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  1. Well the contract was awarded after a tender process so one assumes the price being paid is there or thereabouts.
  2. Dan is actually a pretty sharp guy and a decent chap too.
  3. Yes but you couldn't offset a charitable donation to tax specifically against the expense money because it is tax free already?
  4. I find it hard to believe anyone wants selfies with them. A couple of chavvy mongs perhaps. They certainly aren't getting famous from it.
  5. Most of those featured seemed to be low level petty drug crime with the exception of a couple of people?
  6. How would they work in reality with MHKs etc in an environment when hardly any of them can hugely influence numbers?
  7. What is really being avoided though? Governments make investment into things all the time. That's the job of government. Many of those things lose money but in the bigger picture perhaps serve a purpose in the economy. Look at HS2 in the UK. That wont ever repay the investment in terms of contracts rail companies will pay to operate it. Nowhere near. The biggest mistake of the MDF was Orson Wells. That was poor. Not sure a witch hunt about it will resolve much?
  8. Not at all. I was under the impression the MDF made that investment? In which case you cant conveniently ignore anything that made a profit and just focus on everything that lost money. The net position of the MDF was a 16m loss. In the wider picture, as Woolley points out, the involvement in that sector netted the coffers plenty more than 16m quid. Of course there will always be the traditional manx witch hunt where some parties will be jealous people made some money out of it. But what's new there?
  9. I thought there was an investment into Pinewood that yielded a 10m profit?
  10. You find that in private companies too. It is human nature and not exclusive to government workers per se. I know you'll say "ah but people get away with it in government" but they do in the private sector too. Itll never change because you'll always have shit employees. In all walks of life.
  11. RC not helping himself with the line "I find it hard to justify looking at my pay slip a line entitled member expenses" Well clearly not THAT hard. Otherwise he would simply hand them back. Or certainly the ones he couldn't genuinely justify. Those expenses should be ones incurred doing the job specifically. Hiring halls for surgeries. Fair enough. A portion of mobile phone cost ( you would still have a phone if not an MHK for example). I'm slightly divided on website costs. I suppose you could argue that it falls under communication costs. But again to justify that you would exp
  12. But I dont think anyone is denying the MDF lost about £16m in the end. And that it backed a number of projects that didn't work out. That's clear as day. All I'm saying is that this perception the islands involvement in film and media lost us a sack load of cash isn't necessarily true when all is taken into consideration.
  13. Well the VAT had risen to over 460m mainly off the back of films and then dropped by 200m a year. That suggests to me that we must have saw a material benefit. No one would dispute SC did well out of the film industry. But alleging a dead man was a criminal ( as some are intimidating)just because he was smart enough to do well seems a little strong to me. Beecroft seems to have a bee in her very average bonnet about the film fund losing some money on films. The worlswide film and tv industry loses money on the majority of what is produced. It's the 20% of the stellar stuff
  14. He wasn't though was he? We were. He did well out of it. Having said that it isn't a crime to be smart. Which he definitely was. But without him WE would have been a LOT worse off.
  15. I don't think it is more prevalent in the IOM than anywhere else. The truth is Hissingsid that you, I and most others have no clue about how long the NSC should take. In reality big projects all over the world over run and go over cost. All the time. Do you serious think all the parties involved set out thinking "oh well who gives a shite it's public money"? Maybe you should offer your expertise?
  16. Who was that? It looked like the biggest beneficiary of the industry was the tax payer ultimately.
  17. When you're a female and get married you DO change your surname? She didn't need to insist.
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