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  1. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/onchan-clerk-absent-until-further-notice/ Hmmmmmmm....
  2. They're going to 60000 at Wembley i think? Get some directs holidays from here again.
  3. What isnt transparent on how much is spent on social housing ( either now or when RC was involved)?
  4. Should we legalise coke and heroin too?
  5. ETA - I've just checked and I think when I googled it I saw the price and read it as 26.5m and it is actually 2.65m hence the confusion.
  6. As I said, that's what came up. And in fairness when you get the usual Manx crab nudge judge wink wink comments then it's only a matter of time (no matter who owns it) that you'll get the usual comments etc. It looks from the planning portal that everyone was involved and the applicant has had to provide am extensive mitigation plan for the loss of trees. I dont think anyone can accuse planning of nodding it through because someone is wadded. It's a bit strange how this has only kicked off now. You would think the Wildlife Trust would have had their say.
  7. I understand your concept but in practice that isn't likely to be how it will play out. It'll be regulated and expensive with limited sellers. It'll immediately facilitate the continuation of the black market. The majority of you potheads are not paying double or more.
  8. Which they will be. That's my point.
  9. Would it really though? Are you suddenly going to pay twice or three times the price to walk into Boots or wherever to buy it when you can buy it illegally for substantially less?
  10. The 8k on fees re Quirk is nothing to do with the payment made to the ex employee. Which is what I was alluding to in my post. I think you've maybe misunderstood or RC has misrepresented how it translates to rate payer costs. Anyway, the commissioners publish financial statements and any settlement should stand out like a sore thumb if it is material
  11. Regulating or legalising it wouldn't stop drug gangs and drug crime.
  12. Well the company representing them re the planning are expensive that is for sure. It looks like a big job so whoever is behind it won't be short of money.
  13. I'm not 100% sure. I googled the name and the estate agent advert came up. Perhaps I misread it.
  14. It'll appear in the financial statements somewhere and if its that big it'll stand out. I suspect it wasn't much in the wider context.
  15. I went and had a nose at this. The above is slightly misleading in relation to Malew Commissioners. They didn't fail to object. Like it was missed. They saw it and supported it. It also looks like a lot of work has gone into it in relation to planting of new trees etc. Clearly because it's Barrowman people will immediately start whining and nudge nudge wink winking but it appears that every man and his dog has had their tuppence worth on this one. Why couldn't or didn't the Wildlife Trust object? Are they not recognised?
  16. You would automatically think where plans are submitted to fell trees that the department would be involved as a matter of course?
  17. That's a shame. Who is the applicant I wonder?
  18. Isn't it the case that if you've been in a job less than a year you can be dismissed with no recourse to the employer?
  19. We we talking about Commissioners. And there's no way you're leaving your civil service job to be a receptionist
  20. By the time people do that it is likely that the borders will be fully opened to anyone, vaccination or not. It's only an interim step re 2 plus 2 vaccination.
  21. By them having their own category to compete in from a sporting perspective.
  22. That's just your wife trying to make you feel better.
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