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  1. It would still be shit though.
  2. And? That won't bother a large portion of the population. It's a balance over the last 6 months. It isn't as one sided as you would like to make it out to be. Just saying.
  3. I dont think timing has much to do with it. You can check in for Easyjet flights in plenty of time with a hold bags. Holds nothing up. It is simply a chance to claw some cash back. And as a very regular easyjet user I would welcome more room in the overheads. You get a lot of pisstakers on the overhead locker use. It'll help sort some chaff out.
  4. What's the waiting list for an NHS hip op with your good self? Asking for a friend
  5. I dunno. Has it? I have friends in Jersey who've been abroad etc this summer. People have been able to visit them. And they've had a tourist season to some degree. The pay off is a few places closed for a few weeks. It's hardly that bad there really either.
  6. To give some balance - they've had a tourist season and been able to largely come and go as they please.
  7. It isn't for anyone. There again, F1 is actually so boring Formula E is more entertaining.
  8. TT Zero is irrelevant to the future of the TT.
  9. They really should be aiming to have the borders fully opened by the end of quarter 1 2021.
  10. What is different to transporting it to the Isle of Man than anywhere else in the UK?
  11. Isn't the number they will receive already set based on our population and the number the UK government receives? It'll be administered exactly as the UK government do it. That seems fairly basic to understand, to me. Given everything we do is driven from there what are you expecting them to say?
  12. But that's all you need really. Covid is unlikely to be completely irradicated. The idea of the vaccine will be that it works sufficiently that Covid simply becomes something that kills a few people each year. It'll just be another thing that a very small segment of the population die from. In reality it's a very small segment of people now. With no vaccine. The vaccine, thankfully, will be the silver bullet that will finally allow the governments to stop making Covid a specific topic point. As soon as that happens companies can get back to normal. Most company policies a
  13. He isnt. I was referring to his last comment about Big H and the trigger point. The trigger point is a 1 in 5000 infection rate. Or 20 in 100000.
  14. Nothing. It's 20 in 100000. That was the trigger point to go to the next level 9f the borders framework. Not that it's a quantum leap.
  15. That bloated bloke gave tens of thousands employment over decades. And I've no doubt someone wealthy will pick up parts of the business and employ people again.
  16. There will be some whining about that being male orientated.
  17. I've heard that but how big a problem is that really? I wonder who can even be bothered. Who drives in then gets the bus? You might as well get the bus. I suspect the problem is largely down to staff. Do they park in the overflow first? That is what should happen. Also has there ever been enough parking there really?
  18. I agree. I travel regularly on business. It's a critical thing for the island (anyone who says face to face doesn't matter works in the back office, IT, Compliance or projects). There are some great opportunities at the moment. Plenty of people want their structures away from the BVi. The low tax jurisdiction the UK was setting itself up as post Brevit isn't happening. The island could come out stronger because of Brexit with a bit of innovative thinking.
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