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  1. It'll be a huge positive if and when the old bus station is developed. Tevir Group taking the RBS site is a major step forward.
  2. This is IOM politics and not Cambridge Analytics though. If Boot gets back in (unlikely?) It wont be because he spammed a few people on Facebook (as you can block too, no doubt). Plus Boot has plenty of money (not from the taxpayer as seemed to be an issue) so surely he can waste it on what he wants?
  3. Up from Lord Street and corner of Circulsr Road is an embarrassment.
  4. Amplify are pretty good and they've been a positive working alongside MR. MR had a number of very talented people employed on the sales/social media etc side and pretty much all have left citing the same reasons. It's staggering how much one person seems to have got away with although now that Pugh has gone and been replaced by someone from the UK things may change. Sadly, it'll no doubt involve a pay off (always seems to be the way) when if things had been managed correctly that person would be long down the road for no cost.
  5. It's really poor that the government do not have a cohesive strategy for housing on the island. Other than allowing large housebuilders to land bank huge amounts of land and leave them undeveloped (as car parks in some cases) whilst falling over themselves to give permission to build whatever they please. First time buyers have such limited options. What we should have is a thriving entry level market at apartment level so plenty of young people can take the first step. Instead there is next to no market because developers will price a two bed apartment at 150k and if they don't get it they have the resources to keep and rent it. Chris Thomas etc seems hell bent on driving through this notion that we have a huge need for new housing estates. We don't really. We have a huge need to look at how we (a) get developers to stop holding what they have and sell it at realistic prices and (b) work out how we get young people into their first homes at sensible prices. I'd like to see some sort of two tier system here that segregates out purchases for investment and purchases for residency. Also, we don't seem to have Section 106 requirements here which just leaves the tax payer picking up the infrastructure charges whilst the likes of Peel get expanded almost out of control.
  6. They have a place I think, but a company shouldn't be able to employ a decent percentage of their staff on them as a default.
  7. I'm not sure anyone has been shouty or angry other than SoS perhaps. Then, surprisingly, when challenged, you pop up with this sort of stuff accusing me of being ill? If all we ever have is people like you posting bitter agenda driven snipes/lies etc without challenge then everyone will soon find boredom creeping in. Wouldn't you agree? Rushed Spy - next you'll be accusing me of being TJ.
  8. Well I suppose like most things you need to have some context. Microgaming employs a substantial number of people. Far more than it did two or three years ago. The poker section has 30 staff at risk. I was quite surprised how many are involved in poker given the very small segment of the market they are powering. On the face of it, it looks like a simple economics decision and nothing to do with the Isle of Man being no longer desirable. As for Stars - post redundancies they will still employ more people here that they did two years ago. I don't understand how DfE come in for criticism here.
  9. Manx Radio would be a better business if it binned out one particular person who seems to still hang around like a bad smell. He can only have survived this long because he has something on others at the station?a A number of people have left because his sales management is from 1970.
  10. What a strange mentality and encapsulates the problem with the bus drivers. You shouldn't be paid extra to work weekends. It's the job. Same as prison wardens, police and nursing? The answer is to probably have a recruitment drive (no pun intended). Bus driving isn't rocket science. Which is why it shouldn't be paid silly sums of money. No reason why you couldn't have a 'bank'of drivers like nursing/carers do for the hospital.
  11. I know that. But it's used by Shoprite. No reason not to explore that sort of arrangement.
  12. Steady now. Let's not let some facts cloud the views of the numpty brigade.
  13. Not really. I think the government have already confirmed that is segregated? Wasnt it Chris Thomas?
  14. I'm quite surprised a drive through concept hasn't been done by Shoprite on that car park there. Ideal spot.
  15. Hang on - you're comparing Donald Trump being voted in as U S President ( when the country was largely in a mess and what got him in was a largely disenfranchised country) and a manx politician using social media? So if a iom politician uses social media and the internet to publicise themselves by using some savvy (say he has a mate who's handy with SEO etc) at no cost that's ok? Should they also be disclosing what else they spend their money on so we can sense check it? This is small time politics in a tiny island. If RC or anyone else is going to get elected it wont be because they bombarded you with paid or unpaid social media content. If anything it'll have the mob like you feeling the opposite. I'm no fan of RC but there is 70 odd pages here and your agenda is spewed all over them.
  16. Ok. You've challenged his view. As I have. There is no evidence really which is why I challenged it. We can't go dictating what people who receive income from government spend their money on.
  17. Quayle can spend his money how he likes. As I said what right is it of yours or mine to dictate just because they are employees of government? In your example of Qauyle - he has enough money that any media advertising wouldn't be a scratch on what he has. He isn't rich because he got paid an MHK salary. Any MHK could get loads of free publicity. It isn't difficult. Is that an issue too?
  18. I'm not sure if memory serves me but - when the Total Garage started they didn't have a licence. I seem to recall them giving booze away with video rentals to damage the guy who ran CDL. Maybe someone remembers and can confirm.
  19. I've looked at the forum for quite a while and never posted. I take it being a new poster is allowed? You don't need to examine many of your posts to understand your agenda/angle. You don't like challenge. Which isn't the best approach when you post in the manner you do. John Wright also seems to think you are wrong. Largely because you are. Just because people work for the government in some capacity doesn't make their spending habits beholden to us as taxpayers. Plenty of government employees smoke, eat shite food, waste money etc. Are you suggesting we opine on what they spend on too? As far as Callister goes - he's about 50, no kids, and I assume with his wife's salary they are probably a 100k per annum household. With no kids. He rarely seems to drink. Doesn't smoke to my knowledge. So probably has disposable. It's up to him what he does with it surely?
  20. That's just paranoid. The one thing ANY MHK can do profile wise any time they want is boost it because they have access the all forms of media outlet anytime they want to say something. You don't need Facebook. To suggest Callister (or anyone for that matter) obtains some sort of advantage is fanciful. Callister wont get elected again based on him spunking money to Facebook. Anyway you cant farm granny's on Facebook. That's face to face stuff which is what they should all be doing at a base level. Then of course delivering on their promises. Also, I'm not sure it's your call to be judging what anyone spends their money on. Anyone can do what he is doing. Or piss their spare money up down the pub. Or spend it on their kids. You can actually have far more internet and social media influence for next to nothing with a bit of savvy. Of course the last thing you'll want to see is a new account on here. Challenging your sniping.
  21. I would consider reserves to be available cash to meet liabilities if there is a shortfall. I'm sure the government has plenty of fixed assets but in reality they cannot really be relied up as available cash flow. The reserves being eaten up supporting the pensions issue was or is scheduled to run out in around 4 maybe 5 years time? So surely the first port of call would be personal tax rate rises. I think this has only really been delayed because the expansion of egaming and the associated revenues that is bringing the economy has provided some of growth needed to bridge the current annual deficit.
  22. Of course you look at the vacancies all the time. If you think pokerstars are contributing nothing to the IOM treasury coffers you are living in some sort of different world. They are huge contributors both directly and indirectly. So much so that the word around the campfire was that IOM govt had offered to underwrite a flight route to Leeds (where Skybet is baised). People should be careful what they wish for. The island NEEDS to increase tax take given the reserves situation. The only thing staving off personal hikes has been the growth in the eGaming sector and associated tax takes.
  23. Why don't you raise it yourself? I guess Callister can spend his money how he likes. Also, I'm not sure how you see it as being advantageous to him anyway. You think his blog is awful and just irritates you and others. So if anything paying for it via FB should be a good thing because he'll be hanging himself really.
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