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  1. We certainly need our own solution in early part of 2021. There is a great opportunity for the island at the moment to get out there and get business.
  2. True. Plus they're a great place to doss.
  3. Go and find it yourself. If you go to the members page it is all there. They have to declare a shitload of stuff (far too much really ). Give Julie a nudge and ask her what her real agenda is
  4. Why would it be? That's just stupid. It's a heritage item. If we only ran things thay made a profit there would be no heritage attractions at all. And in a wider sense no bus service at all and probably no sports facilities.
  5. It's simply companies worried whilst government "advice and guidelines " remain so prevalent. Once all this nonsense dissipates (which it will) then that nonsense talk will disappear. At the moment government won't remove the silly guidelines. The vaccine is the get out. And companies won't go against government guidance and rules. That'll have to disappear. Guaranteed.
  6. I think once the vaccines start to roll out covid will simply become a footnote each year. Just like flu deaths. The world will largely return to normal.
  7. That'll be the end of those businesses in a jiffy. A nonsense policy.
  8. The motion makes no sense given the mechanism exists already. Which is probably why 8 people voted against it. I assume they probably understood that.
  9. That makes no sense. It's transparent already? There's publicly available information available on Member's interests. I have nothing to hide. I work for a living.
  10. Doesn't seem that bad to me. The responsibility doesn’t lie with DfE to manage people's businesses for them. A builders accountant should be able to provide the relevant advice. Could be a change on cashflow but not the end of the world. Let's not forget most builders get free credit from the suppliers so should be getting paid quite often before the invoice is paid at the merchant.
  11. Surely legislation already exists in relation to Conflicts of Interest? This sounds to me more like an Edge witch hunt rather than anything constructive (now there's a surprise).
  12. No. You're forgetting to factor in the insane jealousy that accompanies anyone (especially if they work for govt or commissioners) earning half decent money.
  13. Sounds like a load of Sheight there. The classic "i know" line
  14. The closed roads are not that much of an inconvenience. I live inside the course. Don't find it an issue at all.
  15. 2000 people ? Was it dole day or something in Castletown? There's clearly little or no covid here. We would know given the mass gatherings. 8000 in Douglas apparently for the lights the other week. In January I would like to see a better testing regime in place and more movement of people. Family as a minimum. And business. We definitely need to get that aspect moving (i wouldn't pay any attention to anyone that says face to face doesn't matter. Probably work in IT, Complaince or projects).
  16. You don't really know that to be fair.
  17. They will. Fortunately the people that matter don't listen to them.
  18. The future of the TT won't be decided by local tossers moaning. It'll be safety and insurance that ends it.
  19. I think largely because no one really cares?
  20. Complaints are low. Some people complain over very little too.
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