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  1. Most RTCs are pretty minor in nature. No one is hurt. Or others involved. There has been a fatality this year. In a 50mph limit.
  2. Nothing to be gained between now and late January by cancelling. A lot can change.
  3. There's no rush to cancel the TT.
  4. The lions share are not home already. And it's over 900.
  5. Alternatively, if you can't drive in the fog go the Kirk Michael or Coast Road routes.
  6. Pretty much everyone who drives over the Mountain will get frustrated at arriving behind a queue of traffic with someone crawling along at a slow pace. Today will be a great example of that. You will get people up on the Mountain crawling along at 25 in the fog. Pissing off an enormous amount of people. Are they breaking the law? No. But it doesn't make it right or acceptable.
  7. None of it at all. Other than you being a bit of weapon about it. Aside of that, fine and dandy
  8. I don't see huge speeds as the major issue or cause of accidents on the Mountain Road. I sometimes wonder how some people leave the house these days. It seems risk is everywhere. In reality most of the angst is driven by pensioners. Who actually cause a lot of the issue up there driving at 30.
  9. I was estimating 14 miles. That said, I would expect to be able to get over there close to 7 minutes quicker than plodding along at 30 all the way. Also, I didnt ask would Scotty have driven faster, I actually asked if his comments/views in his post would have been the same 20 or 30 years ago. He said no. As for my driving ability, it's plenty good enough thanks. I'm perfectly able to assess risk, makes decisions (and work out the benefits to me) and control a car. I'm no boy racer either. Although I'll readily admit there was a time I most definitely would have fallen into
  10. They should really use the word " concentrate" rather than slow down.
  11. He simply said they wouldn't use that specific type of test because it was only about 70% accurate.
  12. The statement is clear. They died of Covid. That's the statement. What needs clarifying? Only idiots pay attention to social media hysteria. You should know.
  13. No change from what we have now. It works fine generally.
  14. No idea. I just know it doesn't take long when conditions are right.
  15. Propose? No change to the current position.
  16. Well I suppose if you averaged 60 rather than 30 you would save about 7 minutes. That's worth saving.
  17. Would you have felt like that 20 or 30 years ago?
  18. I would be very surprised if your second sentence is true. Death is a matter of public record. But it doesn't mean it has to be recorded or announced anywhere other than in the Registry .
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