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  1. It's that bad i would actually vote for you
  2. Truly a nightmare scenario is developing in Middle.
  3. Depends how much they sell them for.
  4. It's a genuinely scary thought that he might get elected in Middle.
  5. Usual quality of questions from Moorhouse and Edge.
  6. I never said it was tickety boo. It's a shambles. But to suggest the whole prom has been closed is a blatant lie.
  7. If the whole scheme was carried out at once how has the prom been continually open to traffic?
  8. Clearly you would need to retake a CBT and be limited to 125cc forever more if you didn't take your bike test. Plus you would have to pay for a new CBT every 2 years. When you get disqualified from driving and are ordered to take a test to get your licence back then that's exactly what it is. You are no longer a qualified driver. Post your ban you are a learner driver like a 16 year old is.
  9. The vast majority of drivers will be absolutely fine. Which is what matters. Despite what Roger Mexico says you simply undertake projects working to the limitations of 5% of the users.
  10. Because they've clear made sure it was specifically a non clinical setting which is why they said he could and should attend. If Manx Radio had actually reported the facts rather that some half baked BS it might have calmed a few halfwits down.
  11. The IOM doesn't get more than it is due though.
  12. You're making less sense than normal. Seriously, there's no way you've had a covid vaccination. Happy to wager on it too. This is flat earth stuff.
  13. They proactively contacted Hospice to advise that he was only back post the 6 day test and wouldn't be able to attend. They were the ones who advised he could and listed the actual mitigations for doing so.
  14. Part of the problem here is Manx Radio's completely inaccurate reporting of the facts. If they actually reported exactly what happened there would be no issue at all.
  15. Those who don't feel equipped to handle it should simply avoid it. Which is quite easily done.
  16. It looks like the last thing he needs is a cake fuckleberry
  17. That would just be a complete waste of time and money.
  18. He's just making stuff up. It's as you said.
  19. Granite is a big no no according to the experts.
  20. Eric Corkish literally has nothing better to do. 🤡
  21. Get im there. Standby for more ranting from the karens
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