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  1. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    Simply Brilliant!
  2. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    As for the organidational chart, here you go:
  3. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    Did they really think that any of the big players will be interested in running the private wing unless the Gov offered huge subsidies? I'll ask anyway
  4. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    Apparently it's a mixture of new jobs and rebadged old jobs.
  5. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    Thanks Wrighty. I'll check with them
  6. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    I am reliably informed that 11 (yes 11!) NEW Medical Manager jobs have been advertised at Noble's and that these will be in addition to the existing managers. At this rates the managers will outnumber the workers soon
  7. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    What's the bet that lots of deckchairs will be moved, a lot of hot air blown, a lot of management consultants will get rich and we end up with a healthcare system much worse than at present?
  8. Oh? We were hoping that it was our Chief Exec (DHSC) returning to the island
  9. Where are the 'UK Experts' who were engaged with much fanfare (and considerable cost) to 'transform' health and social care on the island? 1. Sir Jonathan Michael- nowhere to be seen 2. Kathryn Magson- only seen on facetime (still in London?) Where are they during this hour of need (crisis)?
  10. Whoa! I had no idea. What about these in my cupboard?
  11. And how many 'Meals on Wheels' would 900K have paid for?
  12. More importantly, what process was followed in commissioning this review? What alternate providers were invited to tender? How did the IOMG decide that Sir JM would provide the best value for money?
  13. Sounds promising At least this one's actually moving to the island apparently
  14. Are you suggesting that we are like Hyacinth Bucket?
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