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  1. How much fun will it be if MJ gets elected?
  2. Anyone who's watched someone they love pass away from cancer will know that this sort of law would be a huge plus to many people.
  3. The weightlifting case this week a clear example. Should have their own category. Then sub divided depending on which way they switched gender.
  4. No issue with them polluting. Where did I say that? ETA - help is available
  5. It's a setting, not a site. There are plenty of ifs and buts too. What happens if you have an operation in Liverpool and require post op care back here in hospital?
  6. He 100% shouldn't be mentioning funding. Manx Radio amd gash reporting is a separate issue. As for the GMP, the vast majority really don't care. It's the usually Karen warriors moaning on Facebook. Same with Broadway.
  7. That's a creepy obsession you have. Boredom setting in................ As for standing, I'd be concerned about the restraining order needed on you. Plus I enjoy what I do far too much to give it up. Aside of that time will tell (a) who gets elected and (b) how well they do. Big shoes to fill in Middle
  8. Sigh indeed. It's painful. This isn't about voting or not. The bottom line is if you're not happy with Onchan Commissioners and think you can do better then stand. It's not that hard to get in as you'll likely be uncontested. I dont live in Onchan and I dont care about the Commissioners and who the present ones are. It may well be a springboard into the House of Keys and maybe that's not a bad thing. At the end of the day people get to have a nose at what they are voting for (Rob Callister is an example I suppose?).
  9. I do thanks. It's a valid observation. If you've got fuck all decent to say about anyone doing a certain thing then d it yourself. Unless you are confirming you are equally as useless?
  10. 2 strokes are great fun. Who cares about a bit of pollution? It's hardly like these irritating lot driving round is gas guzzling old 4 by 4s etc.
  11. No. What I'm telling you is that Hospice made the arrangements and the setting based on it being "non medical" because they (a) knew there was a possibility someone could be there who had been away in the previous 10 days and (b) they couldn't control that attendees could definitely have been mixing with people that had just got off the boat or plane. For example, HQ was back to work mixing with people post his negative test. As are most normal people. So, if you are Hospice, opening a brand new wing , you are taking that risk away by simply setting up as I said above. This is what happened. I would also add Trmpton - what HQ did should have your support give your views on restrictions?
  12. I'm not sure it is relevant. It didn't alter the approach of Hospice as to the way they set up the whole event.
  13. Perhaps you should stand if you think you can add some value?
  14. No. He didn't "make" anyone do an assessment. Hospice had already done it. It may have escaped your attention but the event was attended by a number of people. Not just HQ.
  15. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=62433&headline=Border changes will still go ahead next week&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2021 The big man holding his nerve hopefully.
  16. There's a difference between being employed by someone and paid a salary to work versus someone specifically amd directly funding your entire election running costs. Do know that to be the case?
  17. For sure. Sat there on his none contributing tax payer funded pension.
  18. Sounds great. In fact, we should just bin everyone. Not have have anyone employed by government. Save a fortune As for pouring scorn on things- that's sensible given what gets posted by the usual suspects.
  19. What do you mean, at the right time? It's three travel cases. You do realise in the next few weeks a large proportion of travellers won't be tested at all? "Risk" seems to have become something that people have lost all perspective on sadly.
  20. Why would you "love" to know? In a gossip sewing circle type way? Who cares? Covid isn't going away.
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