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  1. I suspect you're an anti vaxxer too?
  2. No it isn't. A silly comment was made about the Hospice effectively not wanting to upset the CM or civil service. I pointed out the stupidity of the comment because Hospice simply have zero reason to invite him through fear of repercussions of not doing so.
  3. Other charities are not as big and dont provide as much support and services as Hospice does.
  4. It's very little when you consider It's a 5m quid a year operation.
  5. That's clearly not the case. Why wouldn't they want to risk upsetting the CM or civil servants? The hospice receives very little government funding and are needed far more by government than they need them.
  6. You are in no position to be calling people thick as evidenced above.
  7. I understand the rules of the road perfectly well. Which is why I won't be having a hysterical meltdown about the bottom of Broadway. It's really odd behaviour you exhibit and, surprisingly, this has been highlighted here before across your many vile creations.
  8. The smart money is on Alan Shimmin to be along shortly. Weird.
  9. I get the point. I just don't think it's a particularly valid one. It's hysterical Karen behaviour.
  10. Of course it has. Julie Edge is asking pointless question shocker.
  11. What could the crime be though? The owners need to offload. They need a buyer. If that buyer is full of shit it's debatable it is a crime. I suppose if the third party funder was connected and there was a breach of an NDA then perhaps there's an issue. But when they said "paperwork" I'm not sure how that can really be criminal as such.
  12. I cannot see how the police would ever be involved due to paperwork from a proposed third party funder.
  13. I dont think Howard should have to sink to the level of the lowest common denominator Karens. Those people need shooting.
  14. Think "most" people simply don't care. The circumstances present no risk. Hospice drove it and the thing took place away from patients and staff. Add to that he's been vaccinated twice and tested. If you're arguing from a risk perspective that goes against absolutely everything you spout on here all day every day.
  15. I'm not sure the perception of a few hysterical Facebook Karens is massively important. This reminds me of the hysteria over Broadway. It's a very small mental vocal minority who literally cannot go a day without being outraged about nothing at all. A load of Angry from Onchans
  16. You're weird. Nothing changes. Don't you get tired of the same mental stuff literally every single day? It's sheight.
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