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  1. Pushed to the brink of extinction due to persecution by British settlers and direct habitat competition with dingo's and dogs, the Thylacine was left to perish with limited knowledge about their behaviour and existence. The last known living Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger was an individual called Benjamin who was kept in Hobart zoo, Southern Tasmania. After 3 years in captivity Benjamin died on the 7th of September 1936 subsequently being the last known Thylacine and marking the extinction of this species. This proposal of extinction was not accepted by everyone with sightings across their historical range still being reported to this day. Is there any chance this captivating species still remains in small remnant populations ?
  2. Yes have heard that some slow worms were found on a farm in the west of the island. Where and when did you see this fox ? @ellanvannin2010
  3. Very interesting, can you remember where you saw them ? @Albert Tatlock
  4. I understand snakes aren't native to the island but some may have been introduced from England. Has anyone seen any or heard of any reports of them in the wild, Grass snakes or adders ? Also interested to hear if there are any local herpers and if it's a worthwhile hobby on the Island.
  5. Where abouts did you see this fox ?
  6. I agree, any foxes present would have a direct detrimental affect to our multiple fragile ground nesting bird species due to predation.
  7. Are foxes extinct or extant on the island ? The last reported (unofficial) sighting was less than 3 years ago. Do you think there could be a remaining population due to introductions from mainland Britain or is it possible a natural manx population still exists ? Anyone seen or heard one ?
  8. Any sightings of non native animals on the island e.g foxes, snakes, squirrels, otters, coatis ? Have heard about sightings of exotic or non native animals loose on the island and was interested to hear any others.
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