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  1. BTW what's happening with the ex-pol investigation? Is the report out yet?
  2. A mate in the know tells me Richard Wild has left Manx Care. Is this correct? If so, what's the back story?
  3. I've been witness to bullying, both by men and women. In my (admittedly limited) experience the women bullies have been far more vicious, devious and subtle...
  4. Manx Care has failed according to its Chair Andrew Foster last year In the red
  5. Wonder if Sir Jonathan's (alleged) visit this week had anything to do with it
  6. I am told that it's the one whose name rhymes with hope
  7. I hope he does, as such a blog could be the one thing that can Euthanase this white elephant called Manx Care
  8. On the contrary, I hear that he was just beginning to hold the CEO to account....now we know who is more powerful
  9. I hope he's not related to Manxcare's Andrew Foster
  10. Fair enough @wrighty, sometimes I'm too cynical. I'll edit my post
  11. I could, but may end up silenced. All the information is available in the public domain, so google's your friend
  12. If I were less charitable, I'd say that patients are being removed from local services perhaps and handed over to private providers from across who may or may not have business connections with decisionmakers here, but I won't. Above entirely my suspicion. Wrighty whom I respect assures me that this is incorrect. So I stand corrected. Please disregard the above.
  13. The word on the street is that Noble's is more expensive, less safe and less productive since the advent of Manx Care (which costs about 4 Mill to run, separate from the operational budget for Noble's, allegedly). All failings are attributed to 'legacy issues' and the 'voyage of doscovery'
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