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  1. It depends what the complaints are about. The health service must handles tens of thousands of interactions a year.
  2. They didn't say there would be an announcement today. Manx Radio did.
  3. Well it is really. It has to run. You can call it what you like. It's a huge turnover entity. Why would you expect people to do it for fuck all? Seriously, there are people earning FAR more in the private sector for a fraction of the work/responsibilities.
  4. Is it? If you look at Ramsey Commissioners as a business (which it sort of is), the turnover of that, and the responsibility then it isn’t hugely surprising to see the top person being paid 100k. Private sector people on more than that in far smaller "businesses".
  5. I agree. But it'll pacify some moaning idiots.
  6. Pushed back to FOM probably with a review in March.
  7. That's shows a lack of understanding about football. Pretty much every player is cheating in football. You only have to look at how they appeal for a throw in when it blatantly isn't their throw in to know that. Maradona was systematically targeted by the opposition. To think what he would have done with the protection players get today. Sure, he handled the ball against England. But his second goal sums up why he is one of THE greatest players ever. England were not above cheating. They took in turns to foul Maradona that day.
  8. That's life though. For example, wealthy Asians send their kids to study in the UK. Poor Asians don't. It'll always be the case that generally some people will have access to opportunities and some won't. It isn't an equal world and his point is true (no matter how unhappy that might make people). The whole agenda round this is painful.
  9. It isn't really a fact though is it? You know several people. Yeh, sure you do. That's just lies really. It's probably common sense that of near 1000 students (or indeed anyone with a database of 1000 contacts) may have some details that are no longer valid. It's hardly anything to get excited about. Especially given the onus is on the student to keep the DESC informed. The ultimate responsibility lies with the student.
  10. It just seems like the same old bullshit to me. "I know of several". How many times do you post that guff to try and validate your point? In reality it'll be a very small number who change email addresses. Plus it would be delusional to believe students in general do not know the position (contacted by email or not).
  11. I didnt say no one gets hurt. I said most of the RTCs up there result in very few people being hurt. It's the minority rather than the majority.
  12. I always think when you post this sort of thing you are simply making it up.
  13. That's an age thing. He doesn't know any better. I agree with you.
  14. Those working extra are balanced off by those hiding and doing as little as possible. I've seen this first hand. From a business perspective it's largely over cautious but of course you have to make policies to pacify the lowest common denominator. Again, I have direct experience of this.
  15. The amount of paranoid nutters government are having to deal with over this must be enormously time consuming.
  16. People should progress/get jobs/promotions etc on their own merits. Not because a quota needs filling for "inset here" sections of society.
  17. Well the problem really is that the words "community case" will invoke irrational melt down of many people. Possibly more importantly many companies will panic (,(we saw this with Zurich etc recently) and send everyone back to working from home. Causing further unnecessary damage to the economy. I would much prefer we were not told the truth really. It's only going to escalate numbers wise in the coming month as students return. I'll be surprised if the whole household isn't forced into isolation for returning students. Many finance sector companies have that policy anyway (keeping y
  18. It actually feels like some people on here are almost desperate for community cases.
  19. It's rarely like that though. I agree with you on nights like tonight.
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