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  1. Whoa! I had no idea. What about these in my cupboard?
  2. And how many 'Meals on Wheels' would 900K have paid for?
  3. More importantly, what process was followed in commissioning this review? What alternate providers were invited to tender? How did the IOMG decide that Sir JM would provide the best value for money?
  4. Sounds promising At least this one's actually moving to the island apparently
  5. Are you suggesting that we are like Hyacinth Bucket?
  6. Bloomin' 'eck! He (Sir JM) clearly saw us coming, didn't he?
  7. Not a great start for 'the transformation'
  8. There may be several reasons for the delay in GMC proceedings and it would be unfair to exclude a doctor based purely on allegations, however serious they may seem. If the OP has information that the DHSC and the GMC do not possess, he/she has a duty to whistleblow directly to the GMC and the DHSC. Having said that, even in this day and age, whistleblowing is a very hazardous occupation and therefore it is understandable if OP chooses not to blow that whistle
  9. On the contrary, the days of 'automatic suspension' are long gone (thank goodness!). There tends to be a formal risk assessment undertaken, often in conjunction with the PPA (formerly NCAS) and (usually) a sensible decision is arrived at.
  10. I would, if the GMC is allowing his continued practice
  11. However serious the allegations are, they are allegations, not proven facts. This is how far some patients go in order to frame their doctors . So, I'd be cautious about casting any stones yet
  12. Correct. The GMC also has powers to suspend a doctor from the register and therefore stop them from working until a final decision can be made. The fact that they haven't chosen to, tells me that their risk assessment must have concluded that this doctor's continued practice poses a low risk to patients
  13. I don't. If they had, I'm sure the GMC would have taken that into account when deciding whether to allow the doctor to continue practicing
  14. Both the GMC and Noble's Patient Safety Directorate must have carried out a risk assessment and concluded that this doctor was safe to continue working. They will have taken all available information into account whilst conducting the risk assessment. If PC has some information that is not available to the GMC and Noble's, he has a duty to disclose them, to the GMC at least!
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