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  1. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    At £4.5 million squid a year, you'd think 'Manx Care' executive team will have some magic soutions that don't involve asking for additional funds🤔
  2. Many a true word is spoken in jest....
  3. I'm sure with a little imagination this will be classified a non-community cluster in no time!
  4. So, will our lab finally get ISO accreditation? I'm led to believe that it's the only hospital lab in the British Isles to not have any accreditation.
  5. Are you sure that the UK Government is providing indemnity for the covid vaccines? Contrary to what the minister seems to think, UK Crown indemnity is not available here. The DHSC 'self insures'
  6. The department 'self insures' apparently: Indemnity policy
  7. Do we know what the question was?
  8. It was insensitive and likely incorrect
  9. I wonder if disregarding manufacturers' instructions will void any liability on their part
  10. It's still not too late in my humble view. If they can leave their egos outside and get together with a good mediator in a neutral location and thrash it out with Chatham House rules, everything can be sorted and the Manx people will be the winners
  11. What both sides need is a good mediator (not volunteering)
  12. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    I have an easy solution to get rid of the waiting lists for all the above procedures in one fell swoop; just classify them as 'procedures of limited value'. Voila! No more waiting list! (P.S. I hope they don't take me seriously!)
  13. Here he's claiming that wearing masks has no discernible effect on infection spread...
  14. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    Not clear how many of these are Manx taxpayers
  15. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    Are you sure it wasn't shredded?
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