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  1. Agree, but some organisations appear to attract a disproportionate number of such people and appear to facilitate the expression of their nastiness with impudence
  2. That says all there is to know about Manx Care to me
  3. Well done, Mr Ashford for (finally) doing the honourable thing
  4. I see a vacancy on the board. Any takers? @rachomics? @John Wright? Anyone else?
  5. If I knew one of those 'thats' (hypothetically of course) could I become minister one day?
  6. You trying to put me on the train to gulags?
  7. What if he knows things that Cannan won't want to be public knowledge?
  8. You simply could not be more wrong! Doctors are more divided as a profession than any other
  9. Thanks @rachomics You have huge visibility and following on twitter, so please ask this on there
  10. Is that why they were cagey about exact dates and people who attended?
  11. Was it even legal for people from different households to mix at that time?
  12. Look in a mirror 😀
  13. And why did they have to take place in a 'private hotel room' and not in one of literally thousands of office spaces available for booking ona daily basis all across the UK?
  14. I'm awaiting Mr. Wild's response regarding this with bated breath
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