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  1. You certainly can't beat a good manx witch hunt.
  2. They must have had some idea. They could hardly expect for it to remain closed and nothing done sale wise? Also, I suspect they have not simply been turfed out on the street?
  3. Where's the issue then. I doubt she SERIOUSLY expected to go back to the Central. Was she on a zero hour contract at the Central?
  4. Well they're a fantastic business. Only a doofus would suggest otherwise.
  5. I thought Paullette went from the Stanley to the Royal?
  6. Just seems like BS to me. The place has been closed months. I assume the brewery haven't been paying the landlord to sit at home either.
  7. I didn't realise the farmer sold their stock to the place slaughtering them. Seems bizarre that we subsidise farmers then subsidise a slaughter house they can bypass when it suits them. Perhaps the govt should levy a charge per animal that is taken off island to discourage it.
  8. It makes no sense that the government allows it when they could be slaughtered here. Regardless of cost.
  9. They won't. They can't really. The effects of Covid are on the slide anyway. The vaccine ticks boxes for a return to normal life. The take up rate won't be 100,% or anywhere even close. But it won't matter.
  10. It doesn't actually matter though does it. The end game is the same. They get a bus etc. Makes no difference if it is leased or bought. The end position is the same. I'm not even sure it's that difficult to understand. Pointless comparing what UK airports do. Leasing is for two types. Those that can't afford to buy it. Or those that have a tax advantage to doing so. The government can buy. So why wouldn't it?
  11. Leasing is rarely if ever the most cost effective method when you have cash, can bulk buy, and drive down unit cost. Plus the main pull of leasing in a corporate/business environment is offsetting tax. Not an issue clearly for Bus Vannin or airport fire engines as they are not businesses paying income tax.
  12. There's no such thing as a cheap fire engine. Thankfully.
  13. I'm not so sure. End of April i suspect we will be back to regular flights and the general nonsense in place at the moment will largely have disappeared. The governments now have the silver bullet of a vaccine. The vaccine is the get out to stop a lot of this bullshit. Once government stops all these nonsense rules and overly cautious approach big companies can do the same. Covid will cease to be front page news or reported on. It'll just be something a very small number of people die from each year. Like Flu etc.
  14. I dont think you understand it really. Best leave it there.
  15. That isn't what was said at all. It'll be 130000 doses over a period of 10 months. Jesus wept.
  16. Corruption you say? Go on then, give us some examples .
  17. Most of the hybrid super car stuff is a token gesture. It'll take a long time for electric cars to be mainstream. Thankfully.
  18. Well done. That's brill Good luck with it. Not very often you meet a bird with any kind of sporting accuracy, so, respect.
  19. Bike fans have no interest in electric bikes. Same with cars. Electric bikes as a method of getting round far east packed cities is fine. But they won't be replacing 600cc or 1000cc sports bikes any time soon. I won't be chopping my sports bikes in for an electric bike. Ever.
  20. Hardly any Xmas parties happening in Jersey for any company of any real standing. All cancelled long ago. You are making stuff up.
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