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  1. Actually I got these guys to do the work, so I can blame them too when the Manx wise up
  2. Interesting update from our friendly neighborhood Knight here. My interpretation: I screwed up, got it wrong and sold you a pup. The pup (Manx Care) is going to cost you much much more than the old DHSC/Noble's did. But I think I can get away with it by blaming the old timers and squeeze even more money out of you for me and my friends. If it looks like the Manx politicians are beginning to wise up, I've got my necrophiliac investigation gig anyway.
  3. By this logic neither the chief secretary nor the chief minister needs to live on the island. We could have the entire comin based in England🤔
  4. You're Sir Jonathan Michael and we now owe you £1 million for the review. Am I right?
  5. Which step are we at, I wonder?
  6. I am sorry, I got that wrong. When/why did the link with NHS England/DDRB break?
  7. Why are they moaning now? Didn't they get a whopping 3% raise this year, in addition to all the claps?
  8. Some honest information from Manx Care; Finally!
  9. Please God, anyone but the last one
  10. What! Speak truth to the Hoi Palloi? They can't handle the truth (You gotta imagine Jack Nickolson saying this)
  11. Bloomin' 'eck! Who's the 'lucky' woman? Not the director of public health surely? That'l really put me in a prolonged Victor Meldrew fit
  12. Brings back memories of Dr. Hohmann
  13. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    I too have heard of cancelations of planned procedures, not in the same speciality either. Something's brewing methinks
  14. Dr. Grumpy

    Manx Care

    Tip of the iceberg, I'm told...
  15. I doubt it. Couple of his constituents I met were total fanboys and said he'll be the next CM. Only Cannan could be worse
  16. Who knows how things could have turned out if he had supported his minister instead of the CEO? For starters, we may not have been sold a pup by Sir Jonathan methinks...
  17. He fell in my estimation when he (allegedly) turned his back on some very serious culture issues in the DHSC and backed the then CEO instead of the then minister who was taking action to change the toxic culture prevailing in the DHSC and Noble's at the time.
  18. The big small print disappointment being that the CQC will not be on a statutory footing, which means that any recommendations will not be legally enforceable and therefore will likely be shelved and forgotten at the discretion of senior management and politicians. I am not a lawyer of course and am willing to be corrected.
  19. Can those functions not be performed by the existing (almost 100) staff already there?
  20. I give up! How can they justify 19 additional jobs? What will they fill their days with?
  21. What? I'm having a Victor Meldrew moment, I don't beleeve it! Are you sure it's not a wind up?
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