotiated themselves from a start of no public money required, to anybody guess 60 million ? Top negotiators !!

    It would only ever cost no money if someone else builds it and iomspc lease it.  At huge cost with less control.

    It's a better idea to go down the route they are now.  It'll their asset under their control.

  3. 38 minutes ago, lezayre said:

    Most of the trade is not being soaked up by the Swan, 3 to 4 Central regulars are using the Swan but the rest are using the Plough and the Buffs Club which adds up to lost business for the brewery.

    I think you misunderstand the brewery business model.  They're not losing anything by doing this.

  4. It seemed fairly obvious the  Central would close permanently. 

    It'll be a loss making operation or certainly very close to it.  Most of the trade can be soaked up by the Swan.

    They've only got two pubs left in Ramsey now.  Plenty of scope for other private business to flourish.

  5. 1 hour ago, Numbnuts said:

    Ex Airport fireman tells me that the upgrade of engines was to include engines with a 'Snozzle'  point on front of engine which is a sharp point which pierces the fuselage and injects the water/chemicals into the inside . Coming in at around 3/4 million so we will probably be getting two ! Mind you sounds like a good idea but at that price ? 


    It's an impossible situation in many respects.

    The fire service at the airport do basically nothing.  Everyone knows that.  But it's one of those things you HAVE to have.

    You then run into all the overly fussy and unnecessary health and safety and compliance aspects that have taken over the world which means anything the airport wants to do from a fire service perspective costs disproportionate amounts of money for what benefit you will actually get from it.

    Let's be honest- if you worked on a risk versus cost and benefit basis you probably wouldn't bother with a fire service at the airport.

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  6. One of the lead things government could have done to help outside Douglas towns is to move some of the workforce to these places.  Day trade is exceptionally difficult for a town when everyone is working in or around Douglas.

    Even Douglas has its challenges with the Business Park.


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  7. 11 hours ago, BenFairfax said:

    The biggest hole in border policy until 2 weeks and 2 days ago was no requirement for entire household to isolate for 14 days. Because good Manx people have some sense many people decided to follow this prudent policy even without government guidelines. This certainly included all people I know who went away, major employers such as insurance companies and sports leagues such as table tennis.

     Just matter of time, before they putting Jersey residents into body bags. 

    People die every week in Jersey. It won't be a new phenomenon. 

    The bulk of those 440 cases will be asymptomatic.   I'm not sure it's anything for them to get in a panic about.

    Or for smug people here to gloat about.

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  8. 8 hours ago, hampsterkahn said:

    “Most “ , “ for a long time “ , “don’t need “

    What do you base this on?
    It is very easy to dismiss (other people’s) problems as being a waste of time.


    It's true though.  Balladoc was on here not too long ago saying pretty much the same thing.

    Lots of doctor appt time is taken up by stuff thay doesn't need an appt.  And every doctor must have a small segment of people who are basically seeing them very regularly with the same issues they choose to do nothing about.

  9. 3 hours ago, The Voice of Reason said:

    Perhaps RGP had the right approach and only 38% of appointments needed to be face to face?

    I have had a non face to face appointment with my doctor and the outcome was perfectly satisfactory, saving much needed NHS resources

    Most of the doctor appointments for a long time are time wasters or people that don't need physical face to face

  10. 4 hours ago, Last Ten said:

    Well Ramsey residents we are all being screwed over by Ramsey Group Practice during Covid and even now on a Covid free Island, what a truly disgusting practice who have let the residents of Ramsey and the north down, what a deterioration of our NHS.

    "Ramsey Group Practice provided only 38% face-to-face appointments on average during September. This compares with 90% at Finch Hill surgery."


    That's a delusional post.

    Sort yourself out.

  11. 1 hour ago, Uhtred said:

    A fair question. To which the answer is that Tory fanboy Boot wants some filthy lucre in rent, and the ravens, polecats, rabbits and assorted other flora and fauna aren’t prepared to pay.

    That's just stupid.

    It's a great opportunity to provide more facilities on the island.

  12. 3 hours ago, Non-Believer said:

    On the subject of heritage I see that Mr Boot has again overridden the building inspectors and finally given the go ahead for the vermin station and feral pigeon loft that is the old Farmer's Combine warehouse on the West Quay in Ramsey to finally be demolished. Thank f@ck for that.

    Although it does raise a couple of questions, firstly why did the appeal by MNH apparently go unconsidered for over 3 months before the decision was taken, does it really have to take the issue being brought up by RTC before there's any movement?

    Secondly, how does a building in such a state even make it onto the register? Even the inspectors in favour of retention apparently had no reply to the points that the building was beyond economic repair or had any economically viable further use. Surely if something is going to be registered it needs to be in a worthwhile state to do it?

    Thirdly, why are already registered buildings allowed to deteriorate with impunity to the owners, to be followed by the invariable "mysterious fire"?

    What would be good now are some assurances and timescales as to what will be done with both this site and the adjacent Curran site following demolition. Sadly, both Ramsey quays are increasingly becoming areas of empty and/or derelict buildings and demolition gaps, with the affliction now spreading to East Quay with the closure of The Stanley and the two retail premises next door.

    Can you give an example of a "mysterious fire" that has happened  on registered buildings?

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  13. 3 hours ago, pongo said:

    What do you think should be done with an area which is subject to regular flooding? Let's be honest - it's not really suitable for accommodation unless they basically build everything on stilts - with parking on the 1st floor and nothing on the ground floor.

    It's a pity that old building will be pulled down. Perhaps the best use would be to not build anything. Ditto the old Currans site. Maybe just let nature take it over.

    It isn't subject to regular flooding. That's bullshit

  14. 1 hour ago, AlanShimmin said:

    Ray says we should 'plan properly' for climate change.


    Forgive me if I missed it but what are we splurging C.£20m a year on in the 'green budget'?

    We even shelled out a load of dosh for that random 'Professor' to put a load of nice sounding words onto a few hundred pages. 

    It's tragic how much governments have to flag wave to this shite.

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  15. 45 minutes ago, quilp said:

    By golly Dangler's, I think you must be right! The British Veterinary Association, the RSPCA, various countries like Denmark and those shady animal welfare groups everywhere, are all just racists, anti-semites and greasy islamophobes! Who'd have thought! 

    I'm not sure it is for people to judge how others slaughter animals given we actively breed, fatten and execute (After a relatively short life) animals for food.

  16. 21 minutes ago, Banker said:

    Yesterday Ashie said IOM would not issue certificates saying you have had vaccine but WHO seems to be saying they will, don't see much use for a lot of people if you need vaccine to travel but you can't get prooof from Ashie 

    • The World Health Organization has said it’s considering introducing electronic vaccination certificates. The UN body said this would make it possible to identify and monitor people who’ve had the jab, although it stressed this would not act as an immunity passport

    It said it is considering it.  Doesn't mean they will.

    In my view countries and companies will need to think very carefully about making it mandatory to have the vaccine.

  17. 1 hour ago, Scotty said:

    We have friends in Bavaria and they often get 4 ft every year. Some here moan they only get six inches if they’re  lucky.

    That's Ramsey girls for you.

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